Wednesday, June 15, 2011

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  • axp817
    12-02 06:11 PM
    I am guessing that your EAD was driven by the address which you provided while applying for it. CIS may not confirm what's on file, when there is already an address mentioned in application itself.

    This could very well be true. My first biometric appointment notice was mailed to me when I was changing residence, and it probably went to the old address, I remember not receiving it and my old attorney's office sending me their copy of it. I had done the AR-15 update right around the same time, but I guess it didn't go through. Anyway, since I spoke directly with someone in Nebraska this time around, I am hoping they now have the right address on file.

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  • pappu
    09-12 12:17 AM
    Thank you.

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  • mbawa2574
    09-17 08:55 PM
    There cannot be partners for LLC located internationally ?

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  • ronhira
    07-06 02:00 AM
    Change of what? 30 mins lunch to 3 hour lunch ???

    will that not qualify for a change? change we can believe in? at least this is better than bawa


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  • tcsonly
    07-11 05:35 PM
    Why not start a new thread for a rally in LA ?

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  • delax
    07-20 01:32 PM
    The calculations below is not to scare anyone but it may very well a reality. Based on the assumptions below, some people may have to wait up to 20 months to get a EAD card: Ouch!

    A Total I-485 Applicants: 750000 Applicants
    B Each EAD processing time: 5 Minutes
    C Total processing hrs: 62500 Hours
    (Calculations: AxB/60)
    D Daily productive Hours: 5 Hours
    (It is a government body!)
    E Total Man Days (Business Days): 12500 Man Days
    (Calculations: C/D)
    F EAD Workforce: 30 People
    G Total Business Days: 417 Days
    (Calculations: E/F)
    H Average Business Days in a month: 21 Days
    I Total Clearing Time : 20 Months
    (Calculations: G/I)

    Here's my estimate regarding the expected I-485 filings for July 2007 based on the approved LC petition data provided by DOL. See link below (Thanks ! DreamGC)

    LC Approvals (Expected 485 filings in July 2007)

    2007: 50000(50000) Estimated since data unavailabe
    2006: 79782 (79782)
    2005: 6133 (6133)
    2004: 43582 (34866) 80% will file in July, 20% filed earlier
    2003: 62912 (31456) 50% will file in July. The rest filed earlier.
    2002: 79784 (Nil) Since more than 95% would have filed 485 earlier.

    I am ignoring anything before 2002.

    If you add up the numbers in parentheses the total is 202,236 - primary applicants. Assuming an average family size of 2 gives us 404,472 give or take 10%

    I would say 80% of the 400k people may apply for EAD - that still makes it 320k EADs - the others may not want EAD right away or could be kids less than 14 years old.


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  • Mohit_Malkani
    07-28 09:11 AM

    What did your employers letter say (I'm a little confused about the "employer letter till feb 1st 2010" part)

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  • cpolisetti
    07-21 11:59 AM
    I believe this is amendment to reconcillation bill between the house and sentate bill.

    Sorry, I'm still confused, but it is entirely possible its my misunderstanding of American Senate and House of Representatives proceedings. How does a Senator add an amendment to a House of Representative bill?

    Are we talking about 240,000 greencards to recapture or 2,400,000?

    By the way - just because you make the letters huge and bold, it doesn't make it easier to comprehend.


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  • sukhwinderd
    03-10 08:54 AM
    i have friends who had issues with suntrust, boa etc. but they gave references of people who were approved from the same banks while on adjustment of status and they were finally approved. my loan is with Amtrust and did not have any issues, i am on EAD, no H1.

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  • Bpositive
    06-24 11:10 AM
    Constraints to doing work to your fullest potential, negatively impacts the individual and the society which he/she is part personal loss is loss for the society...

    And of course, the longer term impact is that the US won't attract the best talent...


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  • Alabaman
    02-24 10:04 AM
    Yes story is thesame. The US is unfair to high skilled immigrants. I lived in the US for 8 years. School, worked, volunteered, purchased a home, etc. When the down turn came, I was left high and dry. No unemployment benefits with all the taxes and social security that I have paid. To make matters worse, I was required to depart the same day. I had properties... been living here for 8 years!!

    Even though I made this choice, it does not make it humane to have such a system. You ask, what does the US really gain by making people go through the stress, anxiety, sleepless nights? Nothing.

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  • swede
    04-03 08:58 AM
    RIR EB3, filed in PA. Now in Philladelphia BEC
    PD Dec 2002
    45 days letter received May 2005
    My 6 year H1B expire in Aug 2006


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  • shana04
    09-25 09:28 AM
    All the info here is great !!

    Pardon my ingnorance, but if I wanted to start a small time business where I do website development and designing either myself or by a company outside US, do I need to file as an LLC or can I register as a small business. Can someone tell me where I might get details for registering a company (Or is that same as LLC).

    I was thinking I will not get EAD earlier than 6 months and I got it in less than 6 now am doing some basic ground work and would appreciate any guidance !!

