Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • JazzByTheBay
    09-12 12:04 AM
    This is great... thanks! :)

    Dear XXXX,

    The issue of comprehensive immigration reform has received widespread coverage in the media over the last few months.
    The issue of legal immigration, though a part of the CIR was less controversial and therefore sadly received less coverage.
    Legal employment based immigration represents just 14% of all legal immigration and comprises mostly of high demand skills such as scientists, doctors, engineers, and other such occupations which in addition to filling an unmet need, creates further employment opportunities in the US economy. These are also the occupations that represent the most vital human capital of the 21st century for US economic competitiveness. Many of these people are US educated atleast in part and are currently gainfully employed and contributing to this vibrant economy.
    Unfortunately the current immigration policy is doing a great injustice to this group of individuals who have quietly and patiently been waiting their turn. Many have waited 5-10 yrs and are still awaiting their green cards. The current backlogs are ominous.
    Many have organized into a grassroots organization called Immigration Voice and are planning a pro legal employment based immigration rally in Washington DC on Sep't 18th. We would appreciate coverage of this first of a kind event which puts the spotlight on a just cause which for far too long has gone ignored by our lawmakers.

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  • vikki76
    07-06 01:54 AM
    Thanks!. There were some skeptics on IV Forums who didn't believe that USCIS worked over weekend to approve 25,000 visas. :mad: Some people genuinely believed that USCIS made a clerical error in calculating visa number or some other nonsense excuse. Those who don't believe that this indeed is a scandal,should read Logiclife's excellent analysis on June 29th where he explains -how retrogression is NOT possible.
    When we believe how it was not possible, and suddenly it did happen-of course things get clear.

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  • arnab221
    06-22 11:46 AM
    Nothing so far. I keep checking the status of my application every day but its still "In Process"

    Hey Kodi , could you tell me how I can check the status of my Labor application ?PM me with the logins if you want .

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  • diptam
    08-13 05:19 PM
    Everytime i Open IV this Non-value added thread rolls up in the Top.

    Why dont you close this - Unnecessary arguments are wasting everyone's Time !!

    please direct your energy to more useful directions, volunteer, contribute and join the rally in DC on 9/18. join your state chapters. complete your profile on iv- what's the point of so much smoke and fire when you want to hide from everyone- your profile is not public, but iv needs you. you and i are iv. there is no iv but us. if you believe there is some nebulous entity that will magically solve your problems without your lifting a finger, well that's usually the stuff of dreams- and maybe your GC will arrive tonight with your beauty sleep...


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  • desi3933
    08-04 12:49 PM

    I don't understand why you are picking up on facts and faults on other post.What mirage is saying is true.I know 3 families stuck up in this GC process...all true cases.

    There are some lucky people who have bought old labor substitution ;)who came to US in 2004 and got their GC's cleared and are very :D.

    Some really who have come here to in US for past 10 years genuine appliers are really stuck in this.They have all applied their labor and got them cleared only dec 2006.

    people who are interested can send those letters if not ignore the thread.

    If you are EB2 good for you...Its not that easy to change jobs having families..and when you are satisfied with the employer ,why would they change.

    Everyone here want GC to stay in this country.And we all are here to find solutions thru IV - active participation is better.

    Pani's letter is not that bad...if you dont like alter what you want to express and send it.People can write what they are facing only.

    this is not an argument...just felt bad when you were point blankly picking on them.

    I dont undestand :confused:

    But one thing I understand there are many , in general like to irritate and hurt other's sentiments and thoughts and pinpoint only faults.

    Becoz of this lack of unity only ,most of us face problems.

    First of all, I do support issues faced by EB-3 India applicants. However, a letter with many factual errors and words like bonded is not going to help. I am just trying to present my views.

    If I were OP, I will at least show my letter for some kind of legal review before sending. After all who would like to make condition bad to worse?

    Please refer to post by internet couple of posts back. He has raised many good points.

    Good Luck to everyone!

