Thursday, June 30, 2011

amanda knox pictures

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  • Amanda Knox sits in court to

  • abdev
    07-14 06:34 AM
    Here is the link
    Visa Bulletin for August 2010 (

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  • Amanda Knox: Amanda Knox tells

  • black_logs
    01-27 04:01 PM
    Everybody who wants to take part in CO meet the lawmakers drive please send me an email on I'll arrange a conference call on Tue or wed next week(1/31/06-2/01/06)

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  • Amanda Knox#39;s Sisters in Italy

  • martinvisalaw
    10-12 04:51 PM
    I'm sure the lawyers have already told you that this is not possible. The company cannot refile PERM now because all the ads, posting, etc are too old. They would have to start again.

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  • Amanda Knox#39;s friend Madison

  • Temp_worker
    08-21 07:41 PM
    Friends, Please let me know your input-
    Here is my backgound -

    1.Current status working on H1B 8th year extension for company A
    2.Labor and I-140 is approved � EB3 PD 04/2006 - Company A
    3.485 pending applied in August 2007 (> 180 days) - Company A
    4.EAD & AP approved - Company A
    5.Wife on H4 Status not filed for her 485 as she was not here.

    I want do H1b transfer & work for another company B -(Job code & job duties are little different)
    I don't want to use AC21 - just continue with Company B on H1 B transfer.
    I am doing H1b transfer nothing else once dates are current will add my wife.

    Am I doing something wrong or screwing up my GC process?
    Please advise


    amanda knox pictures. Amanda Knox was #39;beaten by
  • Amanda Knox was #39;beaten by

  • dce.deepak
    07-29 01:03 PM
    I think it takes a week or 10 days to get the receipt and it should have your case number

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  • Amanda Knox, the U.S. student convicted of killing her British flatmate in

    08-06 01:15 PM


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  • Picture of Amanda Knox:

  • amslonewolf
    04-30 08:14 PM

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  • tykishore
    03-11 12:57 AM
    Below is my situation regarding the change of status. Could you please help on this

    My Wife Has entered US with H4 on April 16th 2006

    Her H1 Visa Approved for her on : Oct 1st 2007

    Worked on H1 with an Employer: May 2008 to Oct 2008

    Later: From Oct 2008 to Now -- NO PAYSTUBS

    Her employer advises her to cancel her H1 and change back to H4. Will there be any problem with this? And how do we go about it.

    Also to add to the problem, I have actually filed my H1Visa extension which expires on May 09 and got an RFE on the same. My Employer is responding to the same. Based on this case, How do I go about applying for my wifes change of status

    Would appreciate your help on this


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  • house Amanda Knox Case Update:

  • ca_immigrant
    05-06 02:09 PM

    I had a quick question on about the package/application that is being used to build this forum ?

    Can someone give me the name please ?
    Is it a ready to go package or is it something with extensive customization ?


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  • sayonara
    12-10 12:24 PM

    I have recently moved and did an Address update for my I 485 online this weekend. I noticed that there are LUDs on my EAD and AP application (I did not do an address update for these as these applications are not pending, I have received both few months ago).

    Did anyone else experience a similar issue?

    P.S Admins - I tried searching for any similar posts but the verification image doesnt display on my browser and i couldnt get any results. Please feel free to move this thread around or redirect to an existing one.

    Thanks in advance


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  • Amanda Knox MySpace

  • brick2006
    11-30 12:03 PM

    I was on H1.. but i quit my job and i am currently enrolled as a Full time student.
    I need to go to Mexico as part of my Study program....

    I have received the change of status from USCIS..but i need to get my passport stamped..

    I have not been successful in getting an appointment in Canada....

    >> Can i go to mexico and get the visa stamped during my stay it risky???

    >> i cam here on F1-h1-now back to F1.... do i have to go to my country of origin to get my visa stamped.

    inputs Pleaseeeee..

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  • jchang
    04-20 07:44 PM
    So I'm in need of an answer for my parents.

    They have their green card and have been out of the United States for a little less than 6 months now visiting their homeland. They will be returning in a week but due to a medical circumstance that has happened with my mother overseas, she would need to go back to their homeland so she can acquire her medications and chemotherapy there. What is the minimum amount of time they would have to stay here in the United States until they can go back to their homeland?

    I know you can stay out of U.S. for no more than 6 months or their green cards make be revoked, I understand that part but I'm curious if there is a minimum amount of time they'd have to stay here in the Unites States before they can go back overseas so it doesn't look bad when they go through immigration.



