Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • sushilup
    07-11 08:28 AM
    I agree with tnite

    But the downside to this is that most EB2 July filers have (or will be) been renewing their EAD's in August/Sepetember and this bulleting will not let USCIS give out 2 yr EAD's and instead hand out 1 yr ones.

    Just because your PD is current dosnt mean that USCIS will process your apps right away. There are folks whose PD was current under July bulletin and their apps haven't been touched based on some anecdotal evidence here..
    But the Eb3 news is not good.
    just my 2 cents

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  • Mouns
    04-30 02:57 PM
    OK so they are all happy. We don't know why the backlogs or what is being done to address that. Damn it!

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  • gc_on_demand
    04-30 03:34 PM
    If this is the case right now.. Think about House and Senate.. Will they pass it easily ? Eventually they will say next year we dont have time for immi stuff this year..

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  • Miya Maqbool
    09-10 03:32 PM
    HI Pappu,
    PLease post the total amount received end of the day on the web site....
    Hopefully we will exceed the required amount....
    Go IV!!!


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  • jetflyer
    12-15 11:13 AM
    What a nobel idea. IV has thousands of members and we all are with you. What we don't seems to have is LEADER. Yes, we are lacking leaders like you, If you start I am sure all IV members will follow you. Just drop us a line when you are ready to start. We all are counting on you.


    Dear Friends,

    What about if some of us will go for hunger strike in front of USCIC building? may be the will listen to us then.

    please dont give reds if you dont like it, just ignore it. man I am very frustrated with the situation.


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  • guy03062
    04-25 08:56 AM
    It is absolutely make sense. We should push amendment for PD to be considered as date of arrival in USA (first time) or may be date on which one has started working (if employment based immigration). It is ridiculous to have PD based on labor, as there is no certainity when will employer file the labor or how many times in this dynamic environment!!

    Also we should ask if one's I-140 is approved and visa is retrogressed, he should allow portability immediately! I mean no need to start GC process all over again if such person change the job.

    Does it make sense to request for first arrival date to be considered as the priority date for immigration purposes? Just a thought!!!


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  • gc_buddy
    10-21 01:35 PM

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  • reddymjm
    03-09 01:32 PM
    Can anyone explain the whats the FOIA fund drive? Or provide a link. Thanks.


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  • Milind123
    09-13 04:14 PM
    I'm ready to fill the sixth slot . I have contributed to rally before and i will match Milind's next contibution.

    Thank you Bala. Guys this is the best opportunity. Where else will you get a 50% return on your money? This is the time not to hesitate, but to pull the trigger. When you contribute 3 more people will follow and after that the last two shots are guaranteed.

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  • nirenjoshi
    03-09 10:12 PM
    Of all the wrongs in April VB +ve thing is EB3-I moved. It moved to the extent it moved last year (
    So for EB3-Is take console on these
    1) Horror or 245(i) ( are over.
    2) EB3-I may be over 2001 by start of next year.

    So EB3-I may move only by 2 months for the rest of the year?


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  • gc_on_demand
    05-27 03:47 PM
    If I may suggest it may help our funding drive if we allow smaller contributions. (20$ or 10$) both recurring and one time.

    I know at least a couple of people who would do a 20$ 2-3 times a year but won't do a $50. Anecdotal but may hold true for a lot more people.


    We should do that .. Only fear is people who are contributing 50 will change to 20.. and what if those new members wont contribute ?

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  • needhelp!
    09-11 01:52 PM


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  • veni001
    06-04 02:03 PM
    It is really tricky to come up with a deadline for EB employment. US is set of laws and the law is same for every one it applies. for example:If you not from a retrogressed country you will get your GC even if you start now (before enactment of this bill).
    Please know the difference between bill and law. If ever this particular bill becomes law the deadline for any cases filed under previous law will not be rejected, this is as clear as mud, to make the law same for all who applied/pending /approved on the day of enactment!!.:eek:

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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    11-27 11:18 AM
    Hi All,

    Thank you to all those who attended the first meeting! I am attaching the excel file for you to complete. I have included instructions in the file itself but let me know if you have questions. Please fill all the columns against your name.
    Our next meeting will be on Thursday at 7pm PST. The tasks for our next meeting are as follows:
    1) Complete the excel sheet (instructions are included).

    2) Brainstorm about possible locations where we can put up a booth to register new members � someone had proposed contacting student body at UCI, we can discuss this.

    3) Take a look at the IV power point presentation and propose how we can tailor it to our needs. We need a presentation to show to our house reps when we visit them (This will be found on the resources page)

    4) Go through the IV template for business cards along with instructions to modify the template and to print the business cards. (this will be found on resources page)

    Please let me know if you have any other questions. The conference call information is the same as last time:

    Conference Dial-In: (712) 432-3000

    Conference Bridge: 227974




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  • ragz4u
    03-15 08:59 AM
    The link you have sent has listed Dirksen 224 as the venue on the top left, while in the middle it does say
    The Executive Business Meeting scheduled by the Committee on the Judiciary, for Wednesday, March 15, 2006 at 9:00 a.m., will take place in Dirksen Room 226.

    There is no audio link for rroom 224 on anyone have any idea on where else can we can the audio from?

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  • yabadaba
    08-10 01:09 PM
    anyone living in lincoln can go to the service center and ask R williams where our apps arE??
    this post was a just a joke in case someone actually thinks of doing it.


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  • vinabath
    07-20 12:44 PM
    What happens if I get my EAD after 180 days of concurrent filing i-140 & i-485, and my employer no longer has a vacancy for me. Can I start at another job or do I have to refile the i-140. (I'm not presently working for the company yet - Schedule A applicant)

    I think you can start another job with the same job description. EAD is not tied to the employer. It is tied to you. AC21 is a blessing for us in this regard.

    After 180 days, you are free and you almost got virtual GC except that you need to work in the same job description and maintain character.

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  • smuggymba
    08-12 03:01 PM
    yawnnnnnnnn...... i'm waiting for someone to start attacking & blaming others for this...... something like andra v/s tamil or north v/s south india fight..... when r we going to start that..... i'm ready with a box of popcorn to enjoy that "debate"..... lets add some masala to this.... otherwise its boring.....

    didn't u get ur GC by now with a Feb 05 PD? Spare us man.

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  • vrbest
    03-10 07:26 AM
    I would say we all need to know our status well first :) There is no such status as EAD. It is Adjustment of Status (AOS) Pending. I had done multiple refi and all I had to tell them is GC pending. They get copy of EAD just to have a reference that I am legal here at the time of application (since it has an end date). Had no issues so for.

    I think the key is the person approving the loan needs to understand immigration to certain extent. Its important that we let the officer know up-front about our immigration status so that there are no assumptions and surprises.

    07-18 04:22 PM
    I love the idea of monthly subscription website what does the core think. This works just like AILA does.

    I know many of friends who use IV as recourse for NEWS but they don't register nor contribute. Even after multiple reminders and sarcastic comments they don't. I feel pity for them, they don't understand by registering and contributing they help them self and others. Shouldn�t we make IV a monthly subscription web site? That way we will have only serious members.

    06-21 12:15 AM
    Are we giving up??:confused:

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