Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • paskal
    03-01 01:14 PM
    Please help reactivate this group. We have 27 members on our group but it's hard to get 1 reply. We have successfully met two lawmakers recently and more such contacts are urgently needed. A mail was sent out to the group today. If you do not get it, check your junk/spam folders and make sure the group id is added to your safe list. Folks, this time we do not want to come up short. Let's not be in a position to regret our failings in hindsight.

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  • mrdelhiite
    07-10 03:15 PM
    :confused: I couldn't log on for 5 minutes and then when I finally did - most of the latest posts have dissapeared?

    when lots of people try to log in at teh same time you can get a DOS .. please refresh and try again.


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  • speddi
    07-12 08:25 AM

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  • prem_goel
    06-16 07:37 PM
    I've been visiting forums for the past 2 weeks since my petition at CSC is pending under Premium Processing. I don't think this is accurate especially for I-129 pending at CSC, VSC as I see in the forums that for several people its taking more than 2 months for regular H-1B.

    IN my case, I filed under PP at CSC on 25th May. They received via fedex on 27th May, but they issued me a receipt on 6th June only. Going at all the forums, it appears its happening with everyone. Then they issue a RFE on the 14th day of the receipt.


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  • WaldenPond
    02-08 12:32 AM
    I am graphic design student, what exactly are you looking for? I can make some simple GIf banners. Send me a Private Message

    Hello artz,

    I have sent you a private message. Could you please respond.

    Thanks, WP

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  • pradeepbill
    09-25 10:59 AM
    I have a EB3 case from employer A, and an EB2 case as a future GC from employer B , and got the date ported from EB3 case to EB2 , got EAD and AP .Now I have started working for employer B on EAD, for the past 3 months, and now my contract might expire with the client and loose job, I have found an other job , but have to leave employer B, now my question is, can I file AC21 and leave my GC sponsoring company(employer B), or is it a very short time , and raise any doubts on being a "NO GOOD FAITH"case.Please help.All I 140's are approved.



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  • ivar
    07-13 07:15 PM
    There is already a thread going on for this, i didn't notice. Please ignore.

    Column vilified, insulted Indian Americans - (

    Also note the comments by people below and decide for yourself how these people think about immigrants (Indian immigrants).

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  • cookeroo
    07-19 03:12 PM
    so lets call it like that WHITE CHOCOLATE;]


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  • Macaca
    07-20 07:56 AM
    Breakdown in Relations in the Senate Hobbles Its Ability to Get Things Done ( By CARL HULSE ( New York Times, July 20, 2007

    WASHINGTON, July 19 � Arlen Specter is a senior United States senator who expects to be allowed his say on the Senate floor. So he bristled when Senator Harry Reid, the majority leader, brusquely cut him off at the end of the Iraq debate.

    �The leadership is setting a dictatorial tone,� Mr. Specter, Republican of Pennsylvania, said Thursday, still furious over his treatment the day before. �Senators didn�t get here to be pushed around.�

    It may seem small-minded to bicker over a few words at the end of a 24-hour debate. But the clash between the two veteran senators is evidence of a larger breakdown in relations in the Senate, a deterioration in cooperation that is hobbling the Senate�s ability to get things done. The situation is not likely to improve with a presidential election on the horizon.

    As the cots were rolled away and lawmakers left for a decent night�s rest after the around-the-clock debate that ended � like others this year � in stalemate, lawmakers of both parties said they had rarely seen the tone so poisonous and the willingness to work together on the floor at such a low ebb.

    �The last vestiges of courtesy seem to be going out the window,� said Senator Trent Lott, the Mississippi Republican who has served as majority and minority leader. �Every time I think the Senate � Republican or Democrat � has gone to a point where you can�t go any lower, we go lower.�

    It is hardly startling that members of the two parties do not see eye to eye. And the spirit of bipartisanship in the Senate always rises and falls depending on the subject and the election calendar. But seven months into the new Democratic regime, the environment seems unusually hostile. Occasionally, senators do, too, as exhibited in a Sunday television exchange between Senators Jim Webb, Democrat of Virginia, and Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, that looked for a moment as if it might turn physical as the two men argued about the war in Iraq.

    The angry attacks nearly spiraled out of control Thursday night as the two parties lobbed political bombs at each other during the windup of work on an otherwise popular higher education measure.

    After Republicans brought forward proposals intended to embarrass Democrats on terror detainees and union elections, Democrats countered with a resolution urging President Bush not to pardon I. Lewis Libby Jr., a former top White House aide. Republicans struck back with a resolution deploring the pardons issued by President Bill Clinton.

    The floor descended into chaos as members of the two parties glowered at one another across the aisle. Evidently recognizing they had gone too far, party leaders pulled back and agreed to try to finish the education bill as Democrats struck their Libby proposal from the record.

    Hard feelings have consequences. Without agreements between the leaders of the opposing parties, the Senate has been plunged into a procedural knife fight, with Democrats forced to scramble to find 60 votes not just on contentious issues like an Iraq withdrawal plan, but on once-routine matters like motions to proceed to a spending bill.

    The feuding has spilled into subjects that would seem to hold the potential for common ground, like antiterror legislation and lobbying reform, and will doubtless tie up other measures to come.

    Democrats contend that Republicans have embarked on a strategy of delay, using Senate rules to chew up scarce legislative time and deny Democrats any accomplishments. Republicans complain that Democrats are trying to jam through objectionable bills and are mainly interested in building a political case for 2008. The relationship between Mr. Reid and his Republican counterpart, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, has cooled after it was initially thought the two Senate tacticians would be able to do business.

