Friday, June 24, 2011

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  • makemygc
    07-05 11:01 AM
    We need to have sticky & web fax on this issue

    This thread should be sticky as that will encourage others to do the same. I am wondering why there is no such guidelines from core so far but then I think core is just one of us like pcs who takes the initiatives.

    Nice job pcs.

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  • Imigrait
    03-11 06:24 PM
    Wife has already received AP. I'm still waiting!:mad:

    Saw a soft LUD on my case today.:confused:

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  • abhijitp
    07-06 10:04 AM
    Hello Julia,

    Thank you very much for your excellent coverage of this issue. Tens of thousands of legal immigrants were affected by this decision, and at least hundreds of dollars wasted by every applicant. The loss of opportunity because of this abrupt door-shutting act is of course much more, but we demand that at least these monetary damages are taken note of, and paid for. Ideally, the government agencies that slammed the door on us should accept our applications, and thereby keep the promise they made to us on June 13, 2007.
    If you need more information on how this event has affected me and my fellow prospective legal immigrants, please visit, a non profit organization that is working for the rights of prospective legal immigrants to the USA.

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  • chanduv23
    09-12 02:20 PM
    I agree with the posts to a certain extent but the last time we sent mass letters only 5000 letters were collected. A couple of people were responsible for collecting 500-1000 letters each. You can caculate the percentage of letter writers of the who actually sent out the letters.

    We talk about num usa etal.. bear in mind they have lots of resources and volunteers willing to call and write letters. We keep fighting about EB3 Vs EB2, red dots and green dots and other 'important' issues, very few actually make the calls. The ones who work, keep working while others demand answers as to why issues are not fixed, the rest of us just like discussing issues to death on the forums... just my 2 (pick your denomination).

    Volunteers - printed thousands of letters - went to train stations, temples, public places, spent money, time, effort, stamped , enveloped - did everything they could to make the campaign a success but still there were only 5000 letters which in fact showed some results.


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  • eb3_nepa
    07-14 03:49 PM
    done both (contributed and updated signature)

    Nicely done. People please update your signatures. In case some people miss this active thread, they may see the "High Five" campaign in someone's signature.

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  • sracharla
    09-04 02:25 PM
    Thank you...what is the source of your information?

    Presenting your EAD to DMV for verification does not invalidate your H1B status. Only when you present it to your employer and if he fills out form I-9 and if USCIS requests verification of employment then you will need to worry about that.


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  • JunRN
    09-29 02:20 AM
    2015....that was like you're the most unlucky person in the world if you get your GC in 2015....that was like 8 years from now....

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  • cjain
    08-10 04:34 PM
    what time was your application received?

    All 6 of our checks got cleared today below are the details

    I-485/131/765 recd date: 2nd july 07
    I-485/131/765 notice date: 06th Aug 07
    Service Center send : NSC
    I-140 approved : on 31-May-06, TSC
    Got Recipts : NO


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  • vamsi_poondla
    09-12 09:00 AM
    Hi Milind123,
    I just contributed $100, here are my order details :

    Order Details - Sep 12, 2007 09:12 GMT-04:00
    Google Order #131954606924512

    Satya Chowdary

    Way to go..Satya. It is for a noble cause.

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  • gav_sharma
    04-24 05:44 PM
    My First Post :

    Initial EB3 - 07/2003 with fortune 200 company, got laid off in 10/2010 after working with them for 11 years.

    Joined small company in 11/2010, Perm EB2 - 12/22/2010 - Approved on 01/06/2011
    I140 Premium - 03/02/2011. Both 140 and 485 approved on 03/15/2011 - Current Law Firm received 140 approval notice on 03/18/2011, Previous company's law firm received 485 approval on the same day.

    How can you join a company on 11/2010 and apply for Perm EB2 on 12/22/2010 ?

    I thought they needed to place an ad and do interviews and pre-Perm process takes about 6 months.

    I am in 6th year of H1 and I am changing jobs. The new employer will file for GC but since the new H1 will be extended for only 1.5 yrs I was wondering if I will have enough time to get thru to the I-140 stage in that time.

    Any Opinion/Suggestion ?


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  • SDdesi
    08-12 01:19 PM
    2. Desi consulting companies here with more than 50 employees will split them selves into 2 or 3 companies of less than 50 employees and avoid the 2000$ extra fee...

    LOL...such innovative thinking....

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  • h1techSlave
    04-12 03:41 PM
    Sole Proprietorship: Simplest form; but riskiest. Is you individually doing business under either your name or a trade name. Very little paperwork is required. Taxes are reported on your personal return. Profits are loss comes out of your own pocket.
    You will face unlimited personal liability and creditors can often go after personal assets. You may be ineligible for tax-free fringe benefits that are available to more formal businesses.

    Partnership: General partnership � Creditors can collect from all partners� assets as well from business assets.
    Limited partnership � partners who do not directly participate in the business can limit their risk.

    Corporation: For large businesses. Creditors cannot collect from the personal assets of owners (share holders). Complex legal paperwork is needed.
    Taxed on income before profits are distributed.
    S corporation � pass thru taxation like they are partnerships. Limits on non-citizen share holders.
    C corporation � pay tax at both corporate and shareholder level.

