Thursday, June 16, 2011

Valentino Rossi Helmet Design

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  • ivgoodluck
    09-13 08:07 PM
    I made my first time $100 contribution

    Order Details - Sep 13, 2007 8:26 PM EDT
    Google Order #573069996350097

    Thank you IV for all your efforts. Keep up the good work.


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  • dodsatya
    07-15 01:14 PM
    Dcu - 7yf3x-hxc81


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  • addsf345
    11-24 02:21 PM
    If you are beyond 6 years and I-485 denied then applicant is doomed weather you are in H1 or EAD. Only route is MTR. My attorney confirmed it.

    She suggest unless MTR get open. You should not even work to avoid the issues.

    So it does depend attorney to attorney. I don't think we have any case examples in either senarios. So bottom-line, do whatever you feel correct and make you happy. :)

    Personally, I think RG is seems more logical. If you use EAD your H1 becomes invalid. No one revokes but it happens. Similarly, H1 becomes invalid as underline petition get denied.

    Read on some other thread: Only reason why H1B doesn't get revoked immediately post 6 years is not having a full-proof integrated system, and such system may soon be here. I will post any link if I find this again.

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  • Winner
    05-04 11:47 AM
    Just called Senator Judd Gregg and conveyed my message.


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  • Sri_1975
    07-14 02:20 PM

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  • bskrishna
    07-11 12:14 PM
    Yes there will be dates in Oct. but will that be 2006 Jan.? That is what karanp25 means.
    And answer is it probably will not be. We can look back the bulletin on May and June 2007. Are they match Oct. 2007 bulletin ?

    07 case is different. we can't infer much from that. I hope DOS has some insight into the no of pending cases when the move dates like this. I am sure there will be language in the actual bulletin that saves them from flak when the move dates back. The primary aim is to utilize the visa nos. But with all the information available to them the movement should be proportional to the nos available from spillover and etc.,


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  • mps
    03-04 01:22 PM
    Doesnt seem like anything is cooking at TSC! I-140 and I-485 still shows

    "On Oct 1st 2007 we received....blah blah blah...."


    Hi gcisa*:

    I have not seen any LUDs on my case either.
    Status is same as yours.
    That shouldn't be a big deal, as I have seen some approvals with no LUDs at all.

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  • rajuram
    06-09 11:16 PM
    multiple year eads & ap - may or may not happen
    visa recapture - no chance
    visa increase - will not happen

    still contribute??


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  • mw_immi
    01-07 07:26 PM
    I closed on dec 27. Underwriter asked me about green card. I just sent EAD copy front and back as well as AP and explained to him that EAD is like learners driving permit that is issued when your GC is under process. :D

    Did you close with BOA?

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  • crazy_gc
    07-21 06:45 AM
    dont know about how many they are processing right now but in 2004 this is how many they were processing.

    "The USCIS currently produces approximately 24,000 EADs per week."


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  • FraudGultee
    04-17 09:04 AM
    Many congratulations

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  • Ramba
    09-05 06:32 PM
    The unbelievable growth in India made me explore a bit in terms of investments, ended up with the financial advise and recommendation from experts that we cannot directly invest in equity as an NRI. Only investment allowed it seems, for NRI is in real estate. Not sure whether this is true. There holds the surprise I could not add up the numbers in real-estate in India. Real estate in India is darn expensive even by international standards (with per capita GDP of $700->$2500 per annum).

    Flats in Indian hub cities: 2-bedroom, 1000 sq ft apartment for average $200,000-$300,000 and above. ( Condos in most major metros in USA: 2-bedroom, 1000 sq ft average $200,000-$300,000 (google housing)

    Given that, median income in US is 50 times more than India. I thought the Indian cities are up in bubble. Next, look at agricultural land prices.

    Agricultural land in Northern part of India is average $50000 - $250,000 per acre (www. where in east, west and south is about $20000-$200,000. In Villages its about $15000 to $50000 per acre.

    Agricultural land in US is in the range of $6000-$15000 per acre. ($12,000 per acre in NJ, $6,000 per acre in California and $8,000 per acre in Florida. From USDA website)

    Now You can do the math. Commercial land is even more expensive in india.

    The reason, people say, population density. Now lets look at this factor, the density in India is much higher than USA. But, compare to NJ, NJ is actually slightly more densely populated than most states in India. Real estate is regulated by government in India that prevents easy buying and selling and land survey records are not properly maintained which makes it easy to bump up the price.

    Can someone explain to me how in the world, the farmers in India who make less than $1000 per annum continue to own land that is valued at several $100K? How many can afford a home in that country?

