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california poppy illustration

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  • gast23
    03-01 08:10 AM

    i created a "Deep Zoom classic + Source" template.

    The only thing i still need for my project is to know when a image got clicked/is in the users focus!!! (a single subimage)!

    I would be very thankful for help. (A method would be the best and the insert point!)

    Yeah i know there are some methods on google but they don't fit in this generated code...

    Deep Zoom is very cool but i don't understand why the api is so bad designed.

    There should be a event on subimage, something like "Clicked", "focused"...

    Thank you!:luigi:

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  • sandeepk_c
    10-19 05:12 PM
    I recently got a denial on my audited labor case after 2 years of wait. I had already applied my H1-B 8th year extn on the basis of my pending labor in premium mode. My luck was such that my labor was picked up and denied a day after the H1-B extn was filed.


    Since the basis of the H1-B extension was pending labor, I think USCIS will reject the extension unless I get lucky.

    If I appeal against the denial, is it possible to go back to USCIS to give the H1-B extension on that basis?

    DOL site says "standard appeals" is Aug 2007. Does this mean cases of 2007 or appeal filed in 2007 for an earlier denial?

    Reason for denial of labor:

    Company name was not filed in job advertisement
    Job location not specified in the ETA form.

    These seem too trivial but nevertheless they sent this in the denial.

    My company is looking into the paper work to determine that the above information was mentioned in the application?

    Your help/input is highly appreciated in this

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  • cmozla
    06-29 03:29 PM
    My case: NIW 140 approved, PD 2006/10, now 485 pending. But I am leaving USA to another country for a permanent job. I am not sure if I should withdraw the 485 or just convert it to CP.
    1. Will it be possible for me to get the green card thru CP if I get interviewed and can't show any ties with USA? Can I enter USA during CP? I hope to have green card in case I don't like my new job and come back to US someday. But I may just cancel 485 in order to affect the least my future visiting visa application. Suggestions?

    2. I am on H1 now, but H1 will expire 1 month before I leave USA. So I understand that I can stay legally on AOS for the one month, true? Do I need to do anything for switching from H1 to AOS? Again, I need to come back to USA for business/visiting, so I want to do everything right not to harm my future non-immigrant visa application.

    Thanks a lot for your inputs!

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  • Macaca
    11-24 09:21 PM
    In Bush’s Last Year, Modest Domestic Aims ( By SHERYL GAY STOLBERG | New York Times, November 24, 2007

    WASHINGTON, Nov. 23 — As President Bush looks toward his final year in office, with Democrats controlling Congress and his major domestic initiatives dead on Capitol Hill, he is shifting his agenda to what aides call “kitchen table issues” — small ideas that affect ordinary people’s lives and do not take an act of Congress to put in place.

    Over the past few months, Mr. Bush has sounded more like the national Mr. Fix-It than the man who began his second term with a sweeping domestic policy agenda of overhauling Social Security, remaking the tax code and revamping immigration law. Now, with little political capital left, Mr. Bush, like President Bill Clinton before him, is using his executive powers — and his presidential platform — to make little plans sound big.

    He traveled to the shore of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland to announce federal protection for two coveted species of game fish, the striped bass and the red drum. He appeared in the Rose Garden to call on lenders to help struggling homeowners refinance. He came out in favor of giving the Food and Drug Administration new authority to recall unsafe foods.

    Just this weekend, thanks to an executive order by Mr. Bush, the military is opening up additional air space — the White House calls it a “Thanksgiving express lane” — to lessen congestion in the skies. And Mr. Bush’s aides say more announcements are in the works, including another initiative, likely to be announced soon, intended to ease the mortgage lending crisis.

    With a Mideast peace conference planned for the coming week and a war in Iraq to prosecute, Mr. Bush is, of course, deeply engaged in the most pressing foreign policy matters of the day. The “kitchen table” agenda is part of a broader domestic political strategy — which some Republicans close to the White House attribute to Mr. Bush’s new counselor, Ed Gillespie — for the president to find new and more creative ways of engaging the public as his days in office dwindle and his clout with Congress lessens.

    “These are issues that don’t tend to be at the center of the political debate but actually are of paramount importance to a lot of Americans,” said Joel Kaplan, the deputy White House chief of staff.

