Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • villamonte6100
    03-31 02:58 PM
    Dude, easy, take care of your heart, you might get a heartattack.

    They have processed millions of applications and GCs already.

    I am as frustrated as you are, but I am sure they have a system and management in place. Call it crappy or not.

    Their objective is to provide service to the customers, we are their customers, we are giving them exorbitent amount of money as fees. I don't know of any other Organization/Company who provides as crappy service as they do, what would you call their management then ???

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  • nixstor
    07-11 11:53 AM
    In my opinion, the most likely reason why EB2 India dates have been advanced to June 2006 is to help consular posts. CP filers can get their interviews now.

    IMO, This along with the max utilization of ideal 100% is what DOS got at by moving EB2 to 06/01/2006.

    It appears like DOS wants to get each and every visa number allocated and given how USCIS have their files across the country, moving it well beyond gives USCIS a chance to pick the files that are handy.

    In other words, Some on with Jan 06 PD can get out if their file is handy. Some one with Jan 04 (there are still who dont have a GC with 03 and 034 PD's) might still be waiting come dec 08., if their file is rotting some where.

    IMO, OCT bulletin will start EB-2 India some where around APR 04.

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  • beppenyc
    03-16 10:51 AM

    Senators debate immigrant worker measure

    Associated Press
    Mar. 16, 2006 09:35 AM

    WASHINGTON - Senators writing a major immigration law overhaul bill moved Thursday toward accepting an approach under which undocumented immigrants could stay in the United States while working toward permanent residence and eventual citizenship.

    Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., stressed that his plan moving through the Senate Judiciary Committee would not constitute an amnesty, a policy rejected by the Bush administration and most Americans, according to polls. Kennedy said it would not give the estimated 11 million people in the country illegally any advantage over the 3 million living overseas while waiting for a decision on green card applications.

    Committee Chairman Arlen Specter said the panel would consider the proposal put forward by Kennedy and Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., when it reconvenes on March 27 after a weeklong recess. advertisement

    Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., has made clear that immigration reform will be on the chamber's floor that week, regardless of whether the Judiciary Committee comes up with a comprehensive bill.

    Congress, at the urging of President Bush, has made comprehensive immigration reform a top priority for this election-year session, pushing forward proposals combining immigration enforcement, a guest worker program and a policy toward people living in the country illegally.

    The future treatment of undocumented immigrants, Kennedy said, "really is the heart and soul of this whole undertaking."

    The McCain-Kennedy plan would allow those in the country illegally to obtain six-year nonimmigrant visas under which they could work in the country and travel outside the country. They would have to pay a $1,000 fine and undergo background checks.

    After six years, the immigrant who pays back taxes, is learning English and pays an additional $1,000 fine can apply for a green card, or permanent residency.

    Specter, R-Pa., said the committee would vote on a version of the McCain-Kennedy proposal on the 27th. There would also be a vote on the chief alternative, offered by Sens. John Cornyn, R-Texas, and Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., that would give undocumented immigrants up to five years to leave the country. These immigrants could apply from their home country to return, either as temporary workers or for permanent residency.

    "Our intention is not to strand anyone outside the country," Kyl said. But he said that the McCain-Kennedy plan would give an undocumented immigrant allowed to stay and work in the country a "huge advantage" over a person having to wait for years in his or her own country for a green card.

    But with Democrats, and several Republicans, on the committee behind McCain-Kennedy, it appeared to have the edge.

    Cornyn and Kennedy said they would work over the recess next week on the structure of a guest worker program, which would start out with 400,000 visas. The committee is also expected to take up a separate provision for temporary agriculture workers in preparation for debate on the floor.

    Senators from both parties in the committee on Wednesday objected to voting on a bill before the panel reaches a consensus on guest workers. Several Republicans suggested that the Senate first deal with enforcement, and take up the guest worker issue later in the year.

    "This is a very complicated bill," Specter said. "And I think we have to get it done right."

