Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • sanju_dba
    08-12 02:40 PM
    if the 2k fee is passed over to H1 employee, then , her/his quality of life is further compromised to degrad ( in this economy as pay hike is tough ). That means more cheap labor and more competition to locals ( if thats how senator see h1 are low paid than locals )

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  • sreenivas11
    08-02 03:43 PM
    I have talked to a representative and he very patiently explained me about the mess.
    He clearly and very clearly told me that they have a deadline to send all receipts for June end and July 2nd filers by friday (tomorrow) or worst case monday.

    He mentioned that they are working hard to meet this deadline.
    Hope this clears the anxiety.

    Good NEWS

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  • n2b
    09-10 11:53 AM
    They most of the approvals are of US Master degree and above as it is straight fwd EB2 no need to verify skill set etc..

    My wife and I, we both have MS from US unversities....I think that's straight forward!!! But still waiting....:(

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  • piperwarrior
    07-23 04:16 PM
    I got the e-mail today as well. My PD is Sep 2005 and my I-485 receipt date was Sep 30, 2005.

    They indeed are clearing up the pipes, so the situation is not as horrible as it seems to be. A pd of 2004 is considered "old" so as soon as visa nos become available in october, they would be the first ones to get approved.


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  • vegasbaby
    02-25 11:07 AM

    Put your hand on your heart and say ALLL IZZZZ WELLLL!!!!!!!

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  • indio0617
    03-09 10:06 AM
    senator brownback: amendment on Nurses & Physical therapists (removing cap for India, Phi, Mexico)


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  • bp333
    03-04 11:11 AM
    Not sure if something is cooking at USCIS, last week an USCIS office called my attroney to get clarification on why we (my wife and I) are residing at separate addresses. We are in the process of relocation (company moved), my wife chose to continue her employment while she's searching for opportunities in the new location. The officer stated that they are trying to adjudicate the cases ASAP, hence he's inquiring to ensure there isnt any marriage fraud. My attorney responsed back will all the possible evidence to proved we are together.

    Has anyone had a similar experience.

    My PD: Aug 2004
    Cat: EB3 India.

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  • Green.Tech
    06-17 03:48 PM
    Wandmaker and Green.Tech - Thankyou for your leadership towards this funding drive

    Thank you santb1975!

    Thank you to all who have contributed...and to those who will contribute in the future!

    Still waiting for 10 generous souls to come forward and help IV realize its first $20k enroute to $50k.

    It's now or now!


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  • reddymjm
    06-10 06:30 AM
    cat India ROW
    E3 Unavailable Unavailable
    E2 1 April 2004 Current

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  • learning01
    04-25 02:06 PM
    offline means talk in private emails, private messages and send conclusions to IV core team for including in thier next goals, once most of present goals are achieved. Thanks. Let's concentrate on the main work here.
    I did'nt start this thread. I just expressed my opinion supporting it, when I saw others' express their views..

    I don't understand what you mean by saying "take this offline". Anyway, if you are the admin, you can delete this thread and put it where you want...


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  • addsf345
    12-01 02:16 PM
    1. MTR -USCIS fee$585, Lawyer fee vary between $750 to $3500. Dependents another $500 extra in lawyer fee
    2. US court no idea - but RG website says they take cases free of charges if case is strong as they can get attorney fee from USCIS..

    Do you mean the district court asks cis to compensate candidate??? I have never heard this - wondering!!! Don't think its true!

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  • Libra
    09-10 08:38 PM
    this is by kittu1991, dont know how much he contributed.....

    How do I make sure that IV received the contribution I make?

    Here is the google trans num: #705956299363142.


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  • reddymjm
    03-03 11:13 AM
    Not much movement.

    EB2-I : 15 August 2004
    Eb3-I : Either U or 15 Jan 2002.


    Definetly more movement than this. U - not so soon for EB3. It might be mid 2002.

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  • GCard_Dream
    01-04 02:59 PM
    Agree. Truthinspector is simply expressing his opinion and if one doesn't agree, just put your side of the arguments to counter his but their is no need for character assassination. It's perfectly fine to disagree with someone but there are better ways of letting him/her know that.

    truthinspector: may be it's time to invoke "freedom of speech" clause. ;) .. just kidding.

    for all of you sharpening the knives to get truthinspector, let me start by saying that he/she has only mentioned their opinion and/or facts. they may not have been presented in a politically correct manner.

    truthinspector never mentioned that the US has NO NEGATIVES........... purely stated why India is still not and (I am not sure about the 500 years - seems like an arbitrary number) will not in the near future, be a developed country and presented his/her reasons for the hypothesis..........

    this forum is better served if you can show how and why truthinspector's list is incorrect instead of talking about self-confidence, self-esteem and all the other intangibles that you have no way of gauging without actually knowing truthinspector as a person.........

    you are the one indulging in personal attacks, while truthinspector is only stating opinion and/or facts....

    the truth always hurts. some more so than the others........


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  • man-woman-and-gc
    06-11 02:18 PM
    I agree GC makes a difference. If anyone as EAD thats as good as GC subject to your primany job not changing. So why not do side -business on EAD while your primary job is ON. Take it easy at job, dont overwork because without GC rarely people get promoted, if they are not extra-ordinary!

    Going to XYZ place because of no GC does not make sense. If you have potential you can use it here on EAD not necessarily in another country!

    If u take it easy at ur job in today's date..u may get fired and lose ur side business as well. Remember, your primary job is the reason why u have the EAD and and are able to setup a side business. The Primary job according to me will always need to get its due importance.

    There is no question that GC makes a difference in life. However, its upto each one of us how much importance we give to it. My personal opinion, I will keep fighting for it and contribute to the fight against the broken process whenever I can..but I will not stop my life because of GC, example, buy a house, travel around, give my wife an opportunity to excel in her job (since i cannot take promotions until GC).....all these are difficult without GC, but not impossible.

    Everyone will and should have their own way of dealing with the situation we have...

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  • yabadaba
    08-10 12:40 PM
    no receipts for me too :( r Williams 7:55am 07/02

    i m going go drinking to drown my sorrows soon.


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  • willIWill
    12-10 07:12 PM
    Repenting that i miised the chance, and should have applied at that time.
    Even if you had applied then when single, no difference my friend.
    One still needs to retain the H1 so their dependants could have the H4. So, until the dates open up again there is no end in sight for the other benefits such as EAD etc.

    If it is any solace, you actually did not miss the boat!

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  • chintu25
    03-09 10:42 AM
    Good one ..itsnotfunny....but I will tell you that each one of us does wait with baited breath for the VB .

    I am all for the FOIA drive and have promised some money as well. But lets just hope and pray that the VB brings some good news for some of us :)

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  • ganguteli
    03-12 03:35 PM
    Are you part of core?

    Can i take that core will not even give out information on what efforts it is lobbying currently?

    I wonder how i will convince some of my friends to contribute to an effort which is not shared?:confused:

    Please do not convince your friends.

    If you are yourself not contributing, how will you convince them to contribute. :D

    07-06 07:05 PM
    They can potentially avoid a law suit by making the revised July VB ( version 2) released today ?Any thoughts

    07-11 01:14 PM
    This bulletin does prove that very few labor certificaions were done in 2005, due to move to PERM.

    And those who had applied in PERM in 2005, got their GCs already..
    I know a few who applied in PERM as soon it was introduced and got their
    GCs last year.

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