Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • drona
    07-25 11:09 PM
    Calling Southern California activists/volunteers, please join our yahoo group for latest Meet-ups and info.

    You will have to request membership to the group. Please mention your IV handle/name in your request.

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  • Macaca
    02-17 04:53 PM
    Judiciary Committee (
    Sub-committee on Immigration, Border Security and Citizenship (

    Immigration, citizenship, and refugee laws
    Oversight of the Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the immigration functions of the U.S Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Directorate of Border and Transportation Security
    Oversight of the immigration-related functions of the Department of Justice, the Department of State, the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement, and the Department of Labor
    Oversight of international migration and refugee laws and policy
    Private immigration relief bills.

    Democratic Members

    Edward M. Kennedy (, MA (Chair)
    Joseph R. Biden, Jr (, DE
    Dianne Feinstein (, CA
    Charles E. Schumer (, NY
    Richard J. Durbin (, IL

    Republican Members

    John Cornyn (, TX (Ranking Member)
    Charles E. Grassley (, IA
    Jon Kyl (, AZ
    Jeff Sessions (, AL

    Senior Staff

    Bill Yeomans, Democratic Chief Counsel
    Reed O'Connor, Republican Chief Counsel

    Press Contact Information (

    Judiciary Committee Hearings (

    Comprehensive Immigration Reform (, February 28, 2007, 10:00 AM
    Strengthening American Competitiveness for the 21st Century (, March 7, 9:30 a.m

    Written Testimony of William H. Gates (

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  • WFGC2006
    02-20 08:41 PM
    Got laid off two months ago. After some painful job search, I accepted an offer with paid relocation. Then that idiot in my head starts murmuring that I will have trouble with the "Same or Similar" requirement for using AC21.

    Did anyone here ever get an RFE for employment verification after invoking AC21? How did it go?

    I always think it's very difficult evaluating the similarity of two jobs by reading their job descriptions.


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  • akred
    04-19 12:43 AM
    I found a list of STEM disciplines on DOL's O-NET website.

    Some offbeat occupations that are considered STEM -

    Animal Breeders
    Livestock Managers


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  • raysaikat
    08-30 11:40 PM
    If the H1-B came with I-94 attached to the I797 form, then your status would be H1-B from the day written on the I-94 form. From that day, you cannot work with the employer A without filing another H1-B with employer A.

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  • Macaca
    11-01 09:51 AM
    Committee of One ( By Robert D. Novak | Washington Post, November 1, 2007

    A story told in cloakrooms of the House of Representatives shows how ironic life on Capitol Hill can be. Jim McCrery, the low-key, hardworking ranking Republican on the Ways and Means Committee, has spent all year trying to establish good relations with the tax-writing committee's first Democratic chairman in 12 years, Charles Rangel. He succeeded, only to discover that Rangel does not really run Ways and Means. Nancy Pelosi does.

    Rangel, a crafty New York politician, so far looks like the weakest Ways and Means chairman during my 50 years in Washington. That's only because Pelosi so far is the most powerful speaker of the House during that same period, a reality obscured by her historic role as the first woman to hold that office. She does not confer with or defer to standing committee chairmen, whose predecessors made previous speakers dance to their tune.

    On both sides of the aisle, the 67-year-old grandmother from San Francisco is referred to as the "Committee of One" who rules the House. Many speakers over the years relied on their majority leader, as Republican Dennis Hastert let Tom DeLay handle day-to-day operations. But not Pelosi, who actually opposed Steny Hoyer's election as majority leader.

    Ruling absolutely does not mean all Democrats think she rules well. Her misguided effort to pass a resolution condemning the 1915 Armenian genocide constitutes a rare public blunder, but beyond that she has not crafted a coherent Democratic message. This month's Harris Poll puts her nationwide job disapproval ("fair" or "poor") at 57 percent. But she is an icon at the Democratic grass roots, and none of the committee chairmen who have been downgraded by her -- certainly not Rangel -- utters a word of public criticism.

    Rangel's massive tax reform proposal, released last week, gets less respect than is normally accorded to a Ways and Means chairman's plan, because Pelosi is not on board. Rangel's desire to compromise with the Bush administration on international trade agreements has been frustrated because the speaker defers to Rangel's trade subcommittee chairman, Sander Levin, who follows organized labor's protectionist line.

    Much the same treatment has been experienced by John Dingell, the senior member of Congress, as Energy and Commerce Committee chairman. In bygone days, Dingell deferred to neither Democratic presidents nor speakers. But Pelosi is determined to pass an energy bill this year even though it means crossing Dingell, who as a Detroiter opposes Californian Pelosi on vehicle mileage and emission standards. A sage old professional, Dingell knows there is no political profit in publicly clashing with Madam Speaker.

    No committee chairman wants to take the risk of going public against Pelosi, including one who sought her advice -- and, hopefully, support -- on a controversial matter of House business. This anonymous chairman was rebuffed by the speaker, who declined to talk to him, in person or over the telephone.

    Being the "Committee of One" does not mean Pelosi is without lieutenants. She is close to two fellow Californians, both fiercely partisan, who head committees: George Miller (Education and Labor) and Henry Waxman (Oversight and Government Reform). Miller is regarded as her consigliere, always at her side. She is also considered close to moderate chairmen Ike Skelton (Armed Services) and John Spratt (Budget), plus liberal chairman Barney Frank (Financial Services).

    That does not mean, however, that she always takes their advice. Witness her big blunder as speaker. Skelton, a seasoned student of international relations, told her the Armenian resolution would antagonize Turkey and thus constituted a foreign policy debacle in the making. Rahm Emanuel, the House Democratic Caucus chairman, also opposed it (as he had when serving as President Bill Clinton's political aide). Pelosi insisted until some 45 House Democrats -- including Skelton -- opposed her.