    Bush, in a State of the Union address two years ago, urged Congress to create a worker program under which participants could gain legal status for a specific time and then be required to return home. It would not provide an automatic path to citizenship.

    The House at the end of last year passed a bill that increases penalties for illegal immigration activities and requires employers to verify the legal status of their employees. But it did not address the guest worker issue, and critics argued that it was futile to try to close the border when demand for low-wage workers in this country remains so strong.

    "We have a broken system," White House press secretary Scott McClellan said Wednesday. "It needs to be fixed and it needs to be addressed in a comprehensive way."

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  • EndlessWait
    07-24 04:19 PM
    After all sardarji can make a joke:D

    stop making sterotypical comments.


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  • amsgc
    04-02 08:57 PM
    Dude, I asked where do you go and rate the post. No wonder ssnd calls you dumb.

    On the top right corner of this post, there is a "scale". Click on it! :)

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  • orangutan
    09-30 10:04 PM
    Probably those cars are of the people (GC applicants) who came to count the TSC employees cars.:D:D:D

    Yea..I saw many at parking lot but all junk cars.:p


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  • vayumahesh
    11-16 08:04 AM
    Update. My attorney has sent a letter (interfiling process) to USCIS mentioning that my case is current now. One of my friends got 485 approved within 2 weeks after initiating interfiling process. I hope it would be the same case with me.

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  • santb1975
    05-23 12:54 AM
    If you have made a contribution and posted on this thread or on the thread we had before your name should be on the list. We do not have an automatic way of updating this list once someone had made a contribution through paypal at this time. Every night I go through this thread, update numbers and names. I could have made a manual error and missed some names but once people have brought that to my attention I have been double checking and responding back to them. I know I am behind on verifying one or two contributions but I will catch up. I work long hours,take classes and I live 80 miles away from where I work. I wish I had more than 24 hours in my day. If you could help us with maintaining an accurate list that would be awesome.

    Hope I answered your query :)

    wondering how yu came up with a list of contributors.......if i provide my transfer confirmations to IV and still cannot find my name in the list then how will I trust the veracity of yur list.....

    ....not for an argument but a query


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  • rbms
    04-25 12:41 PM
    How about something like,

    If a person has stayed in US for 10+ (or 7+years) years and has filed taxes(verified thourgh 1040s), he should be given GC. No questions asked(other than the ones the affect security of USA)

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  • Roger Binny
    07-05 02:55 PM
    mbawa2574 for IV president. Anyone?

    Dude if you do not like something, why don't you start your own aggressive organization. You do not do squat on IV and only whined.

    It is always an option for any one with in their org, but if his point is wrong, then IV core leadership should prove him that they are not sitting idle or moving very very slow.

    Every one starting their own organization or asking to do so doesn't solve the purpose.


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  • mrdelhiite
    06-21 12:50 PM
    search "Cohen & Grisby PERM " in youtube :(


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  • willwin
    06-11 11:49 AM
    anyone wants to guess as to when EB3(I) will reach 2003 Dec. I know it is long long time away but it has to reach that date some time in the future.

    Going by what has happened this year, assuming no legislation relief in the near future, dates are NOT going to move forward for EB3 for a very long time. The movement would be slow for EB2 I as well.

    Reason, USCIS would have more resources (available) starting next FY and also if they were able to use up all VISA numbers in a FY when they had to handle several hundred thousands of EAD/AP besides naturalization cases, starting next year it is going to be an easy bet for them. So, the dates would move forward very slowly (with all the new I140 approvals coming in).

    However, if there was any legislation relief, then it would be a different ball game altogether. May be we will see a repeat of 2002-2004 when all categories were current.


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  • mrajatish
    03-15 11:32 AM
    Any ideas on when this hearing is?

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  • wanna_immigrate
    04-12 09:12 AM
    Officially 15 days. But according track itt website , it is taking at the most 8 or 9 days.

    Thanks for the info!


