Monday, June 20, 2011

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  • Administrator2
    03-12 06:26 PM

    Please understand few basic facts.

    Much of the work that we do is not on the website but behind the scene.
    We need resources to carry the message to the lawmakers.
    Resources are contributed by the members.
    All members do not contribute, and then there are those who contribute.
    We have created a specific area on the website where more serious members who are willing to open their wallets, could actively participate, and that will enable us to enlist more active members for the work that we do behind the scene.
    Its just one way for us to recruit serious members to help us with more active work and at the same time help to continue with the organizational goals.
    From time to time, we will also seek advice from the contributing members. And when we need more help, we will reach out to everybody on the website.
    Rest of the area on the forum will continue to be the way that it is right now and every member will continue to access it the way you access it right now.
    We are soon going to introduce new and more helpful features for everyone.

    Which part of this is not fair? Why can't we all get along? Why do we have to argue and fight over everything?

    Please, its not helping this way.

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  • GoGreen
    08-11 10:13 AM
    How many of us contribute to IV in terms of time, $ etc.
    and how many are some free riders?

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  • svr_76
    09-15 06:29 PM
    GCTest: Is it also possible, as part of ur consultation, to see if once a person files in EB category he should NOT be allowed to marry citizen or person from current countries and thus be able to use FB etc...or other means... Or is your irritation only for EB2 category?

    Comon ppl show your talent, earn a phd and get NIW...EB1 is current :-) I will try and move up the chain. Complete my master and get to EB2 and then further complete thersis and try a NIW. That will be a worthwhile fight not what is going on.

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  • kalia
    07-05 12:10 PM
    We should contact John Cornyn of Texas who introduce the skill bill. We should bring the VB fiasco to his notice.

    There is no need for webfax. Just go to your senators or House of representative website and sent them an email. You can also call them and give them this information.


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  • tinamatthew
    07-23 12:05 AM
    Where are you schedule A? Come on, join this forum, share your opinion and propositions!

    Do all agree that "bridge bill" is the only real helpful measure for us? Or you can show us some other ways?

    I mean let's set at least one goal!

    After that we can establish what we have, and how we can make it real.

    Anyway, it might be quite difficult to organise such a work group, because the majourity of schedule A are outside the US, and on CP... But we all have our emploiers and attorneis who could help us to lobby our interests in the US.

    What do you think about it?


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  • willwin
    10-01 04:34 PM
    This might work, except that the law would have to be changed he other way also.

    If they allow you to apply for 485, the law says that you have the right to EAD and AP which will make it then too cumbersome for CIS to handle.

    That is why when you apply for Consular Processing, your approved Visa petition(140) remains on NVC(National Visa Center) and you do not get any fringe benefit until your PD is current.


    CP does not have interim benefits but the papers (Form 230) does not stay at NVC. They process Form 230, approve it, update DOS about the approval and send them to respective consulates. My paper is in Chennai Consulate for the last 2 months (and may be several years in future).

    I have a question to the experts here.

    If 485 applications cannot be approved because of big queue in 485, name check, general USCIS delay in processing 485, why not issue VISA numbers to cases pending in consulates (which would be 1% of 485 queue) which are already approved and just awaiting VISA numbers. I know that CP and 485 share the same pool but that just sounds ridiculous knowing that thousands of numbers wasted despite that would very well take care of ALL applications pending at Consulates.


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  • vgayalu
    04-25 11:05 AM
    Yes . It is nice proposal to take the arrival date as priority date.

    Some guys are applying from different states than where they work or living and get processed very quickly. some states are being delayed. So Taking the arrival date as priority date is genuine and fair.


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  • 9years
    11-16 08:10 AM
    Update. My attorney has sent a letter (interfiling process) to USCIS mentioning that my case is current now. One of my friends got 485 approved within 2 weeks after initiating interfiling process. I hope it would be the same case with me.
    Thank you for sharing VayuMahesh. I hope I have to do the same. Can you please share, is there any form he has to fill while doing this or he has to write a letter.


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  • test101
    07-05 02:35 PM
    Called up Sen Casey's office and I was told that in the local office they cant do much about a mass enquiry but he volunteered to do it on a personal basis for my case in particular.

    awsome.. that's a good news....good luck

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  • Wendyzhu77
    07-22 03:00 PM
    Just don't understand why people are still arguing about the number. The cold hard fact is: uscis processes 1M~2M EAD every year in the past few years. Please refer to one previous post for this info. With this existing load and the existing work force to handle this load, even 750K new application wouldn't be a overwhelming load, say, original 2 months waiting to now 3 months waiting.
    Also, even this 750k new EAD number is questionable, as lots of people already explained. E.g., before July 17, only 55k 485 were received in total. That certainly doesn't sound well to add up to 750k.
    The calculations below is not to scare anyone but it may very well a reality. Based on the assumptions below, some people may have to wait up to 20 months to get a EAD card: Ouch!

