Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • ksvreg
    04-28 05:24 PM

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  • serg
    07-20 04:38 PM
    Is there a web site to check I-140 and I485 status??.

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  • KapHn8d
    December 12th, 2003, 08:10 PM


    ps. True coffee lovers always get the name right away. We can spot the wannabe's that way... ;)

    Dependent GC got approved Primary is pending [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : Dependent GC got approved Primary is pending

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  • rkp27
    11-01 11:55 AM
    I got my gc.. this was happned with my friend.... :rolleyes:


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  • pd052009
    03-24 11:45 AM
    Countdown: 38 More days to go (Incl. today)
    Required Yes Votes : 5000

    Read from the below link for more details (Support Thread for "I485 filing w/o Curr. PD" initiative)

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  • dealsnet
    04-13 11:07 AM
    I think you can employ any one on 1090 on temporary basis(nanny or home improvement, reapir etc) , not employ by start a company. Ask a lawyer.

    Would anyone of you know whether someone on H1B can go ahead and hire a US citizen and be their employer? I know some people do hire nannies. How about for other everyday occupations?

    Thanks and best regards.


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  • good idea
    09-08 01:25 PM
    Labor application was filed in 2008 and got approved in 2009; what is my PD 2008 or 2009?

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  • augustus
    07-03 12:12 AM
    you are right buddy. My husband was telling me the same thing today. If they can do what they did today, they are capable of pulling any tricks on us. I have also lost trust in this system. I am now more scared than ever for some reason.

    I don't feel good about the whole thing that happened today.


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  • sasidhar79
    09-16 08:06 PM

    Since there has been considerable amount of movement in US Green card priority dates for EB2 category and that many applications have been approved recently, please consider my request...

    Incase you are no longer interested in Canadian PR (since you have been approved for GC) ,if there is a way - please call AINP and withdraw your cases, so that other applicants including me and my family who are hoping on moving to canada as Permanent Residents will have our applications processed quickly.

    This is just a request only in case you are no longer interested in Canadian PR.

    thank you


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  • malibuguy007
    09-11 02:36 PM
    Guys, I could use some suggestions here. I had filed for my and wife's EAD on July 30th. My wife wasn't working and my EAD is valid until mid-November. However recently my wife got a job offer and will starting work next week. Her EAD actually expires 15th Oct. Reading through posts it seems that the chances of her receiving EAD approval within 75 days is highly unlikely. Can anyone give suggestions on what is the best course of action to follow to ensure she doesn't have to take a break soon after joining?


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  • frostrated
    09-01 03:41 PM
    Is it having any advantage towards applying I-485 if getting married in US (H1B and other is on F1).

    Has no advantage where you get married.

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  • Blog Feeds
    10-28 09:00 AM
    1500 H-1Bs were claimed in the last week and just over 20,000 remain for the fiscal year. Based on a four week rolling average (1175), I am projecting the target will be exhausted in 17 weeks which will be February 23, 2011. Previously, I had been projecting March, but the overall usage of H-1Bs has been somewhat busier in the last month than in previous months. The masters cap usage this past week was 500 and the monthly average is 450. There are 3,800 H-1Bs left of 20,000 and I am projecting that cap will be exhausted in late December,...

    More... (


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  • illusions
    07-18 12:29 PM
    The reversal that they are talking about is the July02 bulletin that said that they will not be accepting any applications as for the bulletin that came out in June for the Month of July (where the PD's were current). Nothing to worry about. Relax and continue with your filings. :)

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    05-17 02:33 PM
    My cousin was in the same situation last year. She got the passport with VISA stamp in 2 weeks.


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  • boston_gc
    04-14 06:39 PM
    Does anyone know when house/senate going to take any action on EB retrogression? Or may be my guess is as good as anyone's??

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  • karn.anand
    11-02 07:12 AM
    The image's size seems to be too large. Please use the size provided in the template :)

    thank you,
    Now i uploaded a new image. so plese list it in item list


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  • kirupa
    07-19 10:51 PM

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  • AgentM
    08-03 06:14 PM
    I filed my I-485 application with vermont and I live in WA, according to the instruction form , I765 should be sent to Nebraska

    1. Where should I send the paper filing for EAD ot Nebraska or Vermont.
    2. Should I make the check payable to USCIS or Department of Homeland security.

    Pls help.
    thank you.

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  • sdrblr
    11-27 10:34 PM
    This is such an open ended question. It will be very easy to answer if you can add few lines about your background, affordability and qualification(like GRE etc). If not the school names will be all over the place from MIT to the ABC the word "Good School" is very subjective.

    05-19 07:04 AM
    House GOP Uses Procedural Tactic To Frustrate Democratic Majority Motion to Recommit Employed to Delay or Alter Legislation ( By Lyndsey Layton ( Washington Post Staff Writer, Saturday, May 19, 2007

    House Republicans, fighting to remain relevant in a chamber ruled by Democrats, have increasingly seized on a parliamentary technique to alter or delay nearly a dozen pieces of legislation pushed by the majority this year.

