Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • x1050us
    06-28 09:58 PM
    My last H1 transfer gave me a 3yr H1 approval. But in reality, this will make it 1 year more than the 6 years allowed. My Perm and 140 are approved before the 6th year ended and my company filed a H1B amendment request just a day before 6th year ended. It is still pending. Now, my wife is in india and she has to get back here for filing 485 in july. Can I use my existing H1 to apply for visa in this situation?

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  • gchopefull
    12-17 11:50 AM
    my current employer filed for my labor in march 2005, got approved in march 2007, filed I-140 in April 2005,and while I-140 was pending filed I-485 in july fiasco. In sep-2007 got intent to deny of I-140 based on A2P(ability to pay), employer filed M.T.R in October 2007. I have my fingered crossed looking at the financial statment from employer for the year 2005. chances are the MTR will be denied too. Now I have a new job offer from another employer who is willing to do new H1b for me and may be a labor petition too. the question is I want to see what comes out of the current MTR. Here is the question;
    1/- if I tell the current employer to contine the process(which I dont think he will have problem with) and join the job on h1b will my I-485 status be changed or will it effects the current process?
    2/- I am currently runnig on sixth year of h1b and my current visa expires in 2010 bades on the pending process with current employer. if I join the new employer on h1b what will be the H1b status will be?
    thanks for the answers in advaced

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  • test101
    07-26 05:04 PM
    huh i thought it was withdrawn?
    are you sure ??

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  • gjoe
    10-04 07:05 AM
    I am worried that we would be made to wait for years if they don't have the PD on the application. Why is USCIS working in such an disorganized fashion?


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  • pachinko
    06-24 03:49 PM
    Hi all, I have a question regarding my current situation. I'm currently working for this non-profit organization under my OPT that is good until the end of Oct of this year. My question is basically whether or not I can ask my employer (already agreed) to petition for me for an H1-b visa? Can I still apply right now before my OPT expires or would it be better to apply next year on the first day of April? If I can get an approval for my H1-b would it be good to get a TN in the meantime and later have my employer petition me for an h1-B then?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I don't want to waste the opportunity to apply if I can get one at this time. I heard is better and easier to apply for one while under OPT than TN to H1-B but I'm not sure or rather confused about this!

    Thanks in advance.

    Pachinko Dude

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  • Blog Feeds
    06-28 03:20 PM
    I just had a consultation this week with an engineer working on an H-1B for several years with one of America's best known companies. He's got an unusual skill set that makes him highly valuable to the company and he is a good candidate for eventually getting a green card, something he and his company both want to see happen. Unfortunately, he's in a green card category that will be backlogged for several yaers. But this fellow is facing a real problem. He has three teenage children and is facing paying out of state tuition costs for the universities in...

    More... (


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  • sbabunle
    01-12 03:55 PM
    USCIS is slowly figuring out these kinds of this can be done using computer technology!!!!

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  • Rb_newsletter
    04-06 04:26 PM
    Canada�s information and technology sector is soon going to face severe shortage of workforce, findings of a latest study have warned.

    canada immigration (, canada immigration news (

    Yes we have heard similar AINP stories in the past.


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  • dellybelly
    08-23 05:00 PM
    if i do an animation with a circle or a square and preview them in the export editor they suddenly appear cartoonish in the preview and export editor. how can i change that?

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  • sanam9696
    06-13 09:42 PM
    Anyone has any idea?

    I have approved I140 (EB3, PD:Nov'04) from previous employer; after getting my MBA (Jun'06), I have changed the job and my job description has also changed. New employer will file the labor after 3 months (HR Policy)..I have good relations with previous employer, they are ready to file I485. Is it possible to file I485(previous employer), while I am working with new employer?

    I am not sure but I came to know (not reliable source), that it is possible to file I485(previous employer) and during the interview, I can submit a support letter from the new employer. is this correct?

    Requesting your near...but so far!!!!!


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  • Pagal
    07-05 03:23 AM

    Sorry to read about that....

    Are you legally in US i.e. can you travel in and out of US?
    If not, then this forum may not be of use to you as the forum exlcusively addresses the issues surrounding legal immigration

    Are you authorized to work in US i.e. do you have a social security number that is valid for employment
    If yes, then you should report the abusing woman to police. If not, then you maybe in viloation of US employment and immigration laws

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  • NANO3
    11-10 10:00 PM
    pixel fonts are not meant to be used over the size of 8pt

    font is fuzzy, background is too much

    sorry, but i don't really like it


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  • cgs
    04-12 03:41 PM
    Can someone get GC’s without reaching the priority dates?