    A Total I-485 Applicants: 750000 Applicants
    B Each EAD processing time: 5 Minutes
    C Total processing hrs: 62500 Hours
    (Calculations: AxB/60)
    D Daily productive Hours: 5 Hours
    (It is a government body!)
    E Total Man Days (Business Days): 12500 Man Days
    (Calculations: C/D)
    F EAD Workforce: 30 People
    G Total Business Days: 417 Days
    (Calculations: E/F)
    H Average Business Days in a month: 21 Days
    I Total Clearing Time : 20 Months
    (Calculations: G/I)


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  • shilpianand
    08-10 03:20 PM
    All 6 of our checks got cleared today below are the details

    I-485/131/765 recd date: 2nd july 07
    I-485/131/765 notice date: 06th Aug 07
    Service Center send : NSC
    I-140 approved : on 31-May-06, TSC
    Got Recipts : NO

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  • reddymjm
    01-06 10:40 AM
    At least I know 3 or 4 universities in around MI and OH. They have only online classes and on Sunday. It allows most of the students to take their classes that way. The rest 6 days they can work any where and make money and pay the university. One of the universities has 90% of the students from one of the small countries adjacent to India.


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  • 2BeeNot2Bee
    09-13 06:09 PM
    A lot of EB3's got EAD's out of turn. They are the ones who have created the EB3 backlog and also EB2 backlog.
    Stop pointing your dirty fingers at handful of EB3->EB2 converts!
    Ask them to surrender their EAD's first and then preach others about EB3->EB2 conversions!

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  • thomachan72
    06-04 11:37 AM
    OK here is a question.
    Person working for past 4 years in the US.
    Applied LC this February (2/26/07)
    wants to go to canada, work there for a year and then reenter may be next year.
    According to the new point based GC system--
    1) Will the person get points for the 4 years of work in the US? (those 4 years were continuous, however, the person applies for GC after the canadian break of lets say 1 year)


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  • Milind123
    09-16 10:55 PM
    Earlier I got a PM from immigration (name on the handle, not USCIS). He has contributed $100 for this round. That takes us to the final 6 shots. Remember these shots can be taken by anyone who believes that IV is doing a great job in order to make necessary changes. If you don't believe so, please don't keep that doubt lingering in your mind, speak up and be heard, if you are uncomfortable posting your doubts on any one of the threads, please use PM. Ask questions, please, if you have any?

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  • anantc
    09-08 12:07 PM
    Yes. Is there any Legislation/or anything that can be worked on to make it a Law for getting Citizenship application eligibility after 5 years (or 6 years considering time to process fingerprint/medical/etc..) of I-485 application Provided, it is been Pending for years becoz of Visa-Unavailability from state.
    Does any one among the Core IV committee aware or any such point?


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  • mirage
    03-31 01:57 PM
    Their objective is to provide service to the customers, we are their customers, we are giving them exorbitent amount of money as fees. I don't know of any other Organization/Company who provides as crappy service as they do, what would you call their management then ???

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  • singhsa3
    09-12 01:50 PM
    These are all good thoughts but what u are suggesting takes some time.
    The issue has two legs:
    Leg 1: Process fix
    Leg 2: Increasing number of greencards

    What I am talking about is leg 1 and what you are talking about is for leg 2
    and both are required.

    Sanjeev - I personally feel there is no easy solution for this. Our efforts must be well organized and there has to be geniune effort. A lot of people who post here are all frustrated and angered and they channelize their anger and frustration through these forums whereas instead if it is channelized in a positive way - our campaigns will be more effective and we can reach our goals.

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  • nk2006
    10-21 12:25 PM

    This is one of the most serious issue we are facing in current time. Lay offs are happening left and right and on top of that employers learned that AC21 is giving troubles, they started squeezing more (I myself is partially victim of that).

    We need sincere efforts sending emails to ombudsman. This will not take more than 5 minutes as NK2006 put efforts on even giving you the email template.

    I sincerely urge everyone to send emails to addresses NK2006 mentioned above and even request your collegues, spouse to do so. We need volume to show our presence.

    One more request, please take one more minute and make sure that you post here that you sent emails. This will give us real picture and give others motivation too!

    I sent my emails (actually twice ;)).

    Yes its a very serious issue. As chandu mentioned earlier more action items are coming soon to fight this. But in the meantime please show your support and your willingness to fight this - if you havnt sent the mail yet, please do it and vote in the poll above. When we started this campaign, I though that at least a few hundred people will come forward easily - now is the time to act.

    05-04 12:41 PM
    Called all Senators in Tier 1
    Scott Brown - Will pass message. Initially confused with illegal immigration which the senator is against.
    Judd Gregg - Will pass message
    Richard Lugar - Supports high skilled provisions
    Michael Enzi - Will pas message. Does not know the position.
    Lindsey Graham - Left message
    John Ensign - Senator opposes CIR. But will convey message re. our provisions.
    Orin Hatch - Left message
    John Cornyn - Will pass message. No position yet
    John Kyl - Will pass message
    Mitch Mcconnel - Will pass message. No position yet.
    Amy Klobuchar - Will pass message. No position yet.
    Claire McCaskill - Left message.
    Jon Tester - Will pass message. No position yet.
    Jim Webb - Will pass message. No position yet.
    Sheldon Whitehouse - Will pass message. Reviewing the bill.

    09-30 04:41 PM
    Receipting people are not the ones adjudicating the cases. They are different people. So there is no used stopping the receipting.

    If this news is true, then we can see "wild" approvals before the end of September. Some people with complete cases may overtake others.

    It's already happened. Go to and look through the posts there. One guys wife has 485 approval, and he hasn't had even an LUD on his application and he is PRIMARY!

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