Monday, June 27, 2011

cell wall synthesis

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  • cell wall softening

  • paskal
    07-19 08:12 PM
    anyone ca make a mistake man!

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  • aim-high
    08-14 08:48 AM
    I have currently applied for GC under EB3. Got a new job offer in a different state and planning to take up the new job offer. For AC-21, what are the docs/forms required ?
    Do I have to do anything special because I am moving to a different state ?

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  • Cell Wall

  • inetuser
    01-04 01:59 PM
    I applied for 485 under july-07 bulletin and received my AP and EAD though I have not used it yet.

    Now I got married and my wife is USC. I would like to apply for 485 based on marriage.

    So before applying for marriage based 485, do I need to revoke employment based 485 application or I can have two 485 applications (from two different categories) at the same time? Do I need to revoke AP and EAD also received from employment based?

    Also I assume that I need to maintain same A# (got from emploment based application) for marriage based 485 application also.

    If I don't need to revoke employment based AP and EAD, then can I use these while my family based 485 application is pending?

    I appreciate your help

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  • cfa
    05-18 08:40 PM
    I will just ask one more time so that this thread stays on top and let it slide. Sorry for asking non-gc question. Thanks for your understanding.


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  • (A) Cell wall genes,

  • Ann Ruben
    08-17 07:19 PM
    If your question is whether you will be considered to continue in valid H-1 status after returning to the US using your AP, then the answer is yes.

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  • acecupid
    06-16 10:46 AM
    Great news... thanks for posting!


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  • Joey Foley
    January 18th, 2005, 06:58 AM

    green card numbers for 2004/2005/2006 [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : green card numbers for 2004/2005/2006

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  • test101
    07-08 02:13 PM
    I think immigration firms will stay out of it for the sake of the law suit. However companies like MS, oracle, and hospitals maybe should join.


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  • waitin_toolong
    07-30 01:32 PM
    yes you can if the intent is to go back to the sponsoring employer.

    the gc is for future job not current.

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  • braindead10
    08-10 12:11 AM
    I am currently on 8th year of H1-B, employer to file for 9th year H1 extension next week. Labor filed in Dec 07, denied in Jan 10, appealed immediately. Currently awaiting response to the labor appeal. H1 expires in Jan 2011.

    I work for a consulting firm and my client has been requesting me to join full time as an employee, willing to transfer H1 immediately. My question to the experts is

    If I change employer, will I have to start everything from scratch or can i continue the GC from where my current employer left?

    And given the current political situation (due to the economy), should I stick to current employer until H1 extension goes through and then make a move (if any possibilities exist)?

    Any advise is much appreciated.


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  • kirupa
    09-21 03:24 PM
    In less than an hour :) The judges had until Friday to get their entries in!

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  • virat
    08-02 11:57 AM

    I got an LUD on my I140 on 07/28/07. There is no message change though. This I-140 was approved way back in Aug 2006. I have filed my I-485 etc on June 1st 07, and its in process. Does anyone know what doesn this LUD mean.



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  • ragz4u
    01-24 09:52 AM
    We are organizing a tele conference call tonite at 9.00 PM EST for all volunteers from the state of PA and NJ. Please email Black_logs @ with your telephone number and screen id if you would like to attend this conference call and he will send you the details.

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  • miamikk
    02-06 09:36 PM
    I would like to invite my brother to US for a 2 month road trip I am planning in April.

    I finished my employment in Jan and currently on 6 months B2 visa. I got my NZ residency approved and I will be leaving US in June at the end of road trip. I have been living in US for past 10 years (3 years on F1 and 6.5 years on H1B). I am 32 unmarried/male/Indian from Hyderabad.

    My brother is 33 and is married with a 3 year old daughter. He manages my dads businesses (rental properties, finance, farm etc.). I am pretty sure he has some properties on his name.

    I would like to know what are his chances of getting visa approved.

    What do I need to provide him as support and what does he need to provide as support documentation ?? What does US consulate look for support typically and to what extent ?

    I would really appreciate if anyone can give some advice especially someone who were successfully able to get a US visitor visa to their brother.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Desertfox
    06-15 01:35 PM
    Any Help Or Suggestions??

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  • Blog Feeds
    09-09 07:30 PM
    Here are my notes from the latest State Department Visa Bulletin in comparison to last month's: Family 1st- modest improvements across the board Family 2A - Solid improvements; world numbers jump from January 2010 to April 2010; Mexico moves up a year to January 2010. Family 2B - Solid improvements; world numbers jump from January 2005 to April 2005; Mexico moves up only a week to 22 June 1992. The Philippines moves up a month to September 2002. Family 3rd - Solid improvements; Most countries advance two months to May 2002. Mexico moves up six months to October 1992. The...

    More... (


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  • newuser
    09-03 08:57 AM
    Thanks, it would have been better if separated by service center.

    Wanted to keep the poll simple. Not sure if poll is split into Service Center wil help anybody.

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  • Blog Feeds
    10-15 12:00 PM
    Last Friday was a depressing day for me. A businessman and his daughter visited me in my office. When I asked how they had learned about our law firm, they said a lot of flattering things about how "famous" we were and about our "great" website. However, when I analyzed their case, it quickly became apparent to me that nothing could be done to help them. It was too late. The man's I-140 (EB1-3) which was submitted in April 2001 had been denied, and his former attorney had advised them to not to appeal, but to have the employer file...

    More... (

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  • Kowsik9002
    04-18 04:17 PM
    My cousin is a GC holder and plans to bring wife, who is indian citizen here to U.S., please tell me how long it will take, what applications to apply for and such. Thanks you.


    Blog Feeds
    08-17 09:30 AM
    The USCIS announced that, on September 22, the agency "will launch a vastly improved public Web site to help customers navigate the immigration system and remain up-to-date regarding their case status." See the USCIS Fact Sheet dated August 11 at Almost 10 years ago, the INS redesigned its website. We were very critical. See our review entitled "INS's New Website Emphasizes Content Over Form(s)" at We pointed out that after spending millions of dollars and employing a great many experts, the INS website did not even allow readers to access as many INS forms as our website. The...

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    08-03 05:27 PM
    Since your child turned 21 even before you submitted your I-140, the answer is NO, you cannot submit I-485 for him as he is not covered by Child Status Protection Act, CSPA.

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