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  • amsgc
    05-02 09:56 PM
    It was obvious that King was not in favor of the recapture. The idea of someone applying to adjust status only to enjoy the benefits of EAD/AP is impractical and simply rediculous. In order to file I-485 you need an approved or a pending immigrant petition, and if you have either of the two, then you have a legitimate case that deserves to be adjudicated. Aytes should have clarified this.

    Not all congressmen/women are well versed with the details of immigration law, and Mr. King was trying to take advantage of this to influence the outcome of the testimony. He tried again with the new 180 day name check rule, asking Mr. Aytes if the USCIS had ever circumvented security checks to give out green cards. Hopefully, the powers to be will see through these cheap attempts and do the right thing.

    I thought the testimony went well:
    - It was agreed that visa recapture is a good thing because it will move the cut off dates for India/China in EB by several years (someone from the DOS actaully made this remark during the testimony)
    - It was agreed that removal of country cap will help make visa bulletin cut off predictions easier (although the DOS/USCIS may have to make some changes in their process - which was ok)
    The discussion is open for 5 legislative days, if someone choses to comment etc. It will be interesting to see what transpires in the next couple of weeks.
    - Regarding FB, the senator for Illinois did well to dispel the myth that all kinds of people from all over the world are coming to this country in huge numbers. The fact is most of the new immigrants are immediate family members of american citizens.

    what king meant was that anyone could apply for 485 and get an EAD which has no work restrictions as a H1 and enjoy the same benifits someone with a GC holds..down the line(after years of wait) even if the 485 gets rejected he/she has njoyed all the privilages or work/travel by getting his/her AP/EAD...

    well damn you king, issue GCs faster then!

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  • innervoice
    05-15 08:30 AM
    How long a person can continue to work on EAD if he gets a denial notice.

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  • abhishek101
    09-08 11:38 AM
    Similar law exists in UK if you are on workpermit for 5 years you automatically get Permanent residency.

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  • Libra
    07-06 03:18 PM
    There are many members who think IV and other members are fighting for re-reversal of VB or increase in visa number for 2007....

    why dont they understand that we are fighting to avoid rejection, we are not asking them to re-revise bulletin, all we want is just accept the application without rejecting them, so that we can save ourselves from loosing money and time. dont make fun of IV and other members who's putting their efforts in it, no matter what the result is. if you dont want to participate please stop visiting this forum.

    Paisa you too man.

    definitely if the result on Monday is the reversal of USCIS decision and July is open again.


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  • knnmbd
    04-26 08:02 AM
    Dear Knnmbd,

    It seems to me you do not understand the difference between taxes and Social Security / Medicare.

    With my taxes I pay for (example) roads, police, courts, public TV and so on. And I use what I pay for (another nice example is when the police paid by me catches me with high speed and fines me :-)

    SS and Medicare are future services which I would not use while I am on H1/L1 or if I do not get permanent residence by some reason. This is my money which the US government has compulsory taken from me and I have not used it. So, I have the right to get this money back and use it for my eventual retirement in another country.

    We do not change the law of the land to benefit us, we just do not want to be cheated and treated like retarded.

    The real ridiculous stuff is the way the government agencies are treating the legal immigrants but nobody in the "great" country care to notice that, especially the law-makers.

    I PRECISLY UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SS, MEDICARE VERSUS TAXES.I was just mocking at the ridiculousness of your demands. Hey, if you think that the government agencies are treating legal immigrants badly and we are being "cheated and treated like retards", may be all of us should move to a country where the laws are more flexible, aah� like India. How often have you been on a forum in your home country lobbying for injustices being rendered to citizens, none probably. Just because we are in a country where there is a small chance for a group of people like ourselves in the IV have the privilege to have our voices heard does not mean we ask for the sun. Do you think in a economy like this with high gas prices, the war, and not to mention the ailing social security system and everything else asking the government to stop taking SS tax and Medicare from non- immigrant workers is going to fly, I DON�T THINK SO. And not only that we will end up looking like a bunch of guys with outrageous demands.

    So all I am saying is the issue is not SS or Medicare or entry date being the PD, but it is MORE IMMIGRANT VISA NUMBERS. I think we have lost our focus after the bill was shot down in the senate. We have just ONE demand if I am not mistaken, and I think the core team will agree with me on this and that is to ease retrogression by having more visa numbers in the pool for countries like India and China and that should be our only demand.

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  • venkat_gc
    09-11 08:49 PM
    Contributed 100$ thru paypal.
    Confirmation Number: 79V39439MM761645M.


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  • pappu
    07-24 11:14 AM
    john2255, pls update your profile with full information. We do not encourage or answer anonymous posters or emails.
    Do not start an action item on your own. Consult us before posting any such message so that it is aligned with IV work.

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  • indio0617
    03-09 12:47 PM
    Still the meeting is going on?
    Sorry to ask this Q?

    No. It is over. Will reconvene next Wednesday.


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  • indio0617
    03-09 10:06 AM
    senator brownback: amendment on Nurses & Physical therapists (removing cap for India, Phi, Mexico)

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  • immi_seeker
    10-01 03:04 PM
    My impression was that USCIS calculated the possible number of cases that would be ready to be assigned a visa (means all the name check and other formalities finished) , before a month and the first PD that will not get a VISA will be the cutoff date for the bulletin for that month.