    Is this what economic experts call "bubble"? I believe there needs to be a correction in the market in India to avoid a disaster.

    There is no doubt about NRIs are the prime reason for the real estate boom in India. It is tottally unbelivable that 2 bedroom flat in a normal second class town has gone to up to 40 lakes. Decent independent houses are in terms of crores in small cites. Two factors. One is foreign money and second in black money from local dadas/politicians. Also demand vs supply. The availble land is small and demand for that land is too high due to these two gropus.

    I visited one of my NRI friends house in India, where he is not going to live as he is a US citizen. His parents already won two houses and they bought another house as a investment. This house in a recent development area in a small town where there is no high tech employment is avialable; In my feeling it may not worth 5 lakes; they were selling at 45 lakes. Even if anyone ready to pay 45 lakes there is no unit is avialable; everything was sold to NRIs. No resident won the houses in that area. All the dads and mos are baby sitting the houses. Renting alos not that easy. It is tottally unbelivable. I wonder why all the NRIs buying house in India and increisng the house price? The guys working here (or any part of the world) and not going to live in India, why government should allow to buy the house and increse the price? Everyone tries to do real estate bussiness there. That is the main reason for price increase.


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  • Milind123
    07-24 07:19 PM
    I keep reading people getting emails from USCIS. I don't remember providing my lawyer with my email address? When/where do you provide the email address? Tx

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  • axp817
    12-02 03:15 PM
    So I had another set of soft LUDs on my approved 140, 485, approved EAD and approved AP today. This was the 4th LUD on my 485 and the 3rd LUD on the rest of the applications in the past week, and I was losing my mind worrying about receiving a denial or an RFE just before my trip abroad, leaving me with not enough time to respond to the RFE.

    So I decided to call Customer Service, and after trying a million options on the voice prompt I finally managed to reach the Nebraska Service Center.

    Upon inquiring about the LUDs with no status change, I was told that it was triggered due to the attorney name change and address change. My address that they had on file was also an old one, from 2 years ago. I have since moved, and done the online AR15 thing and received my EAD at the new address, so I'm not sure why/how the system showed the old address. But anyway, the lady on the phone was kind enough to change it to the new address. I didn't bother asking her if they had received the AC21 letter, I wasn't going to take the risk of having to argue with someone on the phone that switching employers is allowed under the AC21 law, etc. I was just happy to find out that the G28N had processed successfully and that I didn't have to expect a denial or RFE at least in the near future.

    Apologies for the long post, but I thought that my tale might help someone that is getting anxious over a similar situation.



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  • continuedProgress
    01-06 06:07 PM
    Looking for info on ADIT photographs?
    Option 1 - looking up photograph specifications in AP filing info.
    Option 2 - search on google.


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  • diptam
    08-13 05:19 PM
    Everytime i Open IV this Non-value added thread rolls up in the Top.

    Why dont you close this - Unnecessary arguments are wasting everyone's Time !!

    please direct your energy to more useful directions, volunteer, contribute and join the rally in DC on 9/18. join your state chapters. complete your profile on iv- what's the point of so much smoke and fire when you want to hide from everyone- your profile is not public, but iv needs you. you and i are iv. there is no iv but us. if you believe there is some nebulous entity that will magically solve your problems without your lifting a finger, well that's usually the stuff of dreams- and maybe your GC will arrive tonight with your beauty sleep...


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  • newbee7
    07-05 11:29 PM
    Dugg! and posted a comment...
    Please also digg comments.

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  • Libra
    09-10 07:47 PM
    thanks cirigadi, gctoget, rajamanikannan, hemants for your contribution. please attend rally too, we need to show big numbers at rally.

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  • Ramba
    04-28 11:11 AM
    As far as I remember, I (from California) was able to renew the license by mail. I did not have to go to DMV. So, these issues about I-797/I-94 needed for DL, are they coming up during a new DL or during renewal of license?

    Howz DL procedure in CA for 485 guys? I do not have H1B any my I-94 expired long time back. I have out of state licensce that expires in 2011 only. If I want to take CA DL, will it be a easy process? For how many years they give DL for 485 guys?

    07-23 04:56 PM
    please provide more detail, Eb category, PD, Country of Birth...

    12-10 05:06 PM
    I am with you Almond. After waiting for 12 long years in USA and 8 long years for a GC, the tunnel is still dark.

    Same here. Been in the States since 1998. They should give honorary GCs just for completing 10 legal years of being in this country. :mad:

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