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  • vinsug
    03-03 11:51 AM

    I am holding a valid H1-B visa which was stamped in 2007. But before i could make my travel plan i could see recession hitting US and people out of jobs. This made me to hold back my job at home instead of quitting in a hurry.

    Now i am based in UK on an assignment and i would like to VISIT USA as a TOURIST for 4 weeks to see my brother.

    1) Am i allowed to visit as a visitor ?
    2) Can i still hold H1-b visa active without being cancelled ?

    Anybody, please could you advise me how to go about.


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  • gcformeornot
    07-26 04:08 PM

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  • houston2005
    07-02 06:35 PM
    To the experts on this forum

    I applied for EAD and since last 4 months no action has been taken by TSC on my application. After 90 days, the local office gave me an interim EAD for 3 months. I have also initiated a status enquiry by the customer service at USCIS but haven't rec'd any updates till now. My question here is

    1. What other options do I have, since from Oct 1, 06 local office won't issue interim EAD's as a policy change by USCIS.
    2. Can I apply concurrently for second application. It seems my first application is lost.

    Has anyone earlier been in same boat and has taken any other steps.
    Thanks in advance.

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  • crystal
    02-07 04:05 PM
    By law they are supposed to approve EAD in 90 days.
    There is no such restriction on AP. So USCIS takes its own time.


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  • Macaca
    11-28 07:49 AM
    As Lott Leaves the Senate, Compromise Appears to Be a Lost Art ( By Jonathan Weisman | Washington Post, November 28, 2007; A04

    In January, as a dormant Senate chamber entered its fourth hour of inaction and a major ethics bill lay tangled in knots, Minority Whip Trent Lott (R-Miss.) took to the Senate floor with a plaintive plea.

    "Here we are, the sun has set on Thursday. It is a quarter to 6. The sun officially went down at 5:13. We are like bats," the veteran lawmaker lamented to a near-empty chamber. "Hello, it is a quarter to 6. . . . I have called everybody involved. I have been to offices. I have been stirring around, scurrying around. Is there an agenda here?"

    The next 10 months appear to have given him the answer. A major overhaul of the nation's immigration laws went down in flames. Just two of a dozen annual spending bills passed Congress, and one of those was vetoed. Repeated efforts to force a course change in Iraq ended in recrimination and stalemate. Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) filed 56 motions to break off filibusters to try to complete legislation, a total that is nearing the record of 61 such "cloture motions" in a two-year Congress.

    And on Monday, Lott, one of the Senate's consummate dealmakers, called it quits.

    "Is he the most frustrated he's ever been? Probably not," said David Hoppe, Lott's longtime chief of staff, now with the lobbying firm Quinn, Gillespie & Associates. "But frustration is cumulative."

    Lott's departure from Capitol Hill in the coming weeks after 34 years in Congress -- 16 in the House, 18 in the Senate -- is further evidence that bonhomie and cross-party negotiating are losing their currency, even in the backslapping Senate. With the Senate populated by a record number of former House members, the rules of the Old Boys' Club are giving way to the partisan trench warfare and party-line votes that prevail in the House. States once represented by common-ground dealmakers, including John Breaux (D-La.), David L. Boren (D-Okla.), James M. Jeffords (I-Vt.) and Ernest F. Hollings (D-S.C.), are now electing ideological stalwarts, such as David Vitter (R-La.), Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), Bernard Sanders (I-Vt.) and Jim DeMint (R-S.C.).

    "The Senate is predicated on the ability of people being able to work together," said former senator Don Nickles (R-Okla.), who was majority whip for much of Lott's years as majority leader. "I'm not throwing rocks at anybody, but there's just been a lot less of that."

    Former majority leader Thomas A. Daschle (D-S.D.) agreed: "Senator Lott's resignation means the loss of one of the few Republicans in leadership who often excelled in finding compromise and common ground."

