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  • wandmaker
    11-10 08:37 AM

    I filed my GC on EB2 and current status is :

    I140 approved on Sep 2008
    I 485 in process - submitted RFE on Sep 10th

    Right now i m on H1B. I recently got married and my husband is on H1B he didnt start his GC process yet. At this stage can i add him on my green card. If so pls explain me the process ...

    tnx in advance ...

    You can file your spouses' 485 when your PD is current. Follow the visa bulletin every month. Please fill out your IV profile.

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  • mishoni
    08-11 06:17 AM
    Thank you :)
    The last one is one of my personal favourites, my nox rosa...

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  • obelix
    08-27 07:27 PM

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  • KOEL
    08-08 12:41 AM

    I had applied for GC through my husband s employer for EB1 category. Recently USCIS websites has updated on its site regarding our case that I485 has been approved but I765 has been denied. Currently we are on L1/L2 visa. Has anyone faced such a situation? And what does this signify?

    Can anyone pls shed light on this.


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  • ujjvalkoul
    01-17 05:27 PM
    I would think it is like a new job...and u are using u shud be fine.

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  • sanjay
    09-28 03:24 PM D D

    Thanks for update.


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  • vinabath
    08-30 09:12 AM
    is this a visa renewal??

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  • sunny1000
    06-04 06:04 PM
    This is my third EAD renewal. My 485 is pending at NSC. I am in CA. All my previous EADs/APs etc were filed at NSC.

    This time when my EAD renewal is filed (by my new attorney, in new company) I got receipt Number starting with MSC.

    Who decides where to file MSC? What's the criteria to file at MSC? Shouldn't it be file at NSC?

    Is this a mistake?

    No it is not. It is the National Benefits Center receipt number. Mine got transferred from the TSC.


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  • roadtogreen
    08-28 01:48 PM
    1. I got laid off from company A last year. I was on H1B. Company A notified me about 1 month in advance so I had some time to find another job. I also had a valid EAD which I wasn't using at that time. They also did not cancel I-140.
    2. I joined Company B using my EAD within the 30 day period, so I never went out of status. Also, I didn't file AC21
    3. My GC application was approved in the first week of Aug.

    I have a couple of really interesting opportunities that I would like to pursue. My job profile has been similar at both A and B and will likely be similar even in C should I join there. Am I required to work at B for any specific period of time before I can pursue these opportunities?

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  • immique
    06-23 05:59 PM
    Sorry for posting this question again. but since I did not get an answer, I am posting again to see if some one can advise regarding this. I am trying to look up dates for H1 visa stamping in Canada and the website says no appointments for 6 weeks. I am thinking of going for visa stamping in July. is there any chance that they might open up some more appointments in the next few days even though it says unavailable currently? please post your comments and experiences regarding this.


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  • hirs
    07-23 06:08 AM
    Another one - hope you like it...

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  • gsk1010
    03-03 05:31 PM

    I currently am on F1 Visa- OPT valid till June 2011.
    My employer will file for H1 this April.
    If my H1 is rejected for any reason, will I be eligible to work on F1 - OPT visa?



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  • Roger Binny
    01-22 12:49 AM
    If i get you right, what you are asking is H1 to F1 conversion, why it is not possible ?

    It is possible provided if one is maintaining his or her H1 status, till requesting to convert to F1.

    PS: Advising based on my knowledge, not a legal advice.

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  • Blog Feeds
    02-22 09:40 AM
    From the AP: Saks Fifth Avenue and Oscar de la Renta are among the fashion industry players who are joining Mayor Michael Bloomberg's coalition for immigration reform and calling for an easier visa process for international workers. Bloomberg made the announcement Friday, the day after the close of the fall previews at New York Fashion Week. Brooks Brothers, Perry Ellis, Diane von Furstenberg and Malia Mills are also joining the group, which already claims as members chief executives of major corporations including Hewlett-Packard, Disney and News Corp. The Partnership for a New American Economy pushes for a path to legal...

    More... (


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  • gcprocess
    11-06 08:06 PM
    Hi All,

    I have filed two I485 application for the same company. One I485 got approved(also received the Green card) in Oct and another got denied today.

    Does anyone what does it mean????? Please advise me.


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  • harryimmi
    07-14 05:53 PM

    I came to US with H1 on Apr 2009. My wife who was working in the same company as I do, joined me on Dec 2009 with H4 visa. My H1 has expired on June 18 '10. I have applied for H1 extension much before and currently my status is pending with USCIS. Along with my H1 extension I have also applied for my wife's H4 extension. Her status is also pending.

    My company has actually filed H1 visa for my wife for 2011 H1B quota.

    I have the following questions, can someone kindly answer the same.

    i) If my wife gets her H1 petition approved, should she travel back to my country to get it stamped and for her to work here in US?
    Some say she should go back and some say she can start working here with her I797 notice, she can get it stamped whenever she goes to my country. Which is true?

    ii) Assuming I get approval for my H1 extension and her H4 extension, should she get H4 extension stamped as well?

    iii) Can she go for stamping for H1 as well as H4 in my country, if so which one should she go for first?


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  • Blog Feeds
    02-17 09:20 AM
    From the Houston Chronicle: More Texas voters think unauthorized immigrants should be allowed to stay in the United States � through either a path to citizenship or work visas � than favor deporting them, according to a new Houston Chronicle/San Antonio Express-News poll. The poll showed that 38 percent of respondents favoring deportation � drawing the most support of the three options offered. Twenty-nine percent favored a way for unauthorized immigrants to attain citizenship, while 23 percent supported work visas.

    More... (

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  • Atpugkeviv
    12-12 05:45 PM
    Dear Lawyer,
    I had filed I 485 in EB3 category in July 2007 and my priority date is November 2006. I want to start the process under EB2 category also. My organization is very big and will not bend any rules to accomodate anything. There is a job posted in my organization with the following requirements -
    Required Qualifications
    A Bachelor's degree or equivalent training in Business Administration, Health Service Administration, Mathematics, Project Management or Industrial Engineering.
    Five or more years of progressive experience in an exempt-level business analyst, project management or process improvement role.

    My question to you is whether this job requirement classify this job in EB 2 category? Thanks.

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-24 01:20 PM
    Immigration Lawyers Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    On April 15, 2010, the Department of Homeland Security issued the USCIS �Annual Report on Characteristics of Specialty Occupation Workers (H-1B) for Fiscal Year 2009.� The summary reports on information including the countries of origin, occupations, education levels, and compensation paid to those who had approved H-1B petitions in FY 2009. The report includes the following facts: approximately 48 percent of all H-1B approved workers were born in India; 41 percent were for workers in computer-related occupations; and 41 percent were for workers with a bachelor�s degree and 40 percent had a master�s degree. To view the annual report, see

    More... (

    02-12 11:23 AM
    pls delete this thread

    03-03 11:51 AM

    I am holding a valid H1-B visa which was stamped in 2007. But before i could make my travel plan i could see recession hitting US and people out of jobs. This made me to hold back my job at home instead of quitting in a hurry.

    Now i am based in UK on an assignment and i would like to VISIT USA as a TOURIST for 4 weeks to see my brother.

    1) Am i allowed to visit as a visitor ?
    2) Can i still hold H1-b visa active without being cancelled ?

    Anybody, please could you advise me how to go about.


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