    And an election-year promise by Democrats to pay for any new programs they created has made it easier for Republicans to trip them up.

    Tensions over the maneuvers reached a boil this week. Republicans used procedural tactics to stall floor debate for four hours Wednesday, and they are threatening to tie up future legislative action.

    The stalling tactics prompted Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) to leave the floor and meet privately in his office with Republican Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) and his whip, Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.). The men emerged with an uneasy detente that they said would last at least until Congress breaks for the Memorial Day recess, but the matter is far from settled.

    Since January, GOP leaders have relied on a maneuver known as the "motion to recommit" to stymie Democrats and score political points for Republicans still adjusting to life in the minority.

    The motion to recommit allows the minority a chance to amend a bill on the floor or send it back to committee, effectively killing it. In a legislative body in which the party in power controls nearly everything, it is one of the few tools the minority has to effect change.

    In the 12 years of Republican control that ended in January, Democrats passed 11 motions to recommit. Republicans have racked up the same number in just five months of this Congress.

    Democrats say any comparison is unfair because when Republicans controlled Congress, they directed their members to vote against all Democratic motions to recommit.

    Now in the majority and mindful of staying there, Democrats have given no such instruction to their members, allowing them to break with the party if they choose. Many freshmen Democrats from GOP-leaning districts find themselves voting with Republicans as a matter of survival -- a reality Republicans have seized upon.

    "Sometimes we offer motions to recommit to improve legislation -- sometimes it's to force Democrats in marginal districts to make tough choices," Boehner said. "Every time the Republicans win, it boosts morale. We're able to show unity, which is good for the overall team. Members feel good about winning on the House floor. And when you're in the minority, it doesn't happen that often."

    Democrats dismiss the Republican maneuvers as largely symbolic and so arcane as to be irrelevant to the public.

    "From a public policy standpoint, it's not very significant," said Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), regarded as an expert in parliamentary combat. "It's almost a Capture the Flag game. The number of people in America who say, 'Oh my gosh, the Republicans won another motion to recommit' is very small."

    But Republicans argue they have been able to make significant changes. They point to Thursday, when they successfully used a motion to recommit to restore millions of dollars for missile defense to a defense bill. It remains to be seen if that money will survive a conference committee.

    "It's kind of a 'Rashomon' world," said Thomas Mann, a congressional scholar at the Brookings Institution, referring to the movie in which participants in an event all recount it differently. "The two parties see it in very different terms."

    The Democrats' own rules have made it easier for Republicans to offer motions to recommit. In January, the party promised to observe "pay-go" -- finding a way to pay for any new spending rather than adding to the federal deficit. The unintended consequence is that tax proposals open legislation to modifications by the minority that would not otherwise be allowed.

    Such was the case in March, when Democrats tried to pass a bill to give the District of Columbia a vote in the House. The bill included an additional seat for Utah and a minuscule tax increase to pay for two more House seats -- it called for expanding a provision of federal tax withholding law by .003 percent.

    Republicans seized on the opening and moved to recommit the bill to committee, attaching new language that would have thrown out the District's strict anti-gun laws.

    Worried that conservative, pro-gun Democrats would feel compelled to vote with GOP and kill the bill, Democratic leaders yanked it from the floor. They regrouped and split the bill into two tightly written measures, both of which passed and are pending in the Senate.

    But the problem for Democrats was apparent. "We need to address that, or we're going to be, on every bill . . . [facing] an amendment totally unrelated to the substance of the bill," Hoyer said at the time.

    This week, Democratic staffers privately discussed a rule change to limit the Republicans' ability to make motions to recommit. GOP leaders were incensed and threatened to use all available procedural techniques to block every bill except war spending legislation. But Democrats are hampered by their promise to run the chamber in a more open fashion than Republicans did when in the majority.

    Hoyer agreed to hold off on further rule changes until Memorial Day and consult Boehner and Blunt on possible changes.

    "The bottom line is, the war goes on," Mann said. "The majority uses the rules to structure debates and limit amendments on matters where Republicans have a chance to either break up the Democrats' winning coalition or embarrass them."

    02-02 10:55 AM
    Currently I�m holding h1 and same time has AOS with my existing employer. I�m continuing my employment based on h1 and use Advance parole for travel purpose. My employer mentioned about not revoking I-140, even if I move to new employer. Since with new client, I�m transferring my H1 visa, I have 2 options with regard to my AOS portability

    1) Either just transfers my h1 without porting AOS with new client. Continue with my AOS with old employer, since he won�t revoke my I-140 and provide support for future employment.

    2) H1 transfer and Porting my AOS with new client and it does require my job and description mentioned in I-140 matches with current offer.

    I would really appreciate, if you provide your valuable suggestion/recommendation. The best option to go ahead with.

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