    Lott has never been a policy moderate, inclined to reach agreement with Democrats on ideological grounds. But he has almost always been a pragmatist, relishing the art of the deal. Just last month, as he labored to crack a wall of Democratic opposition to the confirmation of U.S. Appeals Judge Leslie H. Southwick, Lott wondered aloud to an aide why he was working so hard for a man he did not really know and for someone who was much more closely allied with Mississippi's other Republican senator, Thad Cochran.

    "I said to him, 'You know, it's not that you like Southwick. You just like the process. You want the deal,' and he just smiled," recalled the Lott aide, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was divulging private deliberations. "It was a game. It was, 'Let me figure out how to get this done.' "

    Such dealmakers still wander the Senate's halls: Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah.). And others could arise as a generation schooled in pragmatism -- such as John W. Warner (R-Va.) and Pete V. Domenici (R-N.M.) -- heads for the exits next year.

    "Just because an individual leaves doesn't mean you're not going to find new centers to structure work in the United States Senate," said Eric Ueland, chief of staff to former majority leader (R-Tenn.). Lott would "be the first to say that no individual is indispensable."

    But with the Senate almost dysfunctional, those new power centers are difficult to find.

    "The Senate is still a great deliberative body," Nickles said. "But it's a little less congenial and a little too partisan."

    Lott made a career out of the art of the deal. In the summer of 1996, after then-Sen. Robert J. Dole resigned to pursue the White House full time, Lott took the reins of a Senate that had ground to a halt as Democrats moved to thwart GOP accomplishments ahead of the presidential election. Lott implored his colleagues to act.

    In short order, Congress approved a major overhaul of the nation's welfare laws, cleared a bevy of other bills and cut a deal with the Clinton White House on annual spending bills. After the election, Hoppe recalled, Clinton called Lott to joke that had he not gotten the Senate back on track, the Democrats might well have recaptured a chamber of Congress.

    The next year, White House Chief of Staff Erskine B. Bowles and Treasury Secretary Robert E. Rubin -- both wealthy Wall Street financiers -- sat huddled in Lott's office, as Lott and House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) tried to cut a final deal on a balanced budget agreement that included a cut to the capital gains tax rate.

    "There they were, two Democrats who had been very successful in business, squaring off with two Republicans who didn't have two nickels to rub together," Hoppe recalled.

    They struck a deal: Cut the capital gains rate and create a major federal program to offer health insurance to children of the working poor.

    After the 2000 election, which left the Senate deadlocked at 50 seats apiece, Lott again struck a deal that angered many in his party. Although Republicans technically had control of the Senate with the vote of newly elected Vice President Cheney, Lott and Daschle agreed to evenly divide the committees. Moreover, they agreed, if one party won a majority midstream, either through a party switch, a resignation or a death, the other party would agree to relinquish control without a fight.

    Lott reasoned that the deadlocked Senate could waste the first months of George W. Bush's fledgling presidency in a process fight, or he could relent early and get to work.

    But such deals are getting harder to come by.

    On June 7, as Lott absorbed increasingly virulent attacks from conservatives for his support of a bipartisan immigration overhaul, he took to the Senate floor for another appeal.

    "This is the time where we are going to see whether we are a Senate anymore," he intoned. "Are we men or mice? Are we going to slither away from this issue and hope for some epiphany to happen? No. Let's legislate. Let's vote."

    Three weeks later, the immigration bill fell to a Republican filibuster, and Congress slithered away from the issue.

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  • ek_akela
    01-26 04:13 PM
    I have a situation where I need to dump my emp after working for almost 6 years as I am getting new opportunity which requires emp to pay me on 1099(instead of W2). Can it be possible and also can I avoid opening LLC. Also, not sure if in the near future if I get a RFE how that would go with current situation



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  • vinabath
    07-02 03:55 PM
    I do not have anything to say. But I hope your consulate has some saved/extra numbers that it can give it you. Good Luck Captain!!

