Sunday, July 3, 2011

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    09-27 10:50 AM
    Most people have now heard about Stephen Colbert's testimony in front of the House Immigration Subcommittee this week on the subject of new laws for migrant farmworkers. Some have criticized the Committee for letting the comedian speak. I say, how high can the standards be if they let me testify? My friend Stuart Anderson of the National Foundation for American Policy has a thoughtful piece explaining why the testimony was helpful. Here's the video link if you missed the testimony.

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  • tridiv
    07-12 03:32 PM
    I just missed 120-90 day window for filing EAD. My EAD expires on oct 12 and today is July 12TH.

    Other stats:
    Have H1B active with current employer till Feb 2009
    Just got my priority date current - EB2 July 2004 for India
    I-140 approved, I-485 and I-140 filed last year receipt date Sept 2007

    How can I get new EAd now?
    I can continune working on H1B correct?
    Any impact on my 485 application that now will process due to PD being current?

    PLEASE HELP. I am confused and worried a bit.

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  • gman
    09-18 05:20 PM
    I am on h1-b since Oct 1, 2004. I am EB3-ROW (Rest of World). My company has filed I-140 in June 2006 and it has not been approved yet. How soon would I be able to change jobs? I'm about to finish my master's degree and am hoping to get a job that falls in either eb-2 or eb3 category. How will this impact the ability to keep my i-140. Would i have to start from scratch with my new employer if i find a new job?

    Also what is considered my priority date since I havent/cant file an i-485 yet.


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  • simbasimba
    01-01 01:25 AM
    I am nearing the five years on my H1B. My company (A) had it extended with my I-i40 approval. I want to know at this point is it okay to transfer h1B visa to another company (B)? I was told i can only get 9 month extensions with the transfer is that true? Also what if my company (A) cancels my GC process after transferring to company (B), do i have to go through the entire GC process again once I transfer to company (B)? I was told i only have to re apply the I-140 with the priority date given on the previous I-140?

    With great appreciation!

    Lion King


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  • gc_chahiye
    12-26 09:35 PM
    While travelling on Advance Parole, which job title should I mention to the immigration officer. The Job Titile is different on H1-B and Permanent Residency application. Thanks.

    what are the two titles?
    in general in all matters related to your PR/AOS you only talk about the title/position in your PR application.

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    12-19 01:00 PM
    The Congressional starter pistol on comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) has been fired skyward with the release of a 644-page mish-mash of proposed changes to the Immigration and Nationality Act that will both please and infuriate pro- and anti-immigration combatants in the Capitol and throughout the land. Introduced by Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL), the bill with three names (the ��Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America�s Security and Prosperity Act of 2009,�� the ��Comprehensive Immigration Reform ASAP Act of 2009,��and the ��CIR ASAP Act of 2009��) is the first sortie in the coming Congressional ground war over immigration policy. With the release...

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  • akshayae
    09-07 12:56 PM

    Members from the DC area will be meeting in the Great Falls (Virginina)public library meeting room from 1 pm to 3 pm on Saturday September 8th 2007. Members in DC/VA/MD areas are requested to meet other members to find out more info about the rally and importance of making this rally a success. The address for Great Falls Public Library is

    Date and Time
    Sep 8th 2007 Time from 1 pm to 3 pm

    Meeting Room
    9830 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls, VA 22066-2634
    Ph 703-757-8560

    We look forward to meeting you at Great Falls Public Library

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  • uroojf
    01-01 07:14 PM
    Hi ,
    I have been residing in the U.S. (NY) since 0ct 2007 with an H4 visa. My dad had and still has an H1B visa. I have completed my high school here in the States only and now I am enrolled as a full time student in a college (in-state tuition). Now the problem is I will turn 21 this February and I believe I will no longer be a dependent on my father's H1 visa and would be residing "illegally". In that case what should I do? I want to complete my studies and stay here in the U.S. with my family and not be deported back to my home country all alone :(
    Is changing to F1 a good option for me ? I heard it could be risky? Is there any way I could have my studies going smoothly as it is now considering the out state tution under F1 would be too much...
    any suggestions and help would be greatly apppreciated
    Timely response would be much appreciated


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  • starving_dog
    06-01 02:23 PM
    Yes here is the link...

    Make sure that you omit the dashes in your receipt number.

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  • smsthss
    07-18 12:21 PM
    There is an article in AILA about VISA BULLETIN REVERSAL: NOW WHAT?. Does anybody have any access to that..


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  • friend99
    10-06 09:39 PM

    My Spouse Application was rejected due to incorrect fee though the USCIS were accepting application with old fee till august 17th! It was filed on August3rd! and it was with old fee! Will it be accepted if we send a letter that the fee was right the first time!

    Has anybody's both primary and spouse applications got the receipts with old FEES and had applied in AUGUST, Pls reply asap as my spouse application rejected and we had applied on august 3rd!

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  • blao
    07-08 05:15 PM
    we are on last stage approved i-130 USA citizen for married daughter.
    because we overstayed in USA since 1996 here do we have to leave country since we applied only in 2003?
    this would be a disaster since we have nobody in Italy that con support us until get a waiver from USA counsolate....they said about 9 months if everything is ok...
    my only hope is that a read something about cancellation of deportation and adjustment of status here in USA no needed to leave dangerous can be to start this process, wile waiting for last stage of i-130?
    i have good business, house, cars, furniture here and always paid taxes. 2 USA kids. thanks gimme hope


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  • sab
    07-19 05:11 PM

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  • Nitu Singh
    06-21 02:42 PM
    When is it safe to change employment once you file for I-485?


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  • shashi_nehal
    10-24 12:10 PM
    My wife is working for US firm on L2 VISA (EAD).
    The employer is ready to sponsor her GC. We wanted to know what is the process for L2 candidate , will it be same starting from Labor .... or we can skip labor and make use of current L2 EAD to file I-485 directly ?

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  • gsk1010
    03-03 05:31 PM

    I currently am on F1 Visa- OPT valid till June 2011.
    My employer will file for H1 this April.
    If my H1 is rejected for any reason, will I be eligible to work on F1 - OPT visa?



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    02-11 06:09 PM
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  • sdckkbc
    09-23 05:12 PM
    My Original PERM labor certificate was lost in mail so we filed my I-140 without the PERM LC and asked USCIS to obtain the certificate from DoL. USCIS got the labour certificate from DoL and sent the original LC to us as an RFE to get my employer's and my signature on the perm certificate. My employer by mistake signed the labor certificate where I was supposed to sign :(. We have now covered his sign with white paint and I would be signing at correct place and sending back to USCIS. Do you think any white ink or over writing on original PERM certificate would matter in adjudication of my 140?

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  • wo1olf
    01-20 08:56 PM
    When developping apps for mobile device, is it better to user multiple forms for the application differents screen or just use one form with panels instaed?

    06-13 07:47 PM
    Hi All,

    My employer after too much of talks is ready to file. But in all the applications he wants to put his address so that he receives the EAD card and AP..He is not ready to put my address. Can he keep my EAD card ?

    Gurus please advise...


    01-28 08:39 PM

    I am working on EAD for a company A (I have approved H1 with company B). i want to maintain both the statuses, can i do that by running the paycheck with H1 company?


    my fiancee is on H1 status and i want to change her status from H1 to H4 (H1 getting expired). will it be ok as long as i maiting H1 status?


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