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  • Appeal Trial Of Amanda Knox

  • needhelp!
    01-15 03:41 PM

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  • JunRN
    11-05 05:03 PM
    That's nothing....2 LUDs within two or three days (apart from FP) can be something.


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  • damodharanl
    08-04 11:00 AM
    My visa H1-B nd h4 visa was expired on june 30 2010. I have got an job offer and they filed my H1-B petition after july 20 2010. I have submitted my I140 and mine & my wife I485 applications in EB1 category on Feb 22 2010. The gap between the H1b process is nearly 20 days period. The USCIS has approved my H1 but my wife's H4 was denied.

    Here is my question. Whether they would have kept the I-94 for me. How can we proceed with H4 denial situation. Please give me some suggesion

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  • snathan
    02-06 08:50 PM
    hI ATTY I am working under an h1b visa right now as of 2011. But i had a previous petitioned by another employer way back 2006. There was an I-140 filed but it was denied and I never heard from my petitioner then. I do have the USCIS copy and case number. Can I look for another employer and atty that could reopen the case?? Please help me. Thanks can not as I-140 is employer's property.


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  • Amanda Knox: In the 47 minute

  • pezz77
    03-06 10:34 PM
    I received my approval documents yesterday and today I noticed that my name is different from that displayed on my passport and previous H-1B approval.
    I have a two-part last name and only the first part is displayed. Will this become an issue? The attorney tried to brush it off and said that the name was the same as the one on the petition (which of course he filled, so I don't know why he used this as an excuse).
    I'd like to know if I need to do something about it. I don't want to have problems when exciting the country.
    Any advice will be appreciated.

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  • Amanda Knox Trial Update 2011

  • srini1976
    09-23 05:12 PM
    EB 485 Numbers in Excel for easy reading and calculations

    Thanks tempgc

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  • 10dulkar
    08-04 01:13 PM
    you are in serious trouble. Don't ask (illeagal)questions on this Pristine forum

    06-25 07:21 AM
    Democrats step up (,1,1445539.story) First on gun control, now on energy, the Democrats are pushing Congress in a new direction. June 25, 2007

    FIRST GUN CONTROL, now fuel economy. Congressional Democrats still have a lot of work ahead to get their groundbreaking bills past both houses and the president's desk, but you can't say they're not leading a radical change in direction.

    On June 13, the House passed what could become the first major gun-control law in a decade, a bill aimed at strengthening a federal database used in background checks for gun buyers. A week later, the Senate approved an energy bill that would improve mileage for the nation's automotive fleet for the first time in nearly 20 years. Democrats still haven't forced a troop reduction in Iraq or put their stamp on the nation's backward immigration policies, but their surprising success in other areas is worthy of praise.

    Not that Democrats deserve all the credit. The gun bill was a bipartisan effort that passed by acclamation after it won the blessing of the National Rifle Assn., while 20 Republicans � nearly half the 43 who voted on the measure � backed the fuel economy bill. Still, these measures would have been inconceivable while Republicans controlled both houses during the first six years of the Bush administration, a period characterized by the disgraceful decision to allow a decade-old assault weapons ban to expire in 2004 and successive energy bills focused on maximizing fossil fuel production at the expense of the environment.

    It would be nice to think that the broad Republican support for a progressive energy bill signaled a pro-environment change of heart. Unfortunately, it probably has more to do with the high price of oil; Republicans are feeling pressure to bring gas prices down. They also rightly see dependence on foreign oil as a national security issue. The fuel economy bill would increase the average mileage requirement for cars sold in the U.S. from 25 miles per gallon to 35 by 2020, expected to eventually save millions of barrels of oil a day.

    Regardless of their motives, Republicans' support for the energy bill will increase pressure on President Bush to sign it, assuming it gets through the House. Bush favors better fuel economy but wants it to come at a slower pace, with loopholes to allow more gas guzzling by SUVs. The Senate energy bill has its own regrettable loophole: A strong mandate was watered down in committee, allowing federal regulators to cancel the improvements if they decide the tighter standards aren't "cost-effective." But senators beat back furious efforts by the auto industry to weaken the bill further.

    There was one sour note to last week's passage of the energy bill: An amendment that would have required the nation to get 15% of its electricity from renewable sources was defeated. Senate leaders should revive it in the future.

    03-08 03:54 PM
    My case is like this, my original labor application was filed in Dec '04 under EB3 and it has been approved in Feb '07. Is it possible for me to file i140 in EB2. My paralegal says you can but just wanted to gather more information.

    Thanks in advance!

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