    One Republican close to the White House, who has been briefed on the strategy, said the aim was to talk to Americans about issues beyond Iraq and terrorism, so that Mr. Bush’s hand will be stronger on issues that matter to him, like vetoing spending bills or urging Congress to pay for the war.

    “It’s a ticket to relevance, if you will, because right now Bush’s connection, even with the Republican base, is all related to terrorism and the fighting or prosecution of the Iraq war,” this Republican said. “It’s a way to keep his hand in the game, because you’re only relevant if you’re relevant to people on issues that they talk about in their daily lives.”

    Mr. Bush often says he wants to “sprint to the finish,” and senior White House officials say this is a way for him to do so. The president has also expressed concerns that Congress has left him out of the loop; in a recent press conference, he said he was exercising his veto power because “that’s one way to ensure that I am relevant.” The kitchen table initiatives are another.

    Yet for a president accustomed to dealing in the big picture, talking about airline baggage handling or uniform standards for high-risk foods requires a surprising dip into the realm of minutiae — a realm that, until recently, Mr. Bush’s aides have viewed with disdain.

    After Republicans lost control of Congress a year ago, Tony Snow, then the White House press secretary, told reporters: “The president is going to be very aggressive. He’s not going to play small ball.”

    It was a veiled dig at Mr. Bush’s predecessor, Mr. Clinton, who, along with his adviser Dick Morris, developed a similar — and surprisingly effective — strategy in 1996 after Republicans took control of Congress. That approach included what Mr. Clinton’s critics called “small-ball” initiatives, like school uniforms, curfews for teenagers and a crackdown on deadbeat dads, as well as the use of executive powers to impose clean air rules, establish national monuments and address medical privacy.

    “People in Washington laughed when Mr. Clinton would talk about car seats or school uniforms,” said John Podesta, Mr. Clinton’s former chief of staff. “But I don’t think the public laughed.”

    Nor does the public appear to be laughing at Mr. Bush.

    When the president sat down at a rustic wooden desk on the shores of the Chesapeake last month to sign an executive order that made permanent a ban on commercial fishing of striped bass and red drum in federal waters, people in the capital barely took notice.

    But it was big news on the southwest coast of Louisiana, where Chris Harbuck, a 45-year-old independent financial planner and recreational angler, likes to fish with his wife and teenage children. Mr. Harbuck is also the president of the Louisiana chapter of the Coastal Conservation Association, a nonprofit group dedicated to conserving marine resources; Mr. Bush’s order is splashed all over his latest newsletter.

    “We were very thrilled with what he did,” Mr. Harbuck said.

    That is exactly the outside-the-Beltway reaction the White House is hoping for. Mr. Bush’s aides are calculating that the public, numbed by what Mr. Kaplan called “esoteric budget battles” and other Washington conflicts, will respond to issues like long airline delays or tainted toys from China. They were especially pleased with the air congestion initiative.

    “You could just tell from the coverage how it did strike a chord,” said Kevin Sullivan, Mr. Bush’s communications counselor.

    Yet some of Mr. Bush’s new initiatives have had little practical effect. Fishing for red drum and striped bass, for instance, is already prohibited in federal waters; Mr. Bush’s action will take effect only if the existing ban is lifted. And the Federal Aviation Administration can already open military airspace on its own, without presidential action.

    Democrats, like Senator Byron L. Dorgan of North Dakota, who runs the Senate’s Democratic Policy Committee, dismiss the actions as window dressing. “It’s more words than substance,” said Mr. Dorgan said, adding he was surprised to see a president who has often seemed averse to federal regulation using his regulatory authority.

    “He’s kind of a late bloomer,” Mr. Dorgan said.

    Mr. Bush, for his part, has been using the kitchen table announcements to tweak Democrats, by calling on them to pass legislation he has proposed, such as a bill modernizing the aviation administration. The message, in Mr. Sullivan’s words, is, “We’re not going to just sit back because they’re obstructing things the president wants to accomplish. We are trying to find other ways to do things that are meaningful to regular people out there.”

    Gillespie: Bush Shifts Approach As Legislative Window Closes ( By Peter Baker | Washington Post, November 30, 2007


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  • willIWill
    06-16 03:09 PM
    USCIS has updated the processing times and the dashboard today .

    USCIS: National Processing Volumes and Trends (

    california poppy illustration. 3d model california poppy
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  • Dirge
    03-21 03:46 PM
    added! :)

    many thanks :)!