    Limited liability company (LLC): A partnership in the eyes of IRS � profits are taxed only once in the member�s personal returns. It shields members� personal assets from business creditors.
    When forming an LLC, you are required to file a limited liability company certificate with the Secretary of State and an internal organization agreement (Operating Agreement).

    Limited liability company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (


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  • onemay
    04-26 09:41 PM
    Hi folks,

    I'm a desperate house spouse(H4) and now not only I can't work but I can't drive either because the current visa expires on May 10 and the new extension is not here yet. The folks at DMV didn't wanna give an extension for the DL unless I bring a new I 94. Now the poor H1 has to do 2 jobs

    1. work his but off at work to get GC
    2. drive the kids up and down, do the shopping, etc etc because the desperate h4 can't move a finger.

    Anyone in the same barrel?
    Please give some toughts.:rolleyes:

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  • waitingmygc
    05-18 04:22 PM
    Hi Chanduv23,

    Thanks for the reply.

    Can you let all of us know the follwoing:

    1. What are the steps involved in to do everything right?
    2. Is one of the step "ex employer informing USCIS about the job change has gone through this"?
    3. If not then what are the disadvantages or if can't trust employer ?

    Please let us know about all the steps involved to switch employer by invoking AC-21?



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  • dummgelauft
    04-30 10:23 AM
    I don't know where the phone campaign stands in light of this

    Obama takes immigration reform off agenda - Yahoo! News (

    POTUS has openly declared "no appetite for CIR"...

    So, I guess, all we can do is eat the kela that has once again been given to us...

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  • arc
    09-09 02:36 PM
    And Help!


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  • rajtester
    09-09 09:49 PM
    Contributed third 100$.

    All the best for the rally.


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  • MindGlow
    07-09 10:38 PM
    Received this e-mail from Tom Davis (Virginia congressman for where I live) today (Monday, July 9, 2007). Plan to reply by tomorrow mentioning it is not about "individual redress" rather a wrong imposed by USCIS/DOS on the legal-patiently waiting-community of immigrants. Any suggestions welcome.

    Dear Mr. <Name>:

    My staff is aware of the situation regarding employment-based visa applicants seeking adjustment of status and the most recent announcement by the State Department of the unavailability of visa numbers. At this time, my staff members are reviewing the situation. Individual redress is not possible at this time.

    Thank you for contacting me.


    Tom Davis
    Member of Congress

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  • Milind123
    09-13 08:16 PM
    I made my first time $100 contribution

    Order Details - Sep 13, 2007 8:26 PM EDT
    Google Order #573069996350097

    Thank you IV for all your efforts. Keep up the good work.


    stalemate: A situation in which further action is blocked.

    Subbbaiah, thank you so much for breaking the stalemate.

    Need one final one for tonight.

    06-02 08:33 PM
    Canadian_Dream, I think your interpretation is wrong..

    41 for an employment-based visa filed for classification under
    42 section 203(b)(1), (2), or (3) of the Immigration and Nationality
    43 Act (as such provisions existed prior to the enactment of this
    44 section) that were filed prior to the date of the introduction of
    1 the [Insert title of Act] and were pending or approved at the
    2 time of the effective date of this section, shall be treated as if
    3 such provision remained effective and an approved petition may
    4 serve as the basis for issuance of an immigrant visa. Aliens with
    5 applications for a labor certification pursuant to section
    6 212(a)(5)(A) of the Immigration and Nationality Act shall
    7 preserve the immigrant visa priority date accorded by the date
    8 of filing of such labor certification application.


    I think what AILA, our core group and other attorneys are trying to say is that as long as you filed before May 15, 2007 you will be fine regardless of whether your petition is pending or approved. There is no dispute about this point. Any applications that were filed after May 15, 2007 will become null and void the day this bill is signed by the president to make it a law. The 'effective date' ( Oct 1, 2008 ) does not apply for applications filed after May 15, 2007. I will be glad if you can prove me wrong :)

    09-01 03:24 PM
    Landed in july 2000

    Changed employer in nov 2000

    Joined a fortune 10 company in aug 2001, they had a policy to wait for 1 year before any GC application.

    Started process in August 2002, Finally labor was filed in March 2003

    May 2004 Company bought another company and in merger my department was closed, Was laid off in October 2004, was lucky enough that a job I had interviewed internally came through. Started with them in October 2004 but with a 20% salary cut :(

    Finally labor was approved in 2005.Got 140 approved in Jan 2006.

    Dates became current in June 2007 but lawyer delayed the filing till July when all dates became unavailable. Due to political pressure dates became current and was able to file for 485.

    Got married in Nov 2008.

    Company bought another company in 2008 and the merger resulted in job loss again in April 2009.

    Was lucky enough again to find another job in the company.

    Within 1 month got another job offer in the company with a promotion. So after 2004 came back to original salary in 2009.

    Still in 2010 I am not making as much money as I made in 2000-2001 when I had just landed.

    Talked to my new manager in Dec 2009 to apply GC in EB2 since it is a VP position with 8 year experience requirement he said a big NOOOOOOOO.

    Finally boss agreed to start the new GC in EB2 in July 2010.

    Talked to lawyer and after evaluation they agreed that my new job is more than 50% different from my old jobs and hence I can use the experience.

    Started the process with the lawyer but since it is a big company all processe take forever to begin :(

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