Sunday, June 19, 2011

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  • Mahatma
    07-14 01:15 PM
    Could you give me IV address wherein I can send my cheque?

    Small is beautiful. Kaizen means small change but consistent change. It brings good results.

    Thanks for doing this.

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  • qplearn
    11-16 12:35 PM
    Good job, Jimi!!

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  • drona
    07-22 03:12 PM
    Hi Pappu,

    I have created a yahoo group for the Southern CA chapter. Members are joining in.


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  • kondur_007
    12-16 11:04 AM
    Wishful thinking aside - realistically speaking, it's zilch. As USCIS seems to have predicted, even with spillover implemented the PD isn't moving to 2006 any time soon.


    I have been intending to post this for a while: I still have major doubts on the predictions made by DOS. We all are grateful to them to at least do an effort to provide such predictions, but things don't add up.

    It is everyone's understanding that these predictions are based on the information about "preadjudicated applications" from USCIS. Now if you look at the total number of preadjudicated applications from what USCIS has published, it seems that PD (for EB2 India) will move to at least to 2007 if not 2008 by the end of fiscal year 2010. There are no new 485 filings (except for EB1 and EB2 ROW) and unless there is a "HUGE" increase in these categories, there is no other way to explain the basis for these predictions.

    Someone else mentioned in this thread about the large number of filings in 2005 due to PERM, but remember, this should already be accounted for in USCIS's preadjudicated numbers.

    So either these DOS predictions are some form of scare technique, or too much conservative estimate (so as not to disappoint people) or there is a missing piece of information that we have no clue about.

    In any case, I do not claim to be a "better predictor" than DOS; but reality is that all these are pedictions and we have to wait till July-Sept 2010 to find out the truth.

    Hoping for the best....:)


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  • eb3_nepa
    07-05 10:51 AM
    My area senator is Mr. Sessions :eek:. What do you guys think, should I email him or not? I am sure that I am not going to get a courteous reply or as a fact of matter a reply at all.

    Avoid mentioning this to Sen Sessions office. Try the other Senator and your local Congress person

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  • RandyK
    07-05 01:54 PM


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  • Mouns
    04-30 03:05 PM
    ... King is happy with the current numbers. "Don't take the risk to go over the caps" he says...

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-15 12:00 AM
    ABout $700 or so in the day. Not a bad start.

    We need to keep the pressure and the momentum going guys. Keep the high fives coming :)


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  • Green.Tech
    06-12 09:38 AM
    Can we do better today (more than $125)?

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  • sertasheep
    08-03 09:49 PM

    You can write to me at 'sertasheep AT immigrationvoice DOT org' or poll any of the techie members here on how to create a blog. The suggestions would be to create a blog on with a google account, as several of the other blogs (iv-tristate, iv-physicians, etc.,) are all on

    Please keep your profile updated so that we may contact you. We are glad to welcome Schedule A professionals into the IV community.

    Please support "paskal"(physician) in his efforts as he will be able to liaise with policy makers and influencers in the healthcare segment. is one such effort- don't let the name dissuade you. As long as there are people who are willing to champion a particular cause (provided it is aligned with IV's core objectives and agenda, you can help make a difference, and help yourself as well!)

    Hey all,

    hope you guys have visited the IV physicians blogspot.It is very good.One of the bloggers mentioned about supporting such a move, but the question is how do we start.I myself is technlogically challenged so we have to get the expertise of the IT people.I think we should start now.


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  • lonedesi
    08-12 04:04 PM
    The answer is "No" - my employer is also not willing to sign that form. They are saying that its against their policy to push Ombudsman or CIS for a I-140 which is pending for 15 months.

    They are saying that the only thing they can do for me is "opening a service request" after 60 days of "Processing Date Update" Now Processing Date update is stuck @ Mar 22nd 2007 for last 4 months , so they are happy they are not obligated to do that either.

    This is a huge Pain because 140 is actually employer petition and we are beneficiaries.

