Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • pcs
    07-05 01:17 PM
    Search the address on Google, make a call & just make one visit with the printout of the Congresswoman's letter ( downloaded from IV home page) & copy of WSJ news & EB Bulletin & reversal memo on 2nd July

    It is easy

    In fact these Congressman office staffs are sitting idle like me ( may be you) . They are really happy to receive someone like you.

    Trust me, I am not joking .....

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  • Aah_GC
    07-05 06:45 PM
    I think this is a valid question that is being asked and should be answered by IV core. Am always intrigued by our behind the scenes effort and the heck that is going on. I do not want to cross the line and judge the integrity on IV core, but would really like to know exactly what we are up to. At least we need to periodic conf calls and announcement of our efforts (and I understand there needs to be some secrecy with anti-immig watching us closely).

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  • akkakarla
    07-05 04:22 PM
    Spoke to Congresswoman Office personnel in CA . Congresswoman Eshoo office staff and Congresswoman Lofgren office staff. Going to contact Senator Clinton. I had contributed towards her Presidential Campaign.

    Going to meet Congress Congresswoman Eshoo staff next week.

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  • bestofall
    09-12 04:48 PM
    for any IV core agreed plan


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  • ragz4u
    03-08 10:28 AM
    This is the right link. It is very clear today. Interesting discussion.

    Again, the link is then click on Dirksen 226 in the right frame

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  • vaishnavilakshmi
    08-07 12:15 PM
    hi all,

    USCIS has edited the reciept update of NEBRASKA EMPLOYMENT BASED I-485 TO 7/1/07.please go thru this link.This means it is still looking after the june end applications for reciepts.



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  • bayarea07
    03-18 12:50 AM
    I hope you would stop reading between the lines some day:-)

    Why don't you listen to others on this forum? No one is out to screw H-1s and/or GC aspirants as far as the rebate is concerned. Read the previous post by gg10004. The law is not differentiating between a H1 and GC aspirant or a US citizen if none of them have a valid SSN. It is just unfortunate that H4s do not get SSNs. So stop getting paranoid.

    Moreover, your response that your title "No Stimulus Package to H1's and GC Aspirants - Again We Loose 1200$" is justified because titles are not for stories or whatever makes you look like an utter idiot. Titles are for accurately reflecting the gist of the thread. If you have an issue with adding 5 more words to reflect the reality, then add only one word: "No Stimulus Package to SOME H1's and GC Aspirants - Again We Loose 1200$".

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  • susie
    07-07 01:33 AM
    Maybe you can share your situation so we can see if we can shed any light on your childs case


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  • Guest007
    09-10 03:35 PM
    Contributed $100 from google
    Conf# 812974609196537

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  • legalVoice
    05-03 09:56 AM
    Maybe it would be eating and sleeping... if they get bored with that they might approve 1 or 2 cases.

    I keep hearing that DOL has allocated more resources to entering data. Does it really take so much effort to perform data entry. One of our customer is a large multinational company that has hired a few interns to convert huge stacks of paper files into electronic format by manually entering data into the system. These paper files go back decades, and these 5-6 interns have been making great progress.

    In contrast, how long does it take to enter 300K cases into the system? Besides, if they have hired about 100 additional people or so, why are they using case reviewers to enter data? Can't they use interns to perform such low-skill job while continuing to use reviewers to perform their primary task?

    My company recently interviewed a fresh computer science college graduate who is working with DOL in entering data. I wish we had hired him so that I could talk to him more about his job duties there.


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  • amitjoey
    05-06 03:54 PM
    The calls need to be in hundreds a day not 3 or 4 calls a day.

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  • bsbawa10
    03-17 09:12 PM
    Many H1s like me have their non-working spouses on H4 visa who are not given SSNs. Do we not pay taxes ? Do we not pay Social security ? We do, and therefore we should also be eligible for the Stimulus package. Indeed my son is autistic and disabled but we are not eligible for any kind of aid but we pay tons of taxes and social security. It is highly non-justified think. I know people will argue a lot if it is compared to slavery. But it is a "modern form of slavery". Yes, we are in this country with our own will but that is what they are making use of.


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  • americandesi
    06-25 05:35 PM
    I agree with mpadapa,albertpinto and other folks.

    US is going to gain something.

    - We are staying in the apartment more than 8-9 years, we want to live in the own house but we cannot buy a house.

    - We have some idea and we want to implement it but we cannot do it.

    - We want to send our kids in the private school but we are sending in the public school and charted school.

    - We want to go for MBA/Higher education on own expense but we cannot do it.

    - We want to buy 57-60 inch LCD TV and other luxorious items but We cannot buy it.

    - We want to go on the Vacation/Home country but we cannot go.(Visa restriction for people whose H1 is expired or working on the EAD)

    Money is required for all above items. Each item will give at least micro level boost up to the US economy. But without GC we cannot spend/invest our hard earned money. Because we don't know what is going to happen of our status tomorrow.

    Another most important things, when we came to this country most of us were mid twenties and now most of us are mid thirties. We earned money but we gave best of time of our life to this country.

    I would like to share some real life experiences from my friends so that we can debate the questionable topic of what America is losing by prolonging immigration benefits.

    1) Friend A – (Current status - H1B) Came to US in 1999 for his higher education and later joined a Fortune 500 company on H1b. In early 2006, he quit and started a consulting company with his GC friend and transferred his H1 to the same company. He applied for his I-140+I-485 during the July fiasco and got his I-140 approved in May 2008. Currently there are 15 employees working for his company and the annual revenues stand at around $1 million. He is also planning to start offshore operations in the near future.

