Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • lordoftherings
    06-20 10:27 AM
    I was wondering which center my PERM app will go? Atlanta or Chicago? My co is detroit based. I am just filing now, so if it goes to chicago, there is a chance that I can file my I-140 before 1st October deadline (assuming the new CIR becomes law) .

    any clues?


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  • vgayalu
    06-01 10:01 AM
    Hi Guys,
    How it sounds ,If we give top most lazy award to Philly- BEC center from IV side.

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  • desigirl
    01-31 09:32 AM
    Congratulation to 9years and Vayumahesh. Thank you both for documenting your journey. My EB2 perm was applied from the new company i have joined and it is approved this month. Hopefully i should be applying for I-140 next month.

    I have applied my 485 in July 07 but i was not married at that time. I am married now and my my wife is on H1B. When should i add her or amend my I-485.


    When you become current and before you get your GC approval notice, you should file 485 for your wife.

    Disclaimer: Not an attorney.

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  • nk2006
    10-17 10:13 AM
    Thanks to everyone who sent the letters already. Please continue to do the same and encourage your friends to do the same.

    sounakc, sw33t - it seems you need more info to decide. Please post here about the info you need. We have many people who are pretty knowledgeable on matters related to AC21 (like chaduv) who might be able to answer them. If it is something about this campaign and have questions - please shoot, will try to explain why we are considering it is a serious one and can affect anyone.

    Everything related to EB immigration is grim for last couple years - the only two things that made some positive impact on us are July 07 fiasco and admin reforms. IV made great efforts to achieve them against all odds (just like RedSox win yesterday :)) - those two combined with AC21 regulations provided many of us the flexibility and career advancement that we missed because of this cesspool called GC. Now that flexibility is at stake. What is the use of AC21 regulations and EAD if we are not certain about whether our I485 will not be denied later.

    Some have pointed out that this will not affect them or that their previous employer will not revoke I140. First of all - never assume your I140 will not be revoked - it can happen in many circumstances even if you had good relations with employer. And even if you are not planning to use AC21 right now, think about this: we are all in this together to make EB immigration better. When things are tough to make any change (legislatively or administratively) - we cannot afford to lose one of the very few positive things that happened to us. IV core fought for us - spending their time and even money - lets take some inspiration from their acts, and show them that we volunteers are serious when we say that we want to contribute to IV and make a difference to EB laws or USCIS functioning.


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  • santa123
    07-05 03:25 PM
    mbawa2574 for IV president. Anyone?

    Dude if you do not like something, why don't you start your own aggressive organization. You do not do squat on IV and only whined.

    ganguteli for IV President and Public relations:D:D
    Anyone? why not?

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  • GCneeded
    10-16 01:12 PM
    Like many immigrants, I moved to USA in search of American Dream. With a degree in Computer Science and valuable experience, I thought I could pursue my ambition to excel in my field, while also fulfilling my American Dream. My dream of America was about freedom. Freedom of working at niche companies, living a comfortable life, earning higher wages than what I used to earn in my Home country. What started out as a dream has turned to a nightmare. Like many others I came to USA on H1-B and wanted to convert to a permanent resident. The process, which used to take 2-3 years, has turned to uncertainty. The path for Permanent residency has been entangled in complicated government laws and bureaucracy. I had to wait in line for 4 years just to get my labor application approved and now I am struck in another queue of retrogression. I moved from my country; because I did not want to wait in line at Ration shops, bus stops. I wanted to escape from the lines, but now I am struck in a bigger line with no end in sight.

    Whenever there is a discussion about immigration, People always assume it as about illegal immigration. So I have to keep reminding people that there is another side to immigration. Legal immigration. The issues of legal immigrants have been ignored and been buried in the midst of illegal immigration controversies. When I send letters to House Representatives/Senators about the problems of legal immigrants, they reply back about increasing H1-B numbers. Legal immigration is NOT just about just increasing H1-B. Also the anti immigration groups publish that people on H1-B don�t pay taxes. But we pay taxes, Medicare and social security like all other American citizens. With the current immigration laws, we might not be even to avail the benefits of these taxes.

    The facts of the legal immigrants

    � We are NOT here to take American jobs. We fill those positions when a suitable American citizen was not found
    � We PAY TAXES like any other American citizens
    � We are here legally. The government has assessed our qualifications and education.
    � According to Economic Report of the President, 2006 - Legal skilled immigrants increase productivity growth and improve the standard of living for the U.S. population as a whole.
    � According to Economic Report of the President, 2006, skilled immigrants constituted 76% of the employment growth in the Executive, Managerial, Professional (e.g., Scientists, Doctors) and Technical (e.g., Health and Science Technicians) categories from 1996 to 2002.
    � According to Annalee Saxenian, �Silicon Valley's New Immigrant Entrepreneurs,� Public Policy Institute of California, 1999, in 1998, Chinese or Indian CEOs ran 24 percent of Silicon Valley�s technology firms. These companies accounted for over $16.8 billion in sales and 58,282 jobs. These numbers may still understate the scale of immigrant entrepreneurship in the region because firms started by Chinese or Indians with non-Asian CEOs were not counted.