    Lonedesi - Please advise, I'm ready to mail just the letter to CIS Ombudsman.

    As mentioned in my previous post (, it would not be of much help without completed DHS Form 7001.
    If all you can do is send a letter, then be prepared to just receive a general response from the Ombudsman's office. They will never be able to look into your specific case and see if there are any reason for the delay in processing your case. They may not be obligated to specifically address this problem for us. They can just send you a standard response and move on without actually helping you.
    Given your situation, I think you may as well take a chance and send the letter including all the details(A#, receipt numbers etc) provided on the DHS Form in your letter, so that they can atleast look into your case, if they want to.

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  • gccovet
    11-21 05:04 PM
    Not really h1b is a different track all together. If 485 is denied and the denial is final - person is still free to work till h1b expires thats why lawyers say h1b is safer

    This is exactly my lawyer mentioned, AOS deined, you are still good to continue work (and wind up in USA) till your H1(i-94) expires. Hence, it is deemed as "safety". Person gets time to windup before the final bye-bye.


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  • java4yogi
    08-15 08:13 PM
    Hi guys,

    Some of the old timers could benefit with this thought, if things move forward slightly for EB3

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  • NKR
    04-02 02:33 PM
    That is right. People can express their opinions. No name calling and rough language.

    That�s right, no name calling and no country name calling. D.R.D owes us an apology.


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  • andy garcia
    10-01 05:08 PM
    Let us wait for the statement from USCIS

    It is a long wait.

    First the DOS publishes a preliminary report on March/April
    then the final report from CIS is not published until July/August of the following year.

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  • GCBy3000
    07-18 05:00 PM
    Think about the guys who are stuck with PBEC / DBEC. These are very unfortunate guys / gals who are going to get screwed further due to this receipt date processing for 485. Everything is caused by July VB fiasco.

    This would suck for older priority dates.

    My priority date is March, 2002!! Application was delivered to Nebraska on June 15th but the Receipt date is in mid-July.
    So all those filers with priority dates after me (did not come across any with PD older than mine) that got their receipt notices before me would jump ahead in line!! Who knows how many years more...

    Hopefully they will change their procedure after this fiasco to go by Priority Dates first and then the receipt dates.



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  • yabadaba
    08-10 12:40 PM
    no receipts for me too :( r Williams 7:55am 07/02

    i m going go drinking to drown my sorrows soon.

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  • rsdang
    04-30 10:41 AM
    some movement - hope it results in progress... Keeping the fingers crossed...

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  • gcny2006
    07-17 11:32 PM

    10-01 10:24 AM
    [FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"]
    Some unused EB #s were recaptured for families in following year. For example, in 1994 there were 29,430 (column 2) unused EB #s. However, 27,721 (= 253,721 (column 3) - 226,000 (family quota)) of these #s were recaptured for families. Thus, only 29,430 - 27,721 = 1,709 (column 4) were un-recaptured.

    Thanks to Macaca, now we know that during the previous years some of the unused EB visas were effectively used for Family based GCs.

    My question (and suggestion) is, can the reverse happen in 2007-2008?

    I know, this is an opportunistic and shameless suggestion from my part. But the fact of the matter is, we are rightfully entitled to the same number of visa numbers that we effectively 'loaned' to the FB visa category in the previous years.

    What is important is that this sort of give and take can happen with out any law change. We only need to cry louder than FB folks, and USCIS may give unused FB visas to EB category.

    12-15 12:19 PM
    Just as you took initiative to post this message...Start a Poll of who are willing to Join you with this initiative--Of Donating to IV,with this one-point agenda.

    Once you have 5-10 people behind you and you look serious enough, IV can guide you with your initiative. As you might know already that there are no full-time employees in IV to pickup requests.

    I totally understand that you would want to "part" with money only with some kind of promise. That's totally normal. But, just to get your 'Donation', IV or any member will/can not make any false promises.

    After I-140 approval if we are allowed to file 485 that will give us big relief, Willing to contribute big time if IV can make this part of its agenda

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