    If the USCSI didnt have enough applications to be assigned the VISA , then why are they so conservative in making the cutoff dates move ahead. What is the harm in pro-actively moving the cutiff dates, to amek sure no visa gets wasted. I think focussing on avoiding visa wastage itself will reduce this retrogression mess to a big extent


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  • vin13
    03-12 03:33 PM
    Unfortunately, we will never know the daily or weekly details. If you see three bills introduced in a year like you saw last year, then it is the result of lobbying effort. IV core has periodic meetings with lobbying firm and all your money goes into that. Plus several trips to DC by IV leadership, to represent YOU and ME.

    Are you part of core?

    Can i take that core will not even give out information on what efforts it is lobbying currently?

    I wonder how i will convince some of my friends to contribute to an effort which is not shared?:confused:

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  • desidude
    07-15 10:38 AM
    Can anyone shed some light on this... I want to know how to pay thru BOA bill pay option.



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  • wandmaker
    06-18 08:25 AM
    Today's Funding Drive Requirements, We are looking for

    Two 500$ heroes (EB1) or
    Ten 100$ heroes (EB2) or
    Twenty 50$ heroes (EB3) or
    Any combination of above* Classification is for fun, no offense

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  • cjagtap
    08-02 05:53 PM
    please let me know if any TSC filer from 2 nd July got their receipts?


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  • fullerene
    06-03 10:25 AM
    Retrogress is against the principle of laws. Think about the reason that the government wants provide a path for these undocumented people is the government wants secure the border. Before the law take effective, they need find a way to take care of these people because new law can not have retrogress. Same should apply to the legal immigrants. When the new law is being discussed, it can not terminate or replace the current law. I don’t think people interpret the words correctly. I believe introduction means the period of time before the signed new law replaces the current one.

    Law execution shall favor the executed person. I don’t know how to describe it in a professional matter. I give an example,
    Person A is sentenced to death and will be executed on June 15th. However, new law takes effective on June 5, and according to new law Person A shall be sentenced 20 years in prison. So Person A can appeal to change the sentence.
    On the other hand, Person A is sentenced to 10 years and will be executed on June 5th. But new law will take effective which gives 20 years in prison. So will the person get a severer penalty? I don’t think so.

    In addition to that, when a new law is dramatically changed, compared to the current law, an introduction period is usually applied. During this period of time dual status may apply. People may choose either law which is favorable for them. Of course, because of the uncertainty, lawyers love this dual status to get more business.

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  • Lacris
    08-17 09:07 PM

    Did anyone get a SSN with their passport expired?
    My passport expired in April and the Romanian embassy doesn't renew passports for people who are not US permanent residents or citizens. What I could do was to make a letter of representation for someone in my country, get it certified at one of the Romanian consulates and send all the ORIGINAL documents thru mail in Romania. Since I'm a full time graduate student, even finding time to go to the nearest consulate was almost impossible. I was also worried that we might be asked to show up for an interview and would not have documents like passport or marriage certificate in hand. I talked to the lawyer and she said that if I don't plan to travel abroad, not having a valid passport is ok.

    Yesterday I got the plastic card and today I went to apply for a SSN. The lady I talked to refused to take my application, saying that my Romanian passport is considered an "immigration document" and until I have an unexpired one, I should not try to get a SSN. Call me crazy, but since I am a permanent resident doesn't it mean I don't have to leave USA unless I want to???? And even more, how can a document issued by a foreign country be an immigration document, since I'm not applying for SSN based on a visa stamped in that passport.

    If anyone went thru the same situation or has some advice for me, please answer.
    Thank you


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  • AllVNeedGcPc
    02-03 02:41 PM
    9years: So finally did you have to send the interfiling request, or they approved it automatically.

    - My EB2 140 got approved 2 weeks ago (with July 03 PD), but still no LUD on my 485.
    - I placed a Service Request last week on my pending 485, which resulted in a soft LUD on my EB2 140 but nothing on 485.

    I just wanted to know if you also had to send the interfiling request just like VayuMahesh.


    Thank you for sharing VayuMahesh. I hope I have to do the same. Can you please share, is there any form he has to fill while doing this or he has to write a letter.

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  • santb1975
    07-15 09:41 PM
    Great Going. The funding drive that was started earlier halted at 19881. Glad to see things pick up again

    to IV PO Box.

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  • skv
    06-27 07:15 PM
    Any march approval?

    Hope you should get soon..... :-)

    Mine is May 14th.

    05-06 12:21 PM
    Any sample letters to Senators with the 'text' outlined for this current cause?
    I'm thinking duly signed letters have more impact.

    We have sent letters in the past only to get a standard CANNED answer. It is my opinion that the letters we send do not have any impact, cos as soon as they see "Immigration" as the subject, they (staff) sends the standard letter they have definining the position back.

    I do not mean to discourage you, but the need of the hour is to call all the senators. There are 100 of them.

    If you were going to do something in addition to the phone calls, Please set up an appointment w/the senator or staff and do a 20 minute Powerpoint presentation. That is more effective.

    02-19 11:25 AM
    Dear Friends,

    I applied for my AP with a RD of Dec.8, 2007, during the last 3 days I am noticing change in LUD , including yesterday (02/18). One surprising data I found was even there is a LUD on my previously approved AP.



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