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  • rm7302
    03-22 10:49 PM

    I am planning to apply for Alberta Nomination Program under NOC (Manufacturing and Industrial Engineers). Does anybody has any experience with this NOC. Also, I need to know how does this process work. I apply for ANP and when I need to move I apply for jobs and then I get work permit...right ? Then if I need to get a TN visa to come back to usa how do I do that. I have a house in chicago, so wondering if renting that out could be an option for me when I immigrate to alberta so that when I need I can come to chicago. I am in my 5th year of H1B and with the current scenario my present company is not going to start my GC (it stopped because of layoffs in the company).


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  • saveimmigration
    05-08 12:54 PM
    visa bulletin is already out
    EB2 India - 01JAN00

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  • Joey Foley
    June 23rd, 2005, 04:05 PM
    I checked out the latest in your gallery here, looks great! :)

    Thanks, I had to deal with a lot of rain and REALLY foggy lenses.


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  • godbless
    06-20 12:03 PM
    Folks, This thread is to track the I 485 approvals. Please mention your PD and RD for I 485 here. Mine is with a priority date of 4/3/2002 and RD of 12/29/2004. Still waiting while many others with a later PD have already got their GCs recently.

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  • raidohri
    05-29 03:14 PM
    No bills have any provisions for Eb releif, thats bad :(


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  • ml0202
    02-05 05:00 PM

    At the time of granting Green Card, USCIS may RFE request for evidence. What exactly do they need me to provde, in particular when AC21 is involved?
    Just employment letters? Or do they need pay stubs from the NEW employer as well? Then only the most recent paycheck or the whole history of payroll information with the NEW employer?
    Appreciate your help.
    In my case, I-140 was approved, and I-485 submitted over 180 days. Then I plan to invoke AC21 working for a new employer with similar job.

    ML 2/25/08

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  • aspireus
    05-19 03:54 PM
    I got my I 140 approved under Eb3 if i get another job and transfer my I 140 can i use my old PD if my new employer applies in EB2 ?


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  • bestin
    09-14 01:49 PM
    I am on L1 .My wife is working for a Indian s/w MNC and was earlier in L1.Once her project got over they sent her to India.She applied for vacation and came here on L2.During visa stamping the officer cancelled her L1 visa in passport.We applied for her EAD in July and are expecting to receive it in a few days.This is the first scenerio.

    Secondly, we applied for 485/140/AP/EAD in the second week of Aug 07.No updates yet with regards to cheques/receipt notices etc.

    We tried to contact her company's office here to look out for employment based on L2 EAD.But they mentioned that they wanted her to goback and come here again on her company visa.I really cant understand what is that for.

    Now the question is

    1.Is it safe for her to change to L1again and have visa stamped in India given our situation of GC.If so when.I mean after receipt notices/finger printing etc etc?

    2.Any idea of y these companies doesnt employ their own staff who are in EAD.

    Any one gone thru any of the above situations.?

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  • mikrupee
    11-15 03:52 AM
    Is it okay with AOS application to take contract Job after six month of AOS filling.

    I am getting a long term contract with better opportunities. How is the contract job interpreted with continuing AOS application


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  • GCBy3000
    07-26 10:15 AM
    Sending flower worked once. If we keep on sending flowers for each and every issue, then it will not have any value.

    she ate her word and did not support skill bill, how about we send flower to her.

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  • ames
    03-04 09:18 PM

    I am newly registered here - although I have often turned to your tutorials over the years in Flash as I continue update my skills.

    Just thought I would give it a go and enter your latest contest. :)

    Here is my self portrait entry illustrated in Flash...

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  • johnny79
    09-24 05:11 PM

    my current situation is like this.

    i have H1B with Company A and it is valid till next year but i moved to Company B past two years back i worked with them now no job he said he is terminating h1b, so can i stay with previous company A (once i get the job i can switch to him until then can i stay with there h1b or not) or i will be in illegal status plase help me out.:confused:

    and what actually be the Termination process of h1b


    02-17 04:49 PM
    This thread is for resources on Legislation

    "All Legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives." (Article I, Section 1, of the United States Constitution (

    09-23 06:10 PM

    Should I do AOS or CP?
    Which one would get me the green card faster?


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