Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • chiku_singhal
    09-11 09:37 PM
    enrolled in recurring 50$ as first contribution..

    great job guys...thanks for your sincere efforts

    i dont browse may not be looking until rally day.
    i might not come as its too short notice for me to plan .

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  • satyasaich
    03-08 09:43 AM
    Senator Cornyn has proposed some amendments related to broder security
    Senator Durban is also proposing some, but no harm for legal EB
    Stay tuned
    ok, one day is gone, now what`s will happen??

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  • pcs
    07-05 01:59 PM
    Good job pcs !!

    I'll take my family to the congressman's office and the documents that you suggested. We can not sit quiet now!

    Just please let me know. WSJ news article & Congresswoman's letter adds a lot of muscle in your argument when you meet them

    Some can use following letter to email / fax.............................

    Hi ,

    This is not a regular mail.. I on behalf of many others need the support of honest media persons like you, else our faith in American media will be gone for good....

    pl. read on...

    Illegal action by USCIS causes $ 300 million loss in a single day to Legal & Skilled Immigrants ( Doctors, Engineers & Scientists ) not counting the hardships.

    Skilled immigrants like Doctors, Engineers & Scientists have been paying all the taxes, following all the laws of the land and have been stuck in huge wait period of 3- 7 years to obtain green card.

    On 13th of June 07, USCIS announced that all these people stuck for years can apply for the green card starting 2nd July 07. Everyone spent 2 weeks & $3000 per person at the minimum towards Attorney fees, medical tests & other unsalvageable direct costs prepared the application and started to send it to USCIS starting 2nd July 07.

    In an unusual act of absolute disregard to the hardships and financial loss of these applicants, USCIS announced on the morning of 2nd July 07 that they will not accept any application for green card.


    If nobody takes an action to support law abiding legal immigrants at this time, everyone talking about supporting the laws of the land on immigration issue needs to look into his / her own eyes in the mirror.

    What we demand �. Talk to USCIS & encourage them to ATLEAST accept the applications sent by these innocent Skilled Immigrants so that they do not suffer at least the financial loss. USCIS can take their own time to award the green card at a later date

    ARE WE ASKING FOR TOO MUCH ???????????????????

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  • TeddyKoochu
    12-11 10:51 AM
    I share your pain buddy.I also miss the July 2007 fiasco by 1 month due to my &^@#$% lawyer who took 1 year to apply for labor and kept me in dark .The most painful thing is to see my wife's frustration who inspite of job offers can't join becoz company does not want to sponsor.Just being optimistic is the only hope.

    Does anybody have any updates on the I485 Pre--Filing new procedure, that last I read was that this has got postponed to June (USCIS half yearly agenda). This is the only raft and lifeboat for us in the deep sea!


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  • trueguy
    02-23 01:11 PM

    i just returned from an infopass meeting... the guy i talked to said that they recently have a directive from the DHS/USCIS that they want to separate the legal stuff from the illegal stuff and hence they are planning to adjudicate a record number of EB apps in the next quarter or two... does anyone else concur? is this true or were my ears just ringing in that meeting?


    Here start the fresh round of stories. Now we will hear many stories like this but don't know what to believe until it actually happens. I just hope (and pray) that what you said is true and Govt start treating legals and illegals separately.


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  • pappu
    09-13 08:03 PM
    here is the java code in case anyone wants to generate for different states..
    each URL gets 100 mediaids..
    i tried creating the file and attaching it but for some reason upload failed everytime. not sure why. So here you go...

    public class GenerateClass {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
    for (int j = 0; j < 65; j++) {

    int startNum = j * 100;

    StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer();
    for (int i = startNum; i < startNum + 100 ; i++) {
    System.out.println("" + sb.toString());



    please email the file to media at with instructions how to implement/use it. This will be very useful.


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  • chanduv23
    09-17 10:42 AM
    I just registered for IV. I wish I could come to DC rally on 18th. But due to certain unavoidable circumstances I may not be able too. Though not an excuse But I feel very guilty about it and this guilt will always remain there that I was not part of rally on 18th. I am contributing a small amount of $ 100 by google order # 309818904607579

    Thanks for your contribution and support, please urge other friends to make it to DC

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  • achiever2001
    07-20 03:05 PM
    The calculations below is not to scare anyone but it may very well a reality. Based on the assumptions below, some people may have to wait up to 20 months to get a EAD card: Ouch!

