Thursday, June 30, 2011

golden retriever dog names

images This is a golden retriever golden retriever dog names. Role: Circus Dog Breed: Golden
  • Role: Circus Dog Breed: Golden

  • GCAmigo
    12-07 07:35 PM
    send fax/email instead..

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  • Dog Breed: Golden Retriever

  • spacemunkay
    07-28 11:26 PM
    Here's a guy with class. Criticism welcome, just nicely put please. Didn't have time to hand draw the font I wanted, but it's something.

    Thanks! Best of luck to all.

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  • Dog Towel - Golden Retriever

  • immi2006
    10-09 12:38 AM

    I filed concurrently I 140 and I 485.

    My application has been transferred from California to Nebraska.

    I wanted to check if folks have seen any updates on thier cases.

    I noticed on the website, for my I 140 status it does not show any date etc, it simply says case transferred to a USCIS office. For some folks it shows on a specific date..XX XXXX we recd your case at this office..

    Can we all share our data under this thread for I 140 filing with 485 on July 2.

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  • golden retriever dogs puppies.

  • brick2006
    11-02 02:34 PM
    One of my friends has goofed up his labor filing:

    His actual date of termination with his previous company was 5/31/2007, but in the labor filing he has said that he was employed with the previous company till 6/30/2007....
    he is ready for filing his 140(EB2)? can he correct his dates of when he files for 140....

    WILL HE HAVE TO file for labor again??????????:(


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  • My Dog#39;s Name: Daisy

  • freddyCR
    February 9th, 2005, 09:17 PM
    Thanks Cathy....I thought I was the only one who liked it. It's Cartago Central Market, Costa Rica.

    H1-B and H4 decoupling - Applying H1-B [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : H1-B and H4 decoupling - Applying H1-B

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  • of Golden Retriever puppy,

  • 10dulkar
    08-14 07:49 AM
    no guessing how many applications will be there in July07.


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  • nmedhora
    04-10 12:48 PM
    I left the U.S on October 30 2009. My L.C. [Perm] had been filed on July 30 2009 and was recently approved.
    My 6 year H1B expired on Feb 2 2010, with approximately 160 days available for recapture.
    My company needs me to return to the US urgently and is wanting me to apply for a Business Visa.
    Subsequently when I am in the U.S, they intend to file for I140 and then 7th year H1B extension plus recapture
    time based on pending I140
    Is this feasible? -- What impact would it have on my green card application process?

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  • priderock
    08-06 01:31 AM
    and the core. 25K is quite close?

    Yeah , 3000 short :)


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  • Dog#39;s Breed: Golden Retriever

  • royus77
    07-17 07:32 PM
    Is it from receipt date based on receipt notice OR filing date( actual date when USCIS received your 485 package)?
    Its the USCIS receipt date . July 2 flyers started already countung days to use AC 21\\\\\\Also close the thread as some one already discusiing the same issue

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  • pamposh
    09-26 04:16 PM
    I filed on July 3rd and havn't heard anything yet...:mad:


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  • Some sporting puppy breeds you

  • gettinthere
    02-12 11:31 PM

    I am currently working on H1B visa. I also had an EAD which expired 2 months back & I applied for renewal of the EAD last month. I am at the risk of being laid off by my current employer & they will withdraw my H1B if that happens. Here are my queries-

    (1) If I lose my H1 status & my EAD approval is still pending, what do I need to do? If I am unable to find a new H1B sponsor, will I have to leave US immediately?

    (2) Will my H1 cancellation have any effect on my EAD & AP renewal petition?

    (3) Can I return to US & work after my AP & EAD are approved?

    (4) If my EAD approval happens before my H1B visa is revoked, can I legally stay & work in US on the basis of ONLY the EAD?

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

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  • Dog Name: Marbles

  • pthoko
    07-18 03:33 PM
    Any one please an authoritative reply??


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  • puvathoor
    01-24 06:38 PM
    Hello IV members..

    I have 2 x 10% savings certificates from Lufthansa. This will give you 10% off a fare on Lufthansa transatlantic flights.

    These are valid through March 23, 2008 (i.e you have book the tickets by March 23, 2008.. NOT Travel by that date)..

    I am not planning to use these certs.

    I am willing to mail these certificates to anyone who promises to donate at least portion or all of the savings to Immigration Voice.

    If you need more information about these certificates, please message me your e-mail address and I can send you a scanned copy of the certs..

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  • martinvisalaw
    07-31 12:24 PM
    You may be eligible. CIS usually requires 4 years of university-level education for a degree, or 3 years experience for every one year missing from a 4-year degree. An educational evaluator could say for certain if you have the equivalent of a US bachelor's degree.


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  • Macaca
    07-31 05:23 PM
    It's Time to End Or Reduce The Cloture Clog ( By Robert Weiner and John Larmett, July 31 2007

    Robert Weiner, president of Robert Weiner Associates Public Affairs, worked for 16 years in the House of Representatives and for six years in the Clinton White House. John Larmett, senior policy analyst at Robert Weiner Associates, was legislative assistant/press secretary to Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) and former Sen. Gaylord Nelson (D-Wis.).

    The Senate's cloture rule defeats democracy. It lets public servants hide and obfuscate behind a parliamentary quirk never intended by the framers of the Constitution. It's time to end or significantly change the cloture rule, as was last done in 1975, and move to a true democracy so that the House and Senate equally represent the American people.

