Thursday, June 16, 2011

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  • snathan
    02-13 10:38 PM
    What are you waiting for
    Originally Posted by unseenguy
    Originally Posted by snathan
    Originally Posted by unseenguy
    Originally Posted by snathan
    Originally Posted by unseenguy
    Originally Posted by snathan
    I am still waiting to see your contribution. Do you need any help to write the check.
    I have contributed more than $500 to IV. I am not sure I want green card anymore. Thanks.
    It shows what kind of person you are...when did you contributed more than $500. It seems like you are new here with only 14 posts. And why did you promise 'I will'.

    Are you just another junk in IV...?
    You are being mean to me and untrustworthy. I have no time for kids.
    i dont need to be trustworthy for ur million $$$ are just another junk for IV
    A kid does not need to tell me my worth. I know it better than you do. I have lived more than you have and I like IVs mission and agenda but I dont like people who label others as junk when they are not contributing more. This represents selfish attitude. First you contribute $500 like I have done and then tell me to contribute more. Otherwise just lie down peacefully.
    I dont have time for stingy junks...get lost in to

    So what ?????????????

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  • psaxena
    03-03 01:42 PM
    The first bulletin with Eb1 and Eb2 spill over.
    Last year:
    Mar 2008- India Eb2 U
    Apr 2008- India-Eb2 01 Dec 03

    This year may be:
    Mar 2009- India Eb2 15 Feb 04
    Apr 2009- India Eb2 28 Feb 05 (My PD :))

    What about EB3, any predictions????:)

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  • BostonGCVictim
    01-02 04:45 PM
    This is from a guy who left after years of waiting. I don't know him personally but his prose is very powerful.

    Read it here at

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  • skark
    03-05 08:09 AM
    On our 485's and my AP over the last 3 days...pd->aug 02


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  • offohh
    08-02 05:27 PM
    Paisa read the Jan 2007 VB archive. hopefully you will understand what i am talking about.

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  • vishwak
    10-22 08:24 AM
    Could you please provide some more information regarding this porting from EB3 to EB2?

    Check this Thread...


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  • Gravitation
    12-05 03:40 PM
    I'm getting MBA from Babson College in MA (top25). The total cost is $60K in just tuition. My employer pays appx. half of it.

    It's a huge investment of not just money but time as well. You have no life for three years.

    It's very rewarding to learn so many different subjects: Economy, Marketing, Accounting, Law, Leadership, Finance, Technology management, Organizational Behavior. I reach classes tired but come out fresh. It really broadens one's thinking.

    I got my B. Tech. from India. It's great to have American Classroom experience.

    Great Networking.

    I still have 30 years of professional life ahead of me to use knowledge/expertise gained from MBA. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.

    Due to demographic shift in US, large shortage of middle-management is expected in coming decades. MBA can provide a real leg-up in career advancement.

    At the same time... I can totally see when some people just go through the motions to get their MBA and do nothing with it. Don't approach it like just a degree. If you are committed to learning new skills, using them and improving yourself just a little everyday... Go for MBA.

    Also, don't expect big bucks immediately following MBA. Class knowledge , combined with some experience afterwards will actually provide super returns. Most of the studies that look at salary increment right after MBA will come up with -v e RoI.

    In a nutshell, there are many factors to consider in a decision about getting an MBA degree; tuition expense is not the biggest one. If you have any desire to get MBA, don't let others dissuade you.

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  • waitnwatch
    07-06 10:58 AM
    Did any of you guys read the USCIS ombudsman report in detail. It talks about FBI namechecks in some detail and specifically mentions that the namechecks are less detailed than what USCIS already does through it's available databases. In fact the FBI checks fewer things than what the USCIS already checks and so the ombudsman believes that the FBI name check is a waste of time and should be done away with.

    Nevertheless USCIS still keeps the FBI name check and I believe that is for purely political reasons where they can conveniently pass the buck if something untoward happens.

    Therefore harping on the FBI namecheck issue for the weekend processing may not be a good idea.


