Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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  • jonty_11
    07-11 03:18 PM
    I must commend the folks who hunt the Mumbai bulletin hrs/day before the Official Bulletin comes out..Kudos to them...

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  • hebron
    03-04 03:08 PM
    Its about late registered birth certificate... They want some secondary evidence...

    Hi TomTancredo (even though I hate the real Tancredo, you seem to be a good person :)),

    This is exactly why I asked you if you could share the details of your RFE. My attorney had asked me to submit affidavits from my parents since I did not have birth ceritificate. Is this the same issue with yours? Could you share the details if you don't mind?

    Thank you.

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  • Chandini
    09-10 03:23 PM
    I am waiting for 14 yrs.

    Arrival 1996 Jan
    F1 1996


    GC filed 2003 Aug.

    HAVE MS in US. But employer filed in EB3. STUCK


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  • sunny1000
    06-02 11:20 PM
    True , hope it will relieve as house sees through it and will make life of all easier by making it amendments or even drop the whole law , We dont want it.

    But also can some one point to me to place where it says H1B is not dual intent , i could only find DUAL iNTENT for some students.

    It was in shutterman's website that was quoted in this forum somewhere reg dual intent provision.


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  • aussienyc
    01-03 04:59 PM
    Ive been here 4 and a half years. PD of dec 06 Im 25 from australia. I didnt intend on staying, but fell in love with NY ater 3 years.. I have elderly parents, and nieces and nephews i have missed growing up, however i keep in touch by phone regularly, and try to visit every year. I know I want to stay here for at least the next 10 years. After that .. i dont know..

    Im in a serious relationship with a US citizen, however I want my greencard before we take the plunge. I dont want any doubts on us taking the next step. I may have to leave in August as my L1B is expiring, and she is in grad school working towards a PHD, so her having to come home with me would put a massive hault in her life. so frustrating.. My brother went through a very similar thing in Australia with his italian girlfriend before they got married 7 years ago.

    i just hope congress do something soon..

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  • Green.Tech
    06-20 03:19 PM
    Please contribute.


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  • hopefulgc
    08-13 04:54 PM
    please close this thread.

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  • GCmuddu_H1BVaddu
    08-11 04:08 PM

    You can't say that if you have just contrubuted may be $10 or $20.
    Understand only you can spread the word around to contribute but can not say free riders.

    One thing you need to know, if a new member joins here it takes a while for them to understand thecause of IV and contribute.

    BTW Where do you fall under?

    How many of us contribute to IV in terms of time, $ etc.
    and how many are some free riders?


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  • jhokimi
    05-23 03:12 PM
    LCA filed in DC on 04/28/2004. 45-day letter received last Friday from Philadelphia BC.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    01-03 03:59 PM
    good topic and reply.

    Maintaining GC is a big hassle you have to return every year (2years for the first time i think). Couple of Infosys blokes (with GC) that i know had discussed this with the company before joining and the company sent them within 2years on a short term projects to the US.

    If you have a US citizenship then you can opt for a dual citizenship. That might help you get a job directly in India (dont know the rules, just guessing)

    This thread is long time coming, and thank you for starting this. This is a question often discussed in friend circles, but most people I know hesitate to take a position. I think the anonymity of this forum will let us express ourselves more honestly...

    When I came to the US 6 years ago, I had deliberately made the decision not to decide in the first couple of years about staying on or returning back after sometime. I had seen too many friends and relatives who all said "don't worry, we'll back in a couple of years" and never made it back. Marriage, kids, school, house, GC...Citizenship...it kinds of gets on you. And before you know, your kids are making the decision for you. I know of a couple of families with grown up kids who moved back to India only to move back to US because the "kids could not adjust". It's not hard to read between the lines that "we also could not adjust".

    As days go by, it is becoming more clear everyday that I will also return back one day, sooner rather than later. I have some questions that haunt me:
    - if/when I get my GC, and if I return back, is there a way to hold on to the GC status?
    - if someone has a US citizenship, when companies such as Infosys hire them, do they have to get a work visa or something? Is there a concept equivalent of H1/GC for non Indians yet?