    Thanks in advance.

    Congrats on getting your GC (EAD)

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-21 04:41 PM
    It is tricky. The intent can be proved only by how long the employee has worked for sponsor. If he/she worked considerable period (lets say for 2-3 years in non-immigrant visa (H.L,E) before filing 485 and worked for about 1 year after filing 485) then, it is very easy for the employee to prove his/her intent to have a permanent employment relationship with sponser, if employer try to revoke 140 based on the fact that employee does not have intent. The longivity of the employment relationship with sponser is a great proof. Some people are abusing (by misguidence of few lawyers, as they claim GC is for future job) AC21, without even working for single day with sponser, trying to get GC. USCIS may be controlling that kind of abuse.

    One historical background reason for AC21 is that, in 2000, even though all catagories are "current", INS was very slow in approving 485. The delay for approval of 485 in year 2000 is caused by USCIS poor customer service. It took atleast 2 years for 485 approval, though the visa numbers were continously available for the entire 2 years. Therefore, the AC21 is an incentive for USCIS delay.

    Now, if the visa numbers are continously available (for example EB1, EB2-ROW) USCIS is approving 485 within 6 months, except july 07 fiasco surge. So now AC21 users are only those who suffers in retrogression, not by USCIS administartive delay. That may be the another reason why USCIS becoming hard on AC21.

    I understand what you say but interpretation differs from IO to IO. It still goes to chances....


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  • chisinau
    11-18 08:27 AM
    I have the opportunity to receive Canadian Permanent Residence. But for the US my PD is Sept.2006 in EB3, schedule "A"(which does not exists anymore :-). The question is: Will I be able to pass the interwiev succesfully and receive the GC, when my PD is current? Or it is impossible after receiving Canadian PR? I mean is it possible to have both Canadian PR and US GC at the same time? If now, please suggest how should I act in this situation?
    Thanx for you opinions!

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  • vayumahesh
    10-22 10:36 AM
    I filed my EB2 with the same employer. Did not get any RFE for PERM Labor. I have M.S degree from US. I am in the same job role from the beginning (Web Developer).


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  • immivo
    04-01 08:46 AM
    anyone renew FL DL when H1b extension pending & I-94 expired ? I heard recipe notice is ok but I didn't find any guide line from their web site .any input is greatly appreciated.

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  • vparam
    09-24 03:07 PM
    it has to be similar job PLUS with an established company.

    from what i have gathered it seems that if USCIS issues a RFE or calls u for interview during adjucation they might ask for 2 yrs of tax filings of future employer to prove that it's an established company (although they are not suppposed to bring up 'ability to pay' issue which is already covered in approved 140 -- but being USCIS anything goes...).

    i also wondered about the conflict of interest becoz it's your relative that u clearly identified in your G325 (Biographic) form -- but I guess if ppl are doing it then it's possible.
    You can be self employed used that for AC 21 as per yates memo. In that case wht does it matter if you are working for your wife's company. since it allows you to work just by yoru self ( self employment == own your own company)

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  • polapragada
    09-14 12:14 PM
    On you are so wrong. PD porting is legal, and there is nothing unethical about it. The only thing we need to put a cork on is to your brain, which, along with the surrounding matter, currently is in the part which expels bodily waste.

    If Substution labor was ethical, PD porting from EB3 to EB2 is ethical.
    Ithink PD Porting might be legal at this time but not ETHICAL.

    06-02 08:35 PM
    Looks like most people are scared because of some kinda assumption that the politicians are determined to screw Indians and so have given the common sense a back seat. When the PERM system came in effect did they force the old labor petitioners to file in the new system? I've never heard of a law/provision that made people file a new and the money and time spent in earlier filing was wasted. It just does not make sense (there will be a class action law suit, if it happens).

    So here's what i THINK: As long as immigration is accepting the I-140 petitions and you receive the receipt notice, you are in the old system, meaning your application is still valid and you are in line for GC. They will have to keep the old system running for the applications filed before the new system came if effect. This May 15/May 21, 2007/2008 cut-off date discussion just does not make sense.

    It's possible that if your labor got cleared(backlog or PERM) after the new system is in effect, and in the new system there's no need of labor, then your labor will be obsolete (or wasted), but as per the old system concept you haven't lost anything as you can still go for the next step and file I-140 in the new system (although that I-140 may get processed based on new points system).

    Looking at some of the ridiculous ammendments that have been added in the bill, i think the chances of this bill being passed are less than 50%, just my feeling.
    EB3 Labor filed Sep 2004
    Labor approved(PBEC) Jan 2007
    I-140 filed Apr-19-2007
    PP filed May-31-2007

    07-19 12:53 AM
    thank you :)

    Signed up mothly contribution from july.

    Atleast with the current visa bullettin change has eased the worry of a lot of people if not all. Also get the satisfaction that we are doing something to improve our situation.

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