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  • camarasa
    07-17 11:39 PM
    Only on PD when the date is current
    Not just priority date, but also receipt date.
    My priority date has been current for a year now, but are they processing it? No, because my receipt date is 08/28/2006 and they are only doing 08/07/2006 now (after going back one month in Texas).

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  • yabadaba
    07-11 08:06 AM
    I assume you like the new cutoff-dates ????

    Rita ;)
    love it....but thats only 1/2 of the battle...the other half is making sure uscis adjudicates my petition in the month of aug


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  • Macaca
    09-12 07:53 PM
    Ruben Navarrette

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  • Macaca
    09-14 12:25 PM
    S Mitra Kalita ( who has written many articles ( on us


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  • nk2006
    10-21 03:32 PM
    I am sending PMs to senior members of forum requesting to send emails. Started with "A" :)

    Thank you for doing this.

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  • Green.Tech
    06-21 11:07 AM lobby for these bills.

    Please revive the funding drive by your valuable contribution.


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  • maddipati1
    12-16 01:22 PM
    one of my close friend grew from a regular programmer to the position of VP in the span of last 6 years. he is facing lot of issues with GC.

    clearly mirage didn't mean growing to the position of exactly VP. he meant a higher and slightly different position, for example an IT Manager. It is not that uncommon, for a IT Progmr who works in the same company for 5-6 years, offered a Manager position.

    desi, this is argument is going nowhere, ur intentions in the begining are good and i welcome ur critique, but leave it when recepeints aren't taking it. it became argument just for the sake of supporting ur argument.

    BTW, I am yet to see any such cases where someone is offered job offer for vice president whereas he/she is working as Programmer.

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  • nk2006
    10-17 02:47 PM

    I know you said Email is ok. Just trying to confirm.( because it's easy to send )


    Yes email is fine. If you can please also mail the physical letter - not sure which form of mail gets more preference at USCIS.

    Thank you.


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  • Gravitation
    05-01 02:12 PM
    I have some black dots in my Control Panel? What is the meaning of a black dot?

    And how does one give black dot to some one? When I try to add reputation to a post, I can only see I approve or I disapprove options. I would imagine I approve=green and I disapprove=red. Where does a black dot fit into this scheme?

    The gray dots come when you get either approval/disapproval from somebody who has:
    less than 30 posts.
    overall negative reputationgray dots have no affect on your reputation. This is to prevent new or disreputes from irresponsibly affecting others' reputations.

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  • vina92
    12-13 01:29 PM
    Gandhigiri approach is going to be the best approach for this if we do it in the right way.

    Our cause, which is going to benefit us and our families only, are not going to invoke sympathy from any average americans.No matter how good a scientist,physician,software engineer you are, the educated americans understand that but not average american. So no wonder, that some politicians and business interest groups appreciate our presence but others simply do not care because it does'nt affect them.

    So we have to prove ourselves in various fields and make ourselves visible and indispensible to the local communities, state and the country.

    How are we going to do it? I do not know! Here I do need brainstorming ideas. May be doctors can provide free health care to people without health insurance and donate some free time. We have to think of various other strategies. Like creating local food banks etc.
    I do not think we can coordinate such efforts in such a large scale so it's not going to happen.

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  • saimrathi
    06-08 04:05 PM
    If you are in EB2, then might as well go for PP for the I-140. Regular at Nebraska is taking 8 months. Given the way dates move erratically, if you get current in the next couple of months (I hope you do, mine is the same PD) you wont have I-140 to worry about, you'll be all set.

    Thanks for the insight. Will opt for PP.

    09-13 04:19 PM
    $100 Sent thru Paypal. (ID #9U1869976C484994N)

    Go IV Go.

    07-14 01:29 PM
    Do you know how to pay online from my bank account? I checked the contributions page, but it discusses about paying through Paypal (and for $100+).

    Simply send the check of $5 to Immigration Voice at the address listed in the first post as if you were paying a utility bill. That way your bank will send IV a check of $5.00 (or whatever amount you want it to) and IV gets the WHOLE $5 and no fees are deducted.

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