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  • pappu
    08-12 10:57 AM
    Senate just passed the border bill which also applies the new 50-50 rule with additional fee for companies having employees on H1/L1 visa.

    The bill is now headed for President's signature for making this the law of the land.

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  • pappu
    09-03 10:48 AM
    I think there is more smartness needed than luck in the greencard process. If you look at the posts in this thread there are some people that came to USA in 1990s and still waiting, while some that came much later are on their way to citizenship. Some got the EB2 route and are happy and some in EB3 have only gloom before them.

    This in my opinion has helped smart folks among us:

    - They applied for GC as soon as possible. Those who waited did not give importance to Greencard as soon as they started a job in USA are now paying for their mistakes. During the initial days of career I have seen people saying that GC is not important to them etc but when their H1B is about to expire they panic and get desperate for Green Card.

    - Before pre-PERM era in 2005, smart folks took up jobs in states where labor certification had no backlog. They are now either waiting for citizenship or already citizens. On the other hand people in states like CA, NY etc suffered due to labor backlogs and far from getting greencard in hand.

    - Any company can be good or bad for an individual. It it not a question of consulting vs fortune 500 or small vs big size of a company. Smart folks know what matters them the most when they join a company. When company sees them as a valuable asset, it applies for them. I have seen where company applied for GC as soon as the employee joined it. And I have seen posts where people had to wait for several years before company applied.

    - People who took advantage of the Labor substitution got faster labors. Some could take advantage of EB2 labors and they are very fortunate. This is in no way endorsing the labor substitution rule, but in pre 2007 times nobody was protesting against it. This is a sad reality.

    - Smart folks took the risk and changed jobs wth EB2 job requirements, so that they can file in EB2. Such folks with 2007 PD are happy today and people with 2003 PDs in EB3 will have to wait for a long time.

    - If you read posts on this thread, many people have posted that they feel they are being screwed by their employer or lawyer. But hardly anyone has said they took any action against it. This is also a sad reality where we as a community have failed and will continue to suffer.

    - Many folks have said that they thought they were in EB2. But found they are in EB3. This shows another weakness of our community and lack of awareness. IV forum tries to spread the awareness but unless an individual takes initiative, they will suffer.

    Many people were able to file I485 in July 2007 due to IV effort. Imagine a 2004 EB3 India person without EAD today? How will he survive a job loss on H1B in a bad economy? We should take a lesson from that event and try for another big push. There is no other shortcut for us. It is shocking to find people on this thread that are in this country for more than 10 years and without a green card. These folks should be the most vocal folks in this effort.



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  • tikka
    07-19 11:34 PM
    Contributed one time $100. Will not hesitate to do so in the future. Nice job IV!!!

    Most media articles on the 485 issue had one common note "This normally not so vocal group of legal working immigrants have stood up and spoke". IV made sure that will not be so anymore and we have a strong resonating voice that will make a difference


    for your contribution... :)

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  • needhelp!
    03-12 03:40 PM
    Please do not convince your friends.

    If you are yourself not contributing, how will you convince them to contribute. :D
    Agree with you.


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  • Saburi
    03-09 03:34 PM
    Hello Friends:

    As i was expecting, this happened exactly like that its nothing to be shocked of when some thing does not move for 4 months in a row for EB3 I then what do you expect to get this move so fast looking at the patern right now i think the next month and for the next 3 months atleast it will be the same dates and if we are lucky then it might move and be Dec 2001 after few months.

    My PD is Dec 2001 6th Dec 2001 to be very exact so may be after Jul 2009 my PD will be current but look at people who are EB3 I and thier PD is 2003 to 2007 forget about GC this 10 years, unless there is a big releaf given by Mr. Change (Obama) which is unlikely to happen atleast for 2 years from now as he has lot of other important issues to resolve such as terrorisim, Economy, and much more bigger issues.

