Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • ranand00
    07-30 08:41 PM
    I am a physical therapist licensed to practice in michigan.i also have eligibility letter ( for pennsylvania)-pa does not issue license without ssn number.
    i am in usa on H4.
    can i self sponser my green card under national interest waiver.
    i am originally from india.
    any law firms that could help me with this

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  • softcrowd
    04-09 02:30 PM
    Who is the best immigration attorney out there to deal with a cross-chargeability case? (Need to claim cross-chargeability based on Spouse's citizenship on an already filed I-485 case).

    Any first hand experiences with attorneys like Rajeev Khanna, Murthy, Ron Gotcher etc?? Or is there anyone better (in terms of paying proper attention while filing & being reachable in case of any RFEs etc.,) out there?

    Please suggest!! Any personal experience with one of the above mentioned attorneys would be really great!!

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  • tcfannin
    01-12 07:47 AM
    I was on H1 visa and laid off from job on 10/30/09. I got severance pay for Nov. and have the pay stubs. I applied for COS from H4 to F1 for my spouse (already in collage) and H1 to F2 for me on 12/9/09. Meanwhile immigration performed spot check at my ex-employers on 12/3/09, so they came to know that i was not working. My employer had not revoked H1 by then. Our COS application was received by USCIS on 12/14/2009, case is currently under Initial Review.
    - Will the immigration officers who did spot check inform USCIS that i was out of status?
    - Will case get rejected due to delay in applying for COS?
    - Will there be any complications in transferring my H1 to new employer as i was out of status for about a month before i applied for COS?
    - How to stop F2 COS if i get H1 transfer approved first?

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  • rjakkani
    03-01 06:02 PM
    I have a approved I-140 with company A. It is a substitute labor.
    I am getting laid off end of the month and I have a new offer from company B.
    Can I port priority date of this I-140 to new company B? Does porting work for substitute labor also?



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  • gchope07
    07-17 07:25 PM
    Is it from receipt date based on receipt notice OR filing date( actual date when USCIS received your 485 package)?

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  • sampath
    04-13 09:34 AM


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  • abcdefg
    01-28 03:53 PM

    I am pursuing part-time MBA while working for a company which has sponsored my GC. I am on EAD based on EB3 filing with PD of March 2005.

    I plan to do a summer internship (10-12 weeks) at another company and need to understand the risks. This internship would be 40-hr/week so I will have to either
    * quit my job and then search for another full-time job after internship is over, or
    * take a Leave of Absence (LoA) for 3 months and come back to my current job

    The first option is obviously very risky so I am inclined towards the second option though I don't know if my employer will grant me LoA. Could you please advice me whether doing an internship will be an issue later when my PD becomes current.

    Thank you!!
    GC Seeker

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  • cowboyqb
    04-07 04:00 PM
    Hello all:

    Applied for 140 transfer in June '07. Its been 21 months and no news on my 140 transfer.
    - Any reason for concern?
    - How can I check my 140 transfer status?
    - Inputs from anyone who applied during that time frame?

    Many Thanks!


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  • wandmaker
    10-14 10:42 AM
    YES, (1) in the same line of specialty area (2) and full time & part time employer should permit taking up another job (ie. some employers ask you to sign a agreement not to work for another employer during the employment with them)

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  • lazycis
    09-27 08:29 AM


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  • sundarraj_us
    03-26 03:39 PM
    Great job, keep it up. :)

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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-03 04:12 PM
    There is no issue what-so-ever using AP to enter US. I don't know why you are mixing H1 with AP. Both are different. AP is just a travel Document that can be used to travel abroad and return to US. Does not matter if you have a H1 or not.


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  • vad
    05-17 02:57 PM
    Could anyone kindly provide guidance>
    My wife, daughter and me have different dates on our green card with mine being the earliest. I am now eligible to file the N400 but my wife has 6 months to go. Does she become eligible only then or does she become eligible as my wife now, once I get approved. My daughter being a minor I guess should be fine on my application

    Thank you for any guidance. Tried calling USCIS- cannot get through

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  • coronapup
    07-27 07:01 PM
    I140 is pending, Filed EB2 485 on Jul2nd, no receipt yet, and we don't know when it will come.

    My wife's F1 is going to expire on Aug28. I was planning to file COS to H4 for her now. However, today I heard that filing AOS and COS at the same time will be a conflict and one case might get denied.

    Should I still go ahead and file her COS now or wait some more time till we get the 485 receipt? The concern I have is that AOS is not a safe status since 140 is still pending now. However we don't want to mess up 485 just because of the COS application.

    Can anyone give me some suggestion on this situation? Hope this is the right place to post the question.


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  • dreamgc_real
    04-14 09:06 AM
    I have not yet filed my I-485 and my employer is laying off employees. should I be worried? and to be on the safe side what should my next steps be.
    Please help

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  • chanduv23
    11-25 06:06 PM



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  • summitpointe
    05-06 12:03 PM
    I need the Texas service centre address for mailing the EAD reneval application form. I'm confused with lot of address. If I need to send by USPS which address and by FedEx or UPS which address.

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  • immigrationvoice1
    02-13 12:32 PM
    Which Form should I look for getting this information?
    I was using ETA Form 9089 page 11 0 Job duties. Is that the correct place to looks for ?

    My company

    I-750 Part B

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  • milindss
    06-25 01:31 PM

    In 2007 , I joined a new company and filed my Labour substitution+I140 petition in June 2007. This got approved in November 2007. but my H1B transfer to this company is still not approved. Earlier this year (2008) I went back to my previous company whose H1B is still valid and waited for my old H1B to get approved with no luck.
    Now, i wish to start my GC process with this new company, can I retain my old priority date of I140 ? There is absolutely no chance that I will get I-140 approval copy from my old employer, but I have the receipt Number and I know the PD.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you

    10-06 05:59 PM
    I had a really good experience in Nogales last week, I got my visa stamping on the same day of my appointment and the NVS International team was great. They arranged everything for me:transportation from the Tucson Airport to Nogales, they arranged my hotel stay, bank draft as well as transportation from the hotel to the consulate. It was a real stress reliever to know that I had somebody there to help me and advise me on what to do. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

    Important, remember to take your client letters if you are doing any consulting for a particular client and take all your tax return information. Take every piece of information that specifies where you work and what your job duties are.

    Good luck to everybody!


    09-24 06:12 PM
    To Experts and Attorneys,

    I have a question regarding AC21 portibility. I got my EAD in Oct 12th 2007. In the labor(used a pre-approved labor), the base pay mentioned is 48K and I was getting paid 55K from my current employer(A) who filed my green card.
    I am getting another job in company (B) in the same field. The salary offer is better but is very high than mentioned in my labor. The new salary is around 85K.

    1) Will the high salary will cause any issue with green card process if I take AC21 and use my EAD. Anyone had this kind of experience with the salary difference.

    2) How do I know my new job is in the same or similar category as defined by USCIS.

    3) Is AC21 is safe to take.


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