Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • anu_t
    09-13 11:33 AM
    Oh. Good to know that it takes only 2 months.
    Thanks for sharing the info.

    Gosh.... Why people are giving Red to this poster. He is just sharing the info.

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  • pcs
    07-05 03:40 PM
    Guys meet your Congressman !!!

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  • GCBy3000
    07-24 06:07 PM
    This is good information to know. If this is the case, then at least once in a year they have to make all the categories current. May be for September every year so that they do not waste any VISA numbers.

    Per country quota is not applicable based on AC21 rule when it is current for every one. This is what happened due to the July visa bulletin fiasco. As they are honouring that bulletin, they are also forced to approve across all country

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  • learning01
    04-25 05:18 PM
    Tell me, in any of the bills that came in 2005, PACE, CIR. Dream Act etc., or later, IS there even one mention or a discussion of changing the PD? Let's discuss more on how to bring out more into the open, the issues the H1 visa holders are facing from their small time employers in applying for permanent residence, backlog issues and how redtape is destroying these young men's goals, about lack of visa numbers.

    Why there is even a provision in the last Senate bill, for illegals to SELF petition for GC, if employer doen't apply in 2 years. Let's discuss about a similar provision for H1 visa holders who are legally working here, paying taxes. Let's discuss even more important issue.
    Why should we pay, SS Tax and Medicare if we are temporary workers. Let them START collecting once I-485 is applied.
    This last point will resonate well with all It will be picked up easily; you will see the panic flying in the press, TVs, Senate and what not, when a simple mention of it is made.
    These are the practical things we need to discuss. Not a theoritical PD definition, on which we have no locus standi.

    I agree with this little bit but to implement will be tough. There are people coming into US on h1 and leaving every year from big indian consulting companies. It should be like below.

    1. Priority date should be date when the person enters the country.
    2. The person should have paid taxes consecutively for n years(n=3.4.5...)
    3. This should be applicable only for H1 and not for any other visa categories.

    If the above is not possible, then

    1. Labor substiution should be allowed only for the person who is in US continiously for n years(n=3.4.5...) and paid taxes. With this approach, a new comer cannot get the exisitng labor. Win Win to all.


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  • dhesha
    02-23 02:05 PM
    Processing dates for 485 seems to have greatly improved at NSC. Hopefully now they start issueing based on the priority date.

    At NSC I am seeing the following entry

    I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status Employment-based adjustment applications 4 Months

    What does 4 months mean?

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  • snathan
    02-09 10:28 PM
    Lets make the EB2 date to 28 Dec 05..tthat will cover my PD :D:D:D

    For that you have to donate.


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  • add78
    06-11 09:41 AM
    Even if one member donates $100 in one calendar year to IV, it will make a huge impact in your own cause. And that just comes to 27 cents a day!!!!. Think about how much you spend on a cup of coffee or that vending machine at work or tipping at restaurants or a hair salon, folks, I am sure you can set aside 27 cents a day to help your own cause. Please donate at least $100 in a year to IV. As you have already seen, this small investment does pay handily in rewards like July visa bulletin, Admin fixes, EADs and other numerous bills/fixes/reliefs.

    Donate generously, and get others to join IV.
    Thank You.

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  • needhelp!
    05-28 11:10 AM
    Seems like there are so many threads about EAD renewals right now, are we going to be content with renewing EADs for the next 5,6,8 years? While there are no restrictions on discussing individual issues, lets not lose sight of the real cause of our group.
    Contribute so that IV can assign more resources to work on fixing this whole mess!


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  • brahmam
    09-11 12:10 AM
    Hello november

    Are u sure that "" is not any error ?

    If yes! How come china status is not indicated explicitily as is indicated in

    Does any one have previous month cut off date from this site ?

    I am fairly new to this forum -Excuse my ignorence incase if this does not make any sense.

    that is a consulate in India. and they dont bother to mention the chinese dates.

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  • Napoleon
    03-10 09:38 PM
    Question #3 and #4 should conclude this discussion.

    Also how do you define an established company.
    If I stay employed for 2-3 yrs on my spouse's LLC and bring 200K each year, is that established?

    From the above paragraph (quoted on Murthy site), it seems that it would be very much possible to just get self-employed (of course job description should be same and legal).