    The only way we can make somebody look at us is having a big protest on the streets of Washington DC and doing some massive campaign such as writing to Obama, just imagine if every one of us writes to Obama about our pain there will be atleast 500000 letters or email he might be receiving with a big rally in Washington, this might make this look like a big problem for everybody even Mr Chnage will have to pay attention to this we are not asking for amnesty or favaouring Illegal immigration and i am sure every body will agree or atleast won't dis agree to the fact of our demands to get more visas or atleast have the recaptured visa make available for EB3 I.

    I am not a big time voluntier or have participate in any rallies so far but would not mind to do if this could resolve everybody's problem, as mentioned above my PD is Dec 2001 and would be very soon out of this atleast would not have to wait for years and years for this PD to be current but the cause of doing this is once i get my GC i will be not visiting this site more frequently, and the number people in this forum will be far lesser that what we are now, atleast 500000 people.

    If this does not sound a good advice please excuse me but if this does sounds good please if somebody can draft a letters and post it so everybody can email this to the president.

    And please do not ask me for any contribution finialcailly as i am broke and tring to recover from my debts, finally have got a secured job but since its a bad economy not getting paid much that i can contribute any dollars towards this nobel cause.

    As mentioned earlier please forgive me if this sounds too lenghty and stupid to even read this.

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  • kumar1
    03-12 05:03 PM
    Received an email from CRIS yesterday. They have issued a FRE on my I-485. I can not think of anything. My immigration history is clean, no status issues, ever. I remember submitting all the docs during July fiasco. I am waiting for the actual RFE letter to arrive.

    Only good part is - there is someone "OUT THERE" who looked at my file.


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  • seekerofpeace
    07-18 04:21 PM
    I have a question.
    If I485 is considered for adjudication only if the PD is current. Then why are we all filing in a hurry since everything will retrogressed by Aug 1st and the RD may take 1.5 to 3 months to come when surely everything will be retrogressed. Does that mean in that situation even EADs and APs will stop.

    My wife is on F1 and I am on EB2 (Jul 04), I am worried about her status. My lawyer said she can still continue as a student and that it is a grey area the school never comes to know that she is in transition...once she gets EAD ofcourse everything becomes fine.....But in the current situation that seems a distant possibility to get a RD let alone EADs. So should I just file for myself and let her stay as F1.

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  • SFSweta
    07-11 02:12 PM
    Just out of curiosity, what's stopping you from doing some of these things now? You probably cannot spend 3 months with your family in India and Dubai or go to culinary school full-time but you can definitely do all the rest while on H-1B/AOS.

    - that's all and thanks for pointing it out :)

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  • abhisam
    07-26 12:00 AM
    hey drona... where are the details of woodlands hotel? is it posted on some other page?

    09-11 09:06 PM
    I have also posted about this drive on boards.immigration.com

    07-13 01:11 PM
    From November 2006 there have been 36 members interested in IV Sounthern CA chapter.
    Please can someone update me on the Thursday 7:00 P.M meeting?
    Also here is the list of members interested in the Socal chapter of IV.

    1 Jimi_Hendrix
    2 GCSOON-Ihope
    3 eagerr2i
    4 days_go_by
    5 485Mbe4001
    6 yogkc
    7 tcsonly
    8 willgetgc2005
    10 payal_nag
    11 genius
    12 Not2Happy
    13 thirumalkn
    14 meetdebasish
    15 GC Process
    16 baleraosreedhar
    17 caydee
    18 rkotamurthy
    19 hourglass
    20 murali77
    21 satishku_2000
    22 acruix
    23 imv116
    24 santb1975
    25 amaruns
    26 IN2US
    27 twinbrothers
    28 kumhyd2
    29 xstal
    30 mashu
    31 zoooom
    32 tcsonly
    33 drona
    34 DCQC
    35 jasmin45
    36 gctoget

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