    The Armenian episode suggests a Pelosi decision has to approach the brink of disaster before Democrats speak out. Her popularity in the party beyond Capitol Hill is too great. When I asked one esteemed Democratic operative whether Pelosi's authority is without restraint, he called that a sexist question because I never would have asked that about Sam Rayburn or Tip O'Neill. Indeed, I would not have. They were not that powerful.


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  • bamasri10309
    08-03 02:56 PM
    Did you guys talk about this already ? I apologize if this has been analyzed already... issues a Oct visa bulletin prediction based on information from DOS

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  • Blog Feeds
    03-15 09:20 AM
    Dallas-Fort Worth Immigration Lawyer Has Just Posted the Following:
    Beginning March 1, 2010, Mexico will require U.S. citizens to have valid passports when traveling to Mexico. Legal residents of the U.S. must have their green cards or other documents demonstrating legal status in the U.S.

    This new rule by Mexican authorities shouldn't change travel habits, because it has been the law in the U.S. since June 2009 that U.S. travelers returning to this country from Mexico must show their passports.

    More... (


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  • sudha123
    01-17 03:36 PM
    My friend is in H1. she is in bench since oct 2008. she had only one project for 2 months in 2009. but her employer is paying her also in bench, though the salary is less compared to what she was earning while on project. now her h1 is expiring in july 2010. now she is planning to use her EAD. but with EAD also she will be with the same employer(consulting firm). she is planning to visit India in may for one month and will be entering US with advance parole, not h1 visa. my question is that as she is in bench for so long time( though getting salary), will it be a problem for her to be back in USA. Is there a chance that she will be asked to go back from Airport as is happening with h1 holders.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • udayak
    07-20 05:11 PM
    I am also looking for the same information.

    Please let me know, how can a person hold
    multiple H1's



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  • fall2004us
    07-09 07:08 PM
    Hello gurus,
    just wanted some help on filing for EAD (paper application) (self + spouse)
    I will be mailing the docs (UPS) to this address:
    Nebraska Service Center
    850 S. Street
    Lincoln, NE 68508-1225

    I hope this is the right address, we live in california, 2nd EAD, first EAD filed at Nebraska with the old fee. First time EAD was filed by the attorney, this time he is charging way too much.

    Along with the application I am mailing the following docs:
    1. check $340
    2. passport pages
    3. first EAD copy and receipt
    4. 485 receipt
    5. drivers license
    6. I 94
    7. copy of birth certificate
    8. copy of marriage certificate

    Does the check list cover everything or am I missing some thing. Please help gurus.

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  • thomachan72
    04-12 09:21 AM
    I had started my anual subscribtion this Friday (4/10/09). How long does it take to be admitted into the donors forum? I have sent the email with details that same day itself. I have not yet recieved a reciept or any RFEs. Hope there is no backlog:D:D:D


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  • fatjoe
    10-10 03:41 PM
    Is there anyone whose I485 is pending for more than 90 days. My I-485 was sent on July 18th. I called USCIS twice and they are asking me to call them on Oct 17th (when 90 days is completed). They are saying that my appl.n should be in by then. Is there any one whose checks got cleared after 90 days. If not, what did you do about it.

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  • mrdelhiite
    07-10 03:15 PM
    :confused: I couldn't log on for 5 minutes and then when I finally did - most of the latest posts have dissapeared?

    when lots of people try to log in at teh same time you can get a DOS .. please refresh and try again.



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  • alien02k
    07-10 08:01 PM
    First of all I am filing by postal mail USPS(not e-filing)

    1)is it necessary to include I-765 receipt notice(EAD) with my AP application.. But I have only my last years one which will expire in a few months.
    2) for AP renewal is it necessary to include marriage certificate for spouse
    3) When filing by postal mail, and also considering i applied my I-485/I-140 before july 30/2007, old fee schedule... do i need to pay biometric fee for my renewal
    4) I am in Texas and for mailing EAD and AP - can I send them together for me and my spouse. I see different PO Boxes for EAD and AP addresses for the Mesquite, TX address

    IN I-765, is it enough only to specify the previous EAD information regarding the office filed and receipt date...or do i have to include my OPT EAD as well as my previous EAD filed last year.

    Thank you

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  • miguy
    07-19 08:06 AM
    If I file my I-485 through my lawyer, will I have to be with him for all subsequent EAD/AP renewals as well or can I renew them on my own?
    Do lawyers charge extra for EAD/AP renwals?


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  • mrdhoni
    10-29 12:32 AM
    Hi All,

    I am on L1A visa which is valid till December 30 2010. My 7 year limit on L1A will end with that date. I have applied for Labor on October 20, 2009 with another employer (not with the one who has sponsored L1A). Since I applied for Labor (PERM) can I apply for new H1B petition now based on the receipt number ? Please advice. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • pcs
    07-14 07:51 PM
    We are very proud of all the guys / gals, who were there.

    If possible, this great group can be divided in sub groups of 25 members each with few key co-ordinators in each sub group.

    This organized team of great people will go a long way to support future drives of IV.

    I know, I should have suggested this before...

    Can we create a mechanism by which we can organize these teams of great members ???

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  • prakgc
    07-22 09:01 PM
    When we file 485 AOS along with EAD & APL, these are three seperate forms, so we get three seperate receipt numbers?

    is that correct?
    What abt 485 for wife? is that also another receipt notice?

    10-15 11:22 PM
    Wife need to go to India for emergency. Advance Parole expired. Can she already leave while I apply AP now ? Or does she have to be in country until we get it ? Can i apply now and send it to her once i get it here ?

    How much time normally it takes if we apply now ?

    she has to be in country until she gets it

    06-04 06:03 PM
    Yes, the principal applicant should be fine to travel withou any affect on the MTR.

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