    But here are the Questions:
    1). How will USCIS be convinced that the original job offer was really the intended employment at the time the I-140 and I-485 were filed??
    2). How do you prove to USCIS that the original job offer was something that you intended to take on getting your GC?

    From the below excerpt (same Murthy site and part of above doc)

    Ability of New Sponsor to Pay
    The Memo clarifies that there should not be requests for "ability to pay" proof from the new sponsor as part of the I-140 approval process. However, the Memo does state that it would be appropriate to check the legitimacy of the new employer and the job offer in connection with the I-485 approval. So, the new employer may have to show financial viability and prove that there is a valid job offer in order for the foreign national employee and any family members to obtain the I-485 approval.

    3).Doesn�t the above mean that USCIS will still check to see if your (lets say) spouse�s company or start-up company has the ability to pay you?

    4). So, even though USCIS is saying �Yes� to self employment, will they (excerpt from mandersons musings)
    �..ask for 2 yrs of tax filings of future employer to prove that it's an established company (although they are not supposed to bring up 'ability to pay' issue which is already covered in approved 140 -- but being USCIS anything goes...)???


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  • santb1975
    06-06 10:06 AM
    Chanduv - Great to see you back here and rallying IV'ans

    Come on IV heros - you can do it. Lets push this thread on top

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  • optimystic
    09-10 05:06 PM
    After reading all your comments, I reached to a conclusion

    We all are being fooled and frusturated by USCIS.


    Lets just wake up for one more time, and do something big, phone calls, faxes does not give us a public exposure, what we need now is public exposure, I have have been saying this for a while but no one seems to give an important consideration. Right now media attantion is in DC, and we can use that in our own advantage.


    How about this --


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  • reddy_h
    08-26 12:58 PM
    I took out a loan from HDFC last year in India. Their service was decent and their rates were also low. No prepayment penalty after 1 year. You can check your balances online and they now offer electronic payments also. ICICI has higher rates, so I wouldn't recommend. SBI requires lot of paperwork and processing time, so you should weigh this in before approaching them.

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  • pappu
    08-12 11:40 AM
    All they had to do was to introduce another $2000 fee for every Green Card Re-Captured. Most of us would have been out of this mess and they would have got the money they needed. This Grand posturing is extremely disturbing and i hate the politics behind it.
    I wish the Democrats lose big time and lose their hold from Senate and house.

    They could have done this and re-captured visas with additional fees or whatever. And called it greencard fraud fees it that makes them happy. But the fact is they did not want to do anything to give relief to Immigrants. Recapture (hundreds of thousands of visas) would have significantly helped helped retrogressed countries like EB3 India, China, ROW and EB2 India China. They can take additional fees as long as we know the recapture is being done.


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  • gapala
    09-05 08:15 PM
    Based on my research on net and discussion with economic savy friends and my own limited knowledge in economics, by any calculation, real-estate in India is going to be in deep trouble. It will be a uncalculated gamble to invest in realty at current prices in India just because the commitment is large and long term with 0 visibility

    Even in NRI perspective, set aside the low GDP of india and assume that it will grow beyond wildest dreams in next 20 years (atleast I hope they will control the inflation), the prices are still beyond the Purchasing Power Parity between nations for example US and India. US PPP is around $41500 and stand at 8th position among world countries. Now all 7 countries above US are so called non attractive for NRI's. Where does india stand? 140th position with a Purchasing Power Parity of $3300. Only poor south african, south asian countries are below India in the list.

    Assume that at some point in future you will need to realize the investment say 5 years from now or even 10 years. Who will buy it from you? only 2% of indian families potentially can earn $200,000 in life time. Given this, I think you can only hope that another NRI would earn and save enough at that time to buy from you paying more that what you have invested + (alternate investment value).

    There are estimated 182000 including the ones waiting for approvals real estate flats and complexes are being built all across india's major cities expanding into suburbs. As someone said, NRI's invest in majority of the projects even before 10% of development is completed. These projects will be completed in next 5 to 7 years. Beyond that new projects that may come up in future which will potentially increase the supply combined with poor purchasing power of local folks and corruption is a real recipe for disaster.