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  • kshitijnt
    02-09 09:18 PM
    In months of June, Jul and Aug , many EADs & APs are up for renewal due to July07 fiasco. So by moving dates forward, USCIS can cash in lot of reveue as it has to issue only 1 yr EAD in that case. If the dates are not current, they will have to issue 2 yr EAD and although they dont mean to approve many cases, I tend to think they will keep moving dates forward.

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  • immivjj
    09-09 10:41 PM
    Just contributed $200.

    Google order: #752574347294392


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  • micofrost
    07-18 06:57 PM
    Does PD exist just to be able to file I-485? Or as some members say, does it also play a role after filing I-485 for adjudication? Does CIS go by PD or RD when the visas are limited?

    Let's say A has PD(Priority date) Dec 2004 and RD(Receipt Date) Jul 25 2007, and B has PD Mar 2007 and RD Jul 2 2007. Who would be adjudicated first?
    If visa numbers are current for both of them, then its a matter of luck, whose application gets processed quickly and which guy's application reaches to the approval officer first. That time both have equal chance.

    Ofcourse PD is considered for VISA numbers, not the RD. RD is good for portability issues like AC21/180 days rule. So B can switch jobs 23 days before A. Again that (180 days rule)also as per some lawyers isnt a hard n fast rule. Hope it helps.

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  • immi_seeker
    10-01 05:46 PM
    After the july fiasco, USCIS need not have to worry about recieving huge applications if they move the dates forward. Since almost all the folks (except for folks stuck at BEC) would have turned in the applications uscis should be able to move the dates forward for FY08 to a big extent , so that visa numbers are not wasted.

    but again it all depends on how they view this.These are cry from our end..

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  • Munna Bhai
    07-06 12:11 PM
    The Visa Bulletin for July 2007 must be read in conjunction with the Update of July Visa Availability.

    I don't know why they changed it suddenly.

    This is too confusing, it looks like USCIS is going crazy.

    09-11 03:17 PM
    Just put in my humble $100 contribution for the rally.

    You guys have a good thing going. I just the love the selfless spirit and patience in this group. All the very best.


    08-14 06:55 PM
    """The Mexico F2A and Employment Third preference cut-off dates are �unavailable� for both August and September, since those FY-2008 annual limits have been reached. The Visa Office had originally anticipated that this would be a temporary situation. Then with the start of the new fiscal year in October the cut-off dates would have returned to those which had applied during June. However, continued heavy demand in those categories may require the establishment of cut-off dates which are earlier than those which had applied in June. A formal decision determination of the October cut-off dates will not be possible until early September. """

    Let's understand it ! I'm sure you are aware about July 2007 Visa Bulletin fiasco. It made every category "C". Before that in June 2007 bulletin - they moved dates for EB3 & EB2 singnificantly. For EB3 India - it moved from May 2001 to Jun 2003 - People who filed their AOS are 'June' applicants and People who filed because of July 2007 bulletin are 'July/Aug' applicants

    DOS refering to these June applicants means having PD earlier than Jun 2003. I hope its clear to you.

    If one thinks with cool head, what you said makes sense. also if you remember when EB3 (I) was actually retrgoressed on Jan1/2005, the PD was jun/2002. Then it was retrogressed all the way back to 1999 or something. Later on, slowly it came up to March/2001 & stopped there for a while due to the so called 'Hump' (due to 245i cases, i think)
    AND slowly but steadily PD for EB-I crawled up to Nov/2001 until May2007.
    Suddenly in June'07, the PD was advanced to June/2003 and i know so many pending cases were cleared around july and august of 2007.
    So far what i've mentioned are all facts only.
    Now looking forward for fiscal year allocations starting from Oct'2008, i can say the PD for EB-I will begin atleast Jun'2002. May be even a better PD but i'm not sure. For sure there is a good chance of making progress to end of 2003 when it comes to Sep'2009. This is based on availability of only those visa numbers as mandated by law as of today.
    Any comments

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