    A Total I-485 Applicants: 750000 Applicants
    B Each EAD processing time: 5 Minutes
    C Total processing hrs: 62500 Hours
    (Calculations: AxB/60)
    D Daily productive Hours: 5 Hours
    (It is a government body!)
    E Total Man Days (Business Days): 12500 Man Days
    (Calculations: C/D)
    F EAD Workforce: 30 People
    G Total Business Days: 417 Days
    (Calculations: E/F)
    H Average Business Days in a month: 21 Days
    I Total Clearing Time : 20 Months
    (Calculations: G/I)

    So what are trying to prove ? Generally i dont respond but this just shows that you have a lot of time. Why dampen people's spirits by such post or why try to say that whatever IV has done is a waste. That is what i get from what you have posted. If you are cynical, keep it to your own self, dont start such negative threads. Dont know you and this is not a personal attack but think twice before you create such posts, because they are disheartening for many (including me) who are so frustrated that they can believe any thing negative. Chill out and let us enjoy the moment why we have it, if things change over the period, we are fighters, we will survive but dont add to our problems by your predictions and logic (which might be right to start with but do we tell cancer patients that they are going to die on such and such date).

    No offence intended but cool off.


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  • gcseeker2002
    08-10 11:05 PM
    I just got mail from lawyer with the Receipt nos for myself & Spouse got online. Receipt notices not yet received.
    Hang on there everyone will get it sooner or later

    I485 Filed: Jul 2nd 7:55 AM (received by R.Williams)
    Revd at : NSC
    Transferred to TSC: No
    ND: Aug 7th
    I-140 approved: Jun 2006 @ TSC
    EB3 PD - May 2002
    As per the tracking no. given by my lawyer, my app also received at 7.55 AM on July 2nd, signed by R.Williams , but my check not cashed yet, no receipts yet, what a mess....

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  • Milind123
    09-12 11:16 AM
    Thankyou satyachowdary and sameold.
    All, please remember my intention is to motivate the people who never contributed and who start
    a $50 monthly contribution at least for six months. Also don't forget to PM me when you
    start your monthly contibution.

    Anyway good start. satyachowdary and sameold please consider monthly contributions.

    Here are my details

    Order Details - Sep 12, 2007 11:34 AM EDT
    Google Order #365470411117583


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  • spicy_guy
    11-08 05:17 PM
    If my Wife's employer starts GC for her on EB2, can my case be ported / interfile to her's? She is dependent on my GC application. :eek:

    I have exact same Q. Any inputs?

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  • milind70
    07-25 09:29 AM
    We applied in Nebraska in August 2003, Cleared in State on August 29th 2003, Transferred to Chicago DOL on Sept 1st 2003..Got Certfied on Oct 16th 2003...So some states Labor was VERY Quick.
    This is precisely the reason why PERM was introduced and backlog elimnation centers .People filing from Nebraska and Alabama were getting labour in 15 days to a months time .


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  • pointlesswait
    03-03 06:08 PM
    can you be more specific on what ur "very influential" attorney said? ;)

    That is not true, my lawyer who is very influential and he has some good contacts he told me that this year spill-over would be different form last year. I was stupid so didn’t believe him about July 2007, and paying it for now for not having EAD.

    I know this is hard to believe especially if something comes from lawyer.


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  • arihant
    05-25 07:38 PM
    pretty soon they will start requiring photos from worksite to prove that employee exists and that the company exists and is present in the US. LOL :D (I think this was a requirement for H1B...may still be a requirement):rolleyes:


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  • GCBy3000
    07-18 12:09 PM
    Where are the new members whom I see on other 485 related forums?

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  • sugaur
    03-06 05:30 PM
    Heres the sliver lining of all this immigration mess. Its good for spiritual development. I came here 10 years ago in mid 20s. My understanding of Indian philosophy was rudimentary at best. Now I have found reading and meditating on the meaning of Gita is one of the best ways for me to deal with the GC mess, and life in general. So I wonder if GC had been a smooth process would I have still discovered the beauty of the Gita?


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  • test101
    07-05 03:45 PM
    Cantwell office is responding. They are talked to me and actually taking care of personal cases and majority casses. Phone number: (202) 224-3441.
    They transfered me to a voice mail that Olia black where she care of these issues.

    Call people.

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  • Libra
    09-11 10:47 PM
    thank you northstar for contributions and hope you can make it to rally.

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  • mango_man
    06-11 07:21 PM
    Just eat mangoes and have fun! GC doesnt taste half as good as Indian mangoes.

    07-24 04:19 PM
    After all sardarji can make a joke:D

    stop making sterotypical comments.

    09-08 10:29 AM
    Came here in july 1997
    filed LC in 2003 thinking it would be useful to stay on H1 as long as possible!! and the rest is on my profile..

    I wonder if anybody thinks it makes sense to create a law which simply says after 15 (or some X years) of legal presence in the US you will be given a GC no matter the back ground! In that way we know exactly where the deadline is irrespective of some government agency's whim.

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