    Senator Edward M. Kennedy, the Massachusetts Democrat who has been in the Senate for more than four decades, said he was not sure bipartisanship was at an all-time low, but acknowledged things were tense.

    �The fact the Senate is so evenly divided makes big causes out of smaller events,� Mr. Kennedy said.

    Besides the narrow 51-49 majority Democrats enjoy, lawmakers and others attribute what senators deplore as a lack of comity to various reasons, including the emotions surrounding the Iraq war debate, a Republican payback for Democratic stalling in recent years and pure political maneuvering in a hot-house environment.

    Mr. Reid on Thursday blamed Republican ideology, saying the Senate�s conservative contingent was unwilling to swallow legislation sought by most Americans.

    �Republicans in the Senate do not represent mainstream Republicans around the country,� he said.

    Members of both houses have been contending for years that the sort of personal interaction that can lead lawmakers to overcome partisan differences has been on the decline, leaving Congress polarized.

    But Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Specter and others say they find that committee leaders still tend to be able to work together. And a bipartisan group of senior lawmakers put together the Senate�s immigration proposal, though it went down in flames to the broader political divide in Congress.

    Senator Carl Levin of Michigan, the chairman of the Armed Services Committee who has been in the heat of the battle over the Iraq legislation, said he did not believe feelings were frayed beyond repair.

    �The Senate is a unique place where wills are tested, and this was a very important issue that people have very strong feelings on,� he said, referring to the Iraq debate. �Instead of fighting over it physically, there are battles that are fought on the floor of the Senate. But these are important disagreements and they should be aired.

    �Isn�t that what we are here for?�

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  • uimv
    02-21 02:27 PM

    After initially filing I-485, I got FP appointment for photo, signature and 10 fingerprints.
    Will I get another FP appointment notice ? When is it likely ?
    How many times do you get fingerprinted for one I-485 application ?
    Is there a validity date for FP ?

    Thank You.


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  • smuggymba
    03-07 03:04 PM
    Hi Friends,

    I work for a big 4 consulting firm and transferring my H1-B to a client (a 2 Billion dollar american company).......I'm planning to join my new company only after the visa has been transferred questions are:

    1.) If the transfer is rejected, can I work for my current employer (assuming I dont resign)

    2.) My wife's on H4 and recently applied for COS from H4 to F1 - Do I need to file for her H4 transfer also or not?

    Not sure what's the effect of H1 transfer on wife's pending H4 to F1 application.

    Need help ASAP. Thanks a lot.

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  • Pandi
    12-11 07:41 PM
    I have a peculiar situation where my wife wants to apply for H1 and work after being on H4 for the last 3 years . My son who is currently on H4 wants to convert to F1 to pursue his studies . My doubt is whether I can still include them in my GC application at 485 stage whenever it happens although they were in H4 when the GC Process started.

    Any suggestion / advice is highly appreciated.




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  • Blog Feeds
    07-24 04:40 PM
    Judge Susan Bolton, who heard arguments this week on the first of the Arizona lawsuits, has narrowed the issues she is considering blocking before the law takes effect next week. Some sections that are not in dispute, such as the provisions on day laborers, will take effect on the scheduled date. More controversial provisions, such as those allowing police to enforce immigration laws and the criminalization of illegal immigration status under Arizona law.

    More... (

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  • ParanoidAndroid
    02-25 08:33 PM
    you want to learn how to use 3d programs..or just swift3d?

    try here (


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  • nitkad
    03-15 02:25 PM
    Its absolutely useless as it does think that within 60 months the people will get the GC after applying for the I485. I am sure, ut will much more than that.

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  • i99
    03-27 06:29 PM
    Unfortunately, no. 3 months after the receipt notice (it happened to us).


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  • nish2006
    01-28 01:21 PM

    My employers are considering transfering me to another group company (different name) during the next 1-2 months. My job profile will remain unchanged, but the employer name/address (on paychecks, etc) will be different after the transfer. My I-140 is still pending (filed in Aug 2007 together with I-485 at NSC under EB-3).

    I'd greatly appreciate anyone's advice on the following:

    a) If I transfer before my I-140 is approved, do I need to notify USCIS in writing? If so, does any specific paperwork need to be filled out? My employers have assured me they will continue to support my I-140/485 under the original company name, for as long as required.

    b) If I transfer after approval of I-140 (fingers crossed!), do I need to notify USCIS? Again, is any specific paperwork necessary?

    Many thanks in advance.

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  • zwswim
    01-26 01:03 PM
    I am a chinese. My company would like to support my green card applicaion this year. I also plan to be married this year or early next year. My wife is a F1 student from china.

    As I know that my wife can be a dependent in my green card application. If I start the green card application process from next month, is it ok that I add a wife as my green card application dependent if we get married at around Nov 2011.

    How to handle the GC application and marriage in a good way? I means any schedule or trick I need pay attention on.


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  • kirupa
    07-07 10:48 PM
    You can use a timer or storyboard to smoothly move the object when a key press is detected. This would be the smoothest approach I think :)

    04-18 02:17 AM
    What is the communication about and did they send you a letter or email ?


    Has anybody directly received any communication from BEC regarding the pending LC application? I just received one and am not sure if that is the norm?


    10-31 02:42 PM
    You cannot file 485. You will have to start the process from scratch. However, you can use the priority date from the approved 140.

    Hope this helps.

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