    There are checks and balances, the only ones the Founding Fathers stated and intended: a presidential veto, which Congress can override with two-thirds, the only supermajority specified in the Constitution; the courts; and elections. No one ever foresaw parliamentary sleight of hand as a block of the will of the majority. If Congress wants to restore Americans' confidence in its work from the current all-time lows, it needs to allow the system to work as common sense, the Constitution and the framers dictate.

    During the April-May 2005 "crisis" on judicial nominations, the "Gang of 14," seven Democratic and seven Republican Senators, agreed to oppose the constitutional or "nuclear" option and to oppose filibusters of judicial nominations except in "extraordinary circumstances." However, the Senate has failed to cut off debate on other issues 57 times since then, making clear that the system has failed.

    Democrats are right to scream Republican "obstructionism," but Republicans, when they were in the majority, also were right to scream Democratic obstructionism. Both sides use and abuse the rule when they are in the minority to create some supermajority fantasy the public will not understand - and then blame the other side for not getting a legislative agenda accomplished.

    In last year's campaigns, House Democrats promised to change the way Congress does business - and do it within the first 100 hours they were in session. With a majority of 30-60 votes, but no supermajority requirement, the House passed its entire agenda. Despite majority support, hindered by the supermajority "cloture," the Senate has struggled all year just to pass a few bills. The American people get the feeling the Senate is a train that never quite leaves the station.

    The slow train continued July 17-18 when Republicans scuttled a Democratic proposal ordering troop withdrawals from Iraq in a showdown capping an all-night debate. The 52-47 vote fell short of the 60 votes needed to invoke cloture, the 27th time this year alone that body has been unable to proceed on significant pieces of legislation. In the previous Congress (controlled by Republicans), Democrats were successful 34 times in blocking Republican legislation. Cloture has become the third rail of Congressional politics. It's time for the train to move on a different track.

    Everyone has been properly complaining about obstructionism, but no one has said anything about changing the Senate rule on cloture. Since Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is talking about changing Senate rules to make it easier to restrict amendments on the floor, then why shouldn't the Senate also start the discussion about changing the cloture rule right now? It could be the difference in getting bills passed.

    In early July, the minority's decision to filibuster the amendment by Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.), which stated that men and women serving in the military deserved the same amount of time at home that they served overseas, died on a 56-41 failed cloture vote - a majority supporting it but the media saying it "failed."

    In 1975, the Senate reduced the number of votes required for cloture from two-thirds to three-fifths, and it should change it again. If not an end outright, the best approach to guarantee the will of the majority, why not at least drop the requirement to 55 votes - necessitating just a little bit of extra consensus to end debate. Let the will of the American people, and of a majority of the Senate itself, be acted upon.

    It's time to end the cloture clog, regardless of who's in charge.

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  • Golden Retriever puppy dog

  • Iammontoya
    05-05 07:16 AM
    you cannot do imports for the purpose of material editing in swift. you can import an ai or EPS image, but never, never, never, rasterized.

    the manual offers some hints on creating clean vectors for import.


    makeup Dog#39;s Breed: Golden Retriever golden retriever dog names. Dog Names: Aladdin and Phoenix
  • Dog Names: Aladdin and Phoenix

  • mayurcreation
    08-27 02:06 PM
    Dear Attorney,

    My I140 got approve from A company when I was working in company B.( I applied for I140 from company A and left the company after 5 months due to some reason). My approved I140 is still valid as I went to USCIS website and check the case status using EAC number.

    This is my 5yr on H1 visa.

    My question is:
    - Can I transfer my H1 to company C using A company I140 EAC number and get 3 yrs of extention? ( I only have EAC number of approved I140. A company have refused to give me copy of approved I140 as I left the company.).


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  • Dog#39;s Name: Fushia, but when I

  • gc_wisc
    04-13 10:42 PM
    I'm currently on H1B with a pending employment based I485 (EB3 category). I married my wife (USC) a year and an half ago and we decided to file a family based I1485 petition. We are currently preparing the forms and we have a few questions.

    1. I485: Application Type Question: In my employment based I485, the option a. was selected for Application Type (An immigrant petition giving me an immediately available immigrant visa number that has been approved). What should we choose for this family based petition.

    2. I765: (a) Applying For: When the company applied for employment based 485 few years ago, I got my EAD. I never used EAD as I always had my H1B. Hence, should I select "Permission to accept employment" or "Renewal of my permission to accept employment (attach previous employment authorization)"?
    (b) Question 16: Eligibility under 8 CFR 274a.12 ( ) ( ) ( ). For my employment based application, it was (C) (9) ( ). What should it be for my family based application now?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Dog#39;s Breed: Golden Retriever

  • mna123
    07-30 05:37 PM
    I am stuck out side of US for my name check for last 9 months. I have approved I 140. is there any way I can file my I 1485 and Advance parole or any thing to get back into US.

    Some one has told me that I can use consular processing but have no idea about that.

    Please help me and let me know what are possible options for me to return to US.

    08-11 09:13 PM
    I am a brain cancer patient. If something happens to me, Would my wife and children continue to get the GC?
    I have filed my I 485 in July 2007. My priority date is Sept 2003 (EB3). My wife has EAD and she is working.
    I would really appreciate if somebody replies.

    02-06 02:05 AM
    Just want to know my options here and here is my scenario:

    I am on H1-B and my 6 years of H1B is going to complete on March so I have almost 1 more year to complete my 6 years of h1-B
    Right now, I have my LC and I-140 approved from my present employer.
    Now, I am thinking about moving onto a new job where the new employer is ready to start my GC immediately I take the new job.
    My question is:
    If I take the new job, would I get my new H-1B for 3 years since my I-140 with old employer/current employer is already approved ?
    I don't have the copy of my I-140 but I think I can get it.



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