    I am sure majority of NRI's did not tak a deep look at economic and political scenarios before making decision on buying realty in India. I was shocked to hear one builder with such convincing tone, saying buy it now or you will loose the chance. After a week, he increased the price by 2% and told us that there is a huge demand and he already sold 20 units in 5 days since we talked to him. Hard to believe. I later heard that he is still selling units to NRI's :) and tells them same story.

    That triggered me to do some research and study the situation in that country and when I try to connect the dots.. jeez its scary. It seems they do not consider capacity of drainage, sewer and waste disposal in the area to support increased usage in their project building these flats which will house 100's of new families. Public water supply pipes are also not expanded around the development area to cater increased demand and consumption. Builders just connect water pipes to the nearest public water supply point. God knows when, that public water supply pipes were layed and to support how much consumption? Water preasure in these buildings are 0 and you just see drops :) Solution to this, Builder says its a common norm that all occupants will buy the water and share the cost.

    I am not throwing the my small savings to gamble in India. If you get a good deal, go for it or just wait for a correction. Now the question is what is a good deal in given circumstances? If the rotation slow down, investment locks up, poor local PPP with make credit expensive and preasure will build on borrowers to liquidate property which will lead to fall in prices. We can even expect a credit crisis in India in next couple of years.

    Do not even compare effect of credit crisis in US to if at all it is going to happen in India. US is still the strongest economy and India is not. (I am not talking about growth rate here but the depth)

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  • mirage
    08-04 11:36 AM
    There's no law that employer should borne the cost of GC. I have spent almost 10K in my GC process until last year and 2K this year for EADs and APs. I spend about 3 K in one more GC process I started several years back which I abandoned because I changed the emloyer. I Spent 1000s of dollars in Visa stamping, H4 renewals. And yes I'm stuck for almost a decade. There are atleast 10 people I know who are in similar situations, so I'm guessing there'll be thousands in USA. These are facts it may not apply to you but does apply to lot of people here...

    >> I want to bring to your attention that it’s been nearly a “Decade” since we saw any meaningful Visa Date movement from year 2001 for EB-3 Green Card applicants from India.

    Good Luck.[/COLOR][/B]


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  • satishku_2000
    07-05 04:04 PM
    I just finished my call with Julia Preston of Nytimes ..I am so happy and did my part :)

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  • prinive
    07-06 01:38 PM
    That is what my law firm told me. Just an FYI.. I did file my I485 in june. Today I called the law firm to check whether they got my Receipt number. That is when I was told this. I wish that is true. Usually they give accurate info. They even told me that July VB will be revised (within 10 days after the release.) So I wish this time also this becomes true so every one can be benifited.

    When you come with such statement please give source?

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  • nlssubbu
    10-01 12:25 PM
    Macaca, thanks for the analysis.

    My question is, is IV paying enough attention to this?

    What I have seen is that IV is spending 80% of its energy to change the current immigration law (increase the EB visa numbers in some fashion etc.). As far as I can see, this is not going any where due to a variety of reasons.

    Is it time to rethink our priorities? If we put more of our collective energy to force USCIS to do a better job, will we get better results? Sure, the immigration law needs fixing. But our predicament is not due to immigration law. Our predicament is that the USCIS is not doing a good job. They are only working 4 hours a day. (I saw a post from a person who went and looked around the USCIS parking lot on a Friday :D. He/She says the parking lot was empty in the afternoon.).

    I suggest that the IV core spend 80% of energy in fixing the USCIS bottleneck. We should have another rally infront of the USCIS doorsteps (or a flower campaign or a card campaign or a degree copy sending campaign). 20% of the energy can still be spent on fixing immigration law.

    I do not think that USCIS bottleneck alone could cause such a huge retrogression. I do agree that USCIS should increase their efficiency and should not waste visa every year. Though it is definite that using all the visas allocated efficiently will help, this alone do not reduce retrogression to a greater extent.

    IV is looking in the right direction in the long term. I am of the opinion that, we as affected by the USCIS, can take it up to make them accountable for the loss.


    07-15 02:01 PM
    Show your support to IV and help yourselves..
    May be a toast for EB2 moving to 06/2006 ?
    And to cheer up Eb3 folks..

    07-05 01:05 PM
    Thank you

    Email and Web Forms of all US SEnators

    Take some time to send the message on Page 1 of this thread.

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