    2) Friend B – (Currently in India) – Came to US during the Y2K era and later joined a Fortune 500 company as a consultant on H1B and immediately purchased a 3 bedroom home. He stayed in one of the rooms and leased the other 2 rooms to his friends and used the rental income towards mortgage payment. Four years later he sold his home for a hefty profit, left for India and started an offshore consulting company.

    3) Friend C – (Current Status - TN) – Came to US during the Y2K era on L1 through a top MNC from India. Since his employer wasn’t sponsoring his GC, he applied for Canadian PR and got the same by 2003. He relocated to Canada, got his citizenship and joined a Fortune 500 company in US on TN visa. He’s not bothered about US GC at all as his Canadian passport provides unrestricted visa free access to 125 countries around the world.

    4) Friend D – (Current Status – H1B) – Currently works for a Fortune 500 company as a consultant on H1B. He lives in a posh apartment and drives a Mercedes C class sport sedan though his GC process is not even initiated.

    5) Friend E - (Current Status - US GC holder) - Came to US during the Y2K era and got his GC in 2003. Currently lives in a single bedroom apartment with his wife/kids and is known for frugal life style in spite of living in US for almost 10 years. So much is his frugality that he postponed purchasing a $500 worth laptop for many months so that he could save money towards his India trip. He still drives a late 90’s run down Honda Civic.

    6) Friend F - (Current Status - US Citizen) - Came to US during the Y2K era and got his GC in 2002 and US citizenship in 2007. Currently earns close to $100K, but still lives in a single bedroom apartment with a frugal life style. As far as I know he had never washed his car (late 90’s Honda) and avoids eating out.

    7) Friend G - (Current Status - US Citizen) - Came to US during the Y2K era and got his GC in 2002 and US citizenship in 2007. He purchased a 3 bedroom home even when his I-485 was pending and currently lives a normal life style just like many of us and plans to retire in India.

    Hence the underlying fact is that, there’s no relationship between a person’s immigration status and his/her contribution to America and it’s crazy to believe that people will go on a spending spree or start companies as soon as they receive GC’s.

    BTW I’ve got a Home Theater at my apartment and my current status is H1B with pending I-140 + I-485 :)

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  • santb1975
    05-29 10:48 PM
    Thankyou for your contribution

    Receipt ID: 0375-0762-4300-7538

    Let's keep 'em comming!


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  • bigtime007
    06-16 01:30 PM
    Champak, I'm in the same boat as yours. Called the Atlanta number and left a message with my case number. My attorney sent an email this week. I have also asked my employer to do the same. Maybe I'll take your advice and send them an email too.

    How long has your case been pending? My case is pending for only one month, not sure if my lawyer and employer will send email for me.

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  • pbojja
    09-11 04:38 PM
    Lets set the delivery date for Ocotober 2nd - Gandhi Jayanthi . I think thats the great day to express our opinion.


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  • immm
    07-18 06:00 PM
    I have not received the physical receipt notice yet. But the online case status says "On July 11, 2007, we received this I485 APPLICATION" even though it was physically delivered and signed at Nebraska Service center on June, 15th. I will post once I get the physical copy of receipt notice to update every one.

    May be some others that have already received the physical copy of receipt notices can clarify the difference between the receipt date on the notice vs. the online status that says ""On July 11, 2007, we received..."

    UPDATE: shreekhand's post above from moments ago seems to have answered this question.

    What does it say on your I485 receipt notice?
    For example.. my app was mailed on 5/31 and RD on receipt notice is 6/4 and Notice date is 6/6 and Online case status says received on 6/5. I assume 6/5 is when USCIS created an entry for my case and 6/6 (my checks were also cashed on 6/6) is when receipt notice is actually generated. Some one correct me if I am wrong.
    My application was sent on June, 14th and delivered on June 15th (I have the FedEx tracking info and signature page confirming 6/15).

    The case status online based on receipt number (obtained by calling them a few times until I got lucky) says:
    "On July 11, 2007, we received this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case."

    Not sure if the online status is referring to the receipt date or the notice date when it says "On July 11, 2007, we received" when, in fact, they received it on June 15th!!

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  • arihant
    03-13 12:31 PM
    Looking through the ammendments, one that stuck out was about the drunk driving conviction. The ammendment makes it a deportable crime. Well, not that we would ever be stupid enough to drink and drive. But, if you do, and you get caught, be aware of the serious implications it may have.

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  • desi chala usa
    01-06 10:25 AM
    Don't forget the education is the biggest business in U.S.A and the immigration is the second one, thats what I learned from my 5 years experience. Both businesses dragging money from foreign ppl (International student has to pay 3-4 times more than local).

    05-02 02:32 PM
    I don't see Visas Recapture bill going any where.

    It seems USCIS wants to potray that they are doing great job by doing various Process improvements. USCIS indirectly wants to say that eventually USCIS process will be improved to the extent that there will be no Visas wasted.

    I think this was the most straight forward and simple bill. Other bills like removing the country limit are more challenging.So I don't see anything happening from immigration point unless democrats take over both senate and House in late 2008.

    Hope for any legislative changes only in 2009 and beyond and not in 2008.

    04-04 06:55 PM
    What is the difference between LLC and C Corp.
    which is better to open out of the two if we are in EAD.

    The easiest to read, most succinct source I have found is through Quicken:




    Basically for small set ups (for example you and/or your spouse) you probably want to stick to LLC or S-Corp. S-corp has huge tax advantage in the sense that you can take a small W-2 salary from the firm (to minimize your payroll witholding taxes for social security and medicare) and take a large "partnership income" reported on a K-1, which is taxed at ordinary income tax rate, and is not subject to payroll withholding taxes for social security and medicare. If you think about it, by not taking the income fully on W-2, you will be saving around 15% in withholding taxes.

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