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  • dubizoobi
    01-29 03:37 AM
    Hello I am Sammy Pete, I just wanted to know that what are the things required to get visa from US? what they look.. Suppose i have a bond of 1 years to work in a reputed motels there.. so i just wanted to know will i get?

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  • Adam
    04-24 11:10 PM
    lookin' good :thumb: that first one is still my favourite!!


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  • Blog Feeds
    01-03 07:10 AM
    Arizona's reputation for right wing lunacy certainly will be enhanced by this effort. Or maybe there's some pretty rational thinking behind SB1070 and eliminating rights for American born citizens of Hispanic descent. 30% of Arizonans are Hispanic. 42% of all students from kindergarten through twelth grade are Hispanic and the percentage goes even higher for the younger grades. Even if the efforts don't stand up to constitutional muster, maybe the real goal is not to get rid of illegal present immigrants, but, rather, all Hispanics, whether they are legal immigrants, born in the US or illegally present. Hispanics vote overwhelmingly...

    More... (

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  • gc_kaavaali
    12-19 07:15 PM
    Applying for SSN doesn't invalidates your H1..

    if we apply ssn on ead istead of h1 will H1 get cancelled.please suggest me.


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  • seekinggc
    06-20 10:23 AM
    I asked my lawyer the same..she said copies are, I asked my parents to scan them and send it...

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  • waitin_toolong
    07-27 10:25 AM
    the receipts etc will be sent to the address you provided in the applications and are not forwarded, to new address. stay where you are till you get the receipts.


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  • gk_2000
    05-01 02:46 AM
    Thank you supes.. may Batman, Spiderman, lizardman, ordinary man, every man follow your suit and keep immigration in front page :-)

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  • nee2
    03-24 02:53 AM
    Hi everyone! I'm Neeti n this is my first post around here. I made this using illustrator and a photo for reference.
    I'm looking rather serious :p


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  • truthinspector
    06-14 07:09 PM
    Domicile Certificate i.e. Certificate of nationality shows the date of birth.Can this be used instead of Birth Certificate?

    dresses RED CALIFORNIA POPPY FLOWER california poppy illustration. the California Poppy.
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  • raviram1980
    03-12 08:43 PM
    Hi All,

    I went for visa interview in December, but my case was stuck because of administrative processing. I came back on Advance parole. I have the following questions.

    1. Can I sponsor my parents visitor visa without any issue? Will the consulate quiz them/stop them because of my H-1 admin processing

    2. Also is my admin processing still going on? and can I stamp my H-1 visa in the future after my case is cleared from admin processing.

    Thanks in advance


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  • issue08
    04-20 09:18 AM
    what if the non protonc is also denied. My case is also the same, applied non protonc but that got also denied.

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  • gcv
    07-25 12:34 PM
    If someone to apply I-485 before Aug 17, do they need to be here in USA by July31, please reply urgently.

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  • Blog Feeds
    09-16 05:50 PM
    Immigration Visa Attorney Blog Has Just Posted the Following:
    Still not too late to apply for an H-1B ( New H-1B quota figures as of September 10, 2010:

    Out of the 65,000 cases that can be approved for H-1B this year, 37,400 cases have been receipted by USCIS for the regular Bachelor's degree H-1B quota. This is up from 36,600 cases which were received since September 3, 2010.

    Approximately 13,700 cases have been receipted by USCIS for the advanced degree H-1B quota, a slight increase of about 300 cases filed since September 3, 2010 when approximately 13,400 cases had been received.

    October 1, 2010 is around the corner. People with newly approved H-1Bs will soon be able to begin employment. First time applicants can still continue to submit applications for H-1B status until the entire H-1B quota is exhausted. I'll keep you updated on the cap count, so check back soon. ---ecf

    More... (

    12-24 01:02 PM
    Given the uncertainity of getting green cards and the possibility of having to move back to India with your US born kids I would like to seek opinions on what IV members think is a relistic timeframe for kids born and raise in US to be able to tranfer to schools in India and still able to adjust/cope.
    I am refering to regular SSC/ICSE/CBSE school in India (not IB or International schools). I am sure that the workload and requirements of the Indian schools is much rigorous then public school in US.

    04-20 07:23 AM
    its mostly additional security review. A friend of mine was in similar situation, took about 6-8 weeks for him to get a visa.... but unfortunately client wasn't ready to wait that longer.....

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