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  • vdlrao
    06-10 10:56 AM
    The July 2008 Visa Bulletin has said Exactly the same, but in different words, what I have been saying for the past few months about the EB2-India and EB3-India Movements.

    EB2 India will move very fast till 01 JAN 06 as because based on June 2007 bulletin, just before the july fiasco,( ) the PD for China is 01 JAN 06. That means in EB2 Category except India and China every other country is current. So till India reaches 01 JAN 06 PD in EB2, all the spill overs will be moved to EB2 India,because the spill overs will be alloted based on the priority of old PD(Priority Date). By the time India EB2 reaches 01 JAN 06, China PD in EB2 will move further from 01 JAN 06 by using its 7% quota. So Inidia PD for EB2 again moves fast till that changed China PD using the spill overs. After that India and China will share the spill overs based on the PD priority. All this happens if and only if the USCIS works effectively and uses all the available visa numbers for the present fiscal year. My prediction for EB2 India PD is it touch 2005 /even cross few months in 2005 by the end of this year if USCIS works effectively.

    For all Eb3s along with EB2s with PD after April 2005, the movement in the coming visa bulletins wont be much encoraging unless the new Obama government does something significant about employent based category or immigrationvoice does a fruitful lobbying. The doings of something by obama government to employment based category is not in our hands. The only thing we could do is to help IV and help ourrselves by contributing to it to reach its financial target for better lobbying. Or else wait for the Visa Bulletin every month with great hopes, sorry dreams, for your PD to become current, and satisfy with your EADs for years ahead.


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  • nixstor
    07-06 11:20 AM
    People are burying these posts as spam.. can we do something to make sure that doesnt happen?

    I guess that tells how much public cares about our GC's. We want to spice up the story by adding other issues that can make our situation worse.

    The only way we can get 4000 diggs is by having every info lurker digg it and individual comments.

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  • bskrishna
    07-11 12:42 PM
    I don't see what is really different. I am not talking about July 2007. I am talking about May or June bulletin 2007. Do you mean the bulletin on May or June 2007 is to utilize the visa so the dates are not the "real" date? Then how do you know Aug. 2008 move is not for the same purpose? Especially if this movement is caused by spillover.

    There is chance that CIS and/or DOS know the breakdown of categories by country now as against last year. That is being a bit on the optimistic side.


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  • Lisap
    08-10 01:58 PM
    My app was received at the NSC on June 28th at 9:02am. I havent receviced receipts or checks cashed. If for some reason my app is denied or there is a request for evidence after the 17th of Aug are we able to resubmit or will it be too late?

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  • gk_2000
    04-21 06:26 PM
    My hearty congratulations..

    Your degree was 3 yr or 4?

    I have always been a passive reader of this post and multiple other similar posts. It helped me a lot and I thought sharing my positive porting experience will help/encourage others. Below are details of my long journey

    1. Initial labor
    a. Filed - July 8 2003 (no masters, no 5 years, Title: Systems Analyst)
    b. Approved - August 31 2006

    2. EB3 I140 (NSC)
    a. Filed - October 11 2006
    b. Approved - April 6 2007

    3. I485 (NSC)
    a. Filed - July 19 2007
    b. RFE - April 2009 (Birth Certificate related for me and Medical related for my wife)

    4. Perm
    a. Same company. By 2011, I was promoted multiple times and currently managing multiple projects. Every H1b that was approved after 2003 clearly showed the growth and the promotion on the job title and salary.
    b. Filed - Feb 9 2011 (Progressive growth within the same company, Title: Project Director)
    c. Approved - Feb 15 2011

    5. EB2 I140 (TSC)
    a. Filed - March 9 2011, Premium Processing
    b. Approved - March 21 2011 (A# and Priority Date retained)

    6. Interfiling
    a. March 24 2011 - Created a SR requesting the process I485 using the new EB2 140
    b. March 29 2011 - Lawyer sent the official Interfile Request
    c. April 5 2011 - Contacted both the senators and congressman. They were very prompt in responding back. Also sent emails to NSCFollowup and EBUpdate.
    d. April 7 2011 - Went for an Infopass Appointment (Useless in my opinion)
    e. April 14 2011 - Got the magic email at 9:15pm for both me and my wife. One of the happiest days in my life.
    f. Waiting on the physical cards to take a long break :)

    Wish the very best to everyone else waiting on the GC line.