    I don’t have much information but I heard the following by mouth. My friend told me that he came to know a person(Indian) who had got his GC without the priority date being current. His prior status was EAD. If it is real, is this a fluke case?

    I know many people applied for I485 in 2005 Sep, and PD was also from that year, and got the EAD’s. So do they have priority of getting GC than people who had PD dates prior to 2005 but not filed for I485?

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  • aicheema
    06-23 08:21 AM
    Currently, I am working with software firm (not a contract work). My wife is re applying for H4 visa. she applied for h4 last year in Feb, i used to work with contracting firm then and refused under 214b(immigration intent). This time we are applying through attorney. Attorney have sent email thrice to Islamabad consulatein Pakistan stating that denial under 214(b) for H4 is not valid reason.
    But no response from them.

    However my wife is applying again and taking letter with her from attorney stating that reason was invliad.

    I am wondering
    1- Do we need to highlight the previous denial so much as she is applying on new h1B now
    2- in any case, can they revoke and cancel my petition as if they do not find any valid reason to reject again.

    I am looking forward to hear from you



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  • Blog Feeds
    08-13 11:40 AM
    It's not unusual for immigrant sports figures in the US to have big followings in their home countries. When Omri Casspi don's a Sacramento Kings NBA jersey this coming season, it will be extra special for millions of his fellow Israelis who are looking forward to seeing the first one of their countrymen to play in the NBA. Casspi was a star player in Israel and is a first round draft choice this year.

    More... (

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  • baburob2
    01-13 09:26 AM
    I am trying to analyse the impact based on 245i. Based on it
    PIC countries benefited from unused visas a lot till now to have their PD current/move up. So based on that benefit, Also one thing is clear the unused visas if available are country indepedent and are used at the rate of 27% per quarter.
    so for example 100K visas are available (which i would enjoy having )27K per quarter is available from the start of the year . Now among this 27K how is the distribution, can it be distributed whichever applicant needs PD IRRESPECTIVE of EB1,EB2,EB3(skilled, professional) Vs EB3 other or does it split by the calculations of EB1, EB2, EB3 with 28% EACH and EB3 other NOT above 10K limit

    can someone answer it?


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  • njdude26
    09-12 09:59 AM
    Company A had applied for an RIR Labor app in Oct'2002. In Mar'06 we got a letter saying that case was closed. Then the attorney asked it to be reopened and it was reopened. Then now end of Aug we got the approval.
    Im in my 8yr of extension based on this RIR.

    Ok since then in early 2004 Company B bought Company A. Then in Mid 2004 Company C bought Company B. Attorney at that time said i dont need to file any H1 and can stay in the H1 from Company A because it was a successor of interest !
    but now the attorney is saying that it will be very difficult to prove this is a successor in interest and there is no way we cna get the I140 approved.


    1. What do you guys think ? Has anyone gone thru' something like this. Any ideas ? I have also applied for PERM with the current company.

    2. How long can I continue without filing I140 for the labor that was approved.

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  • udayak
    03-06 03:41 PM
    Does anyone have feedback on "Saga Consulting Services"

    They say that, they can pay at 90/10 or 80/20
    and also pay some amount in "per-diem"

    This will make effective rate to be "more than 90%"

    Is anyone currently working with this company ?

    Any type of feedback on this company is


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  • kopra
    02-25 01:07 PM
    Since you were working all these times, please carry the W2 for 2008 ( for both of you). They may/may not ask for this, but its safe to carry the document

    I am currently on H1 but planning to go on H4 due to current economic scenario.
    I am planning to go to India due to some family reason and planning to get COS from H1 to H4 in India.
    I have my salary slips and my husband has also maintained his status throughout.
    Has anyone heard any horror stories about H4 stamping cases getting denied.

    What documents they ask for when you go for COS from H1 to H4. Besides salary slips can they ask for my W-2's or they need my husband's W-2's only

    11-01 05:30 AM
    Your I-485 will not go forward unti they receive the 140 approval.

    I-485 petition will be undated automatically as soon as the corresponding I-140 is approved.

    As far as I know, you don't have to inform uscis about your I-140 approval.

    08-10 08:42 AM
    Does any one knows why EB2 India is not approving in comparison to 2006.

    As my understanding that USCIS should process application in FIFO and PD.

    My PD is Feb 2005 and when I talked to CS he told me that everything is cleared and my case should be approved .

    He told me to call after 68 days ( don't know why) if my case is not approved till then.I am seeing peoples with 2006 PD are getting there GC .

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