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  • asharda
    09-09 03:42 PM
    My 1 cent (percent) towards 30K --- $300/-

    Go IV. All the best for your effort. Sorry I will be out of country and can't make it but I will be watching closely.

    Best wishes

    Google Order #829616371917763

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  • Libra
    07-06 03:18 PM
    There are many members who think IV and other members are fighting for re-reversal of VB or increase in visa number for 2007....

    why dont they understand that we are fighting to avoid rejection, we are not asking them to re-revise bulletin, all we want is just accept the application without rejecting them, so that we can save ourselves from loosing money and time. dont make fun of IV and other members who's putting their efforts in it, no matter what the result is. if you dont want to participate please stop visiting this forum.

    Paisa you too man.

    definitely if the result on Monday is the reversal of USCIS decision and July is open again.


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  • orangutan
    09-30 10:04 PM
    Probably those cars are of the people (GC applicants) who came to count the TSC employees cars.:D:D:D

    Yea..I saw many at parking lot but all junk cars.:p

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  • slammer
    07-11 07:09 AM
    I couldn't believe this. Wonderful news. Thanks

    Yes, you're right, for you it's really great news ! Congratulations !!!



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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    11-06 08:44 AM
    Good to hear from you. Yes, I think we need to touch base with as many members in So Cal as possible. I would like to meet you all and plan out some of the things we can do here locally.



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  • gotgc?
    07-19 09:22 AM
    I heard about IV a lot in the last couple of weeks. And I saw the article and I am very impressed. I want to be the proud member of IV. Just contributed $100 one time through paypal. (Receipt Number: 3856-4213-5890-9338). Hope to contribute more in the future.

    Go IV!!!


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  • smuthu2000
    07-13 06:13 PM
    artesia CA

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  • leoindiano
    04-30 03:22 PM
    "Lowsy job and recapturing wouldn't help a lot! needs to explore other possibilities..."

    I smell some delay tactics there...:)

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  • Karthikthiru
    09-09 12:32 PM
    Just contributed another $ 100 for the Sept 18th rally. Already sponsored a ticket for a person for the rally. I cannot attend the rally because I have a son who will be joining pre-school from Sept 17. So I need to be in stay in Dallas for the first week or so from Sept 17th


    09-10 04:50 PM
    thank you meandmygc please post your info on this thread someone will contact you. thanks.

    03-03 04:25 PM
    But he is kind of busy with other important issues and our issue is not that important for him reason may be we are not his vote bank and will get to the curve of getting the GC when we are very close to our graves.

    It may be true that Mr Change has been occupied by other priorities but even then I don't think anyone will ever care about legal aliens who pays Taxes every year. US won't get anything if they issue GCs to us. Remember they have to tackle unemployment in US if they issue GCs to every H1/L1. It's the gimmick just like any other tricks that US paly around the world. They lure best talent to US with GCs etc etc but what they really need is Taxes (and ofcourse some talent) from us which they are anyway getting.

    Please read they way US brought african americans and chinese people few hundred years ago and used them like anything.

    So guys and girls, take it easy...if they want to issue GCs they can change the policy overnight just by one signature and issue GCs rightway. But they NEVER do since they are getting what they wanted to.

    here is my conclusion:

    a) Illegal immigrants: Yes, US cares about them since they pose as security threat and they loose the Tax
    b) Refugees: Yes, US cares about them since they pose as security threat and they loose the Tax
    c) Highly Educated (EB1) like Ph.ds: Yes they care because thye want to ahead of others
    d) Middle class people (Eb2 and EB3 and others): No one cares since they are getting Tax anyway.

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