    We are being backlashed by the congress and the anti immigration groups, even though we are highly skilled, well educated and staying legally. We have done nothing but help America in its economic growth and in its quest for innovation and technology. Now we are being punished for being here legally and law abiding by putting us in retrogression. We cannot get Salary hike, or promotions when our green card is in process. So while my American colleagues have moved to greener pastures, I am struck here at the same job and same salary. People struck in green card process cannot open new ventures. The new ventures would open new jobs and increases America�s competitive edge in innovation and global leadership in technology. If American congress does not act at this point of time, there will be a �BRAIN DRAIN�. People fed up with retrogression have already started looking at other countries like Australia, Canada who are welcoming high skilled immigrants with open arms and easy migration laws. As for me I have invested my prime youth for my American dream and hope American government will embrace high skilled immigrants like me. Rep. Shadegg has tabled H.R. 5744, SKIL bill for legal high-skilled immigration. This bill would reduce the current wait time for getting the green card. I sincerely urge congress to pass SKIL bill which will reduce the wait times and help high skill immigrants help America to sustain it�s edge on technology and global innovation.

    We are getting more calls for op-eds and need more IV members to pitch in and write articles.


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  • john2255
    07-20 12:20 PM

    That means we have lost around 2,40,000 unused visas. I heard that there is a total amount of 3,00,000 unused employment visas of the previous years due to the great efficiency of USCIS. Out of this 61,000 is kept apart for Schedule A nurses and PT's and the remaining 2,40,000 thousand would have been divided amoung employment catagories if the amendment had passed,clearing lot of our backloggs.


    Its the high time we convince the senators who said NAYS. Lets start SOME KIND OF CAMPAIN aiming these guys. I am sure that core's hands are there behind this amendment. Well done IV. Don't get dissappointed, keep trying for Skill bill or for similar amendments. Its really unfortunate that we lost a very very big chance. Lets do something immediately.

    Following is the text of amendment.

    `(ii) DISTRIBUTION OF VISAS.--The total number of visas made available under paragraph (1) from unused visas from fiscal years 1994, 1996 through 1998, 2001 through 2004, and 2006 shall be distributed as follows:

    ``(I) The total number of visas made available for immigrant workers who had petitions approved based on Schedule A, Group I under section 656.5 of title 20, Code of Federal Regulations, as promulgated by the Secretary of Labor shall be 61,000.

    ``(II) The visas remaining from the total made available under subclause (I) shall be allocated equally among employment-based immigrants with approved petitions under paragraph (1), (2), or (3) of section 203(b) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (and their family members accompanying or following to join).''.

    (b) H-1B Visa Availability.--Section 214(g)(1)(A) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1184(g)(1)(A)) is amended--

    (1) in clause (vi), by striking ``and'' at the end;

    (2) by redesignating clause (vii) as clause (ix); and

    (3) by inserting after clause (vi) the following:

    ``(vii) 65,000 in each of fiscal years 2004 through 2007;

    ``(viii) 115,000 in fiscal year 2008; and''.

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  • hopefulgc
    09-12 11:20 AM
    i like this idea too ... and we need to send copies ot NYtimes, washington post, usatoday, etc

    In my opinion, we should do this:

    Just send two information to USCIS, DOS, President, VP, First Lady and all Congress person of the following:

    1. 1st info should have a photocopy of our degree certificate(s). On the same page, print your expereince in years and total tax paid till date to the US government.

    2. On a fresh page, type in all the H1B/L VISA approval information and type in bold, we were wanted/invited here legally (and admitted via H1/L).
    And, mention that our I140 is approved which means the immigration department has validated our eligibility to become PR.
    Ask a question (larger font) on the same page, why keep us on limbo?

    This would keep the whole thing short and sweet. We are explicitly saying that we are legals. And we were invited here - legally. We are approved by immigration team to be a PR.

    If we could send couple of thousands of letters, I am sure it would have impact as much as any other letter we have in mind.

    We are not humiliating them, we are just expressing our frustrations but in mass. May be we can say something like, "Legal Techie slaves in the land of liberty" or "Immigration process that enslave Legal Techies". But, we should keep it short.

    As always, ignore this idea if you guys dont like it.


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  • illusions
    03-03 06:17 PM
    Does any one have a best guesstimate on what the April VB will be for ROW ?

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  • rokocoko
    01-09 01:34 PM
    I am one of those guys who entered US in a very late age (I am 35 now...) and haven't even started the Green Card process yet. I wonder everyday "if" and when the process gets many years it would take to get GC (may be 5 to 6 years..correct me if I am wrong)...and after getting the GC..wait for another 5+ years to get Citizenship...I will be close to 50...ouch

    Well, as of today I don't feel like applying for GC...I realized my dream of coming and working in the plan is to spend 4 to 5 years, clear my debts (yeah......running into thousands of dollars)...make some money to live peacefully in India..thats it....then go back to India....

    And its not just the family or friends...95% of my cousins and 90% of my friends are in US (trust me it is a large number)..except for parents and in-laws (and uncles, aunts)...every one is here...but I hardly get a chance to meet them...b'cos no one wants to take some time off to meet cousins/friends (unless you are in drivable distance)..I don't blame them (or me)..since we all want to save our PTO to visit India....

    I just wish..if I can spin the time wheel back...I would never think of a foreign country....(even though I am new to US..I spent about 8 years abroad in other countries already)..

    I don't feel like concluding..hence leaving this incomplete...

    thanks for reading


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  • sanju
    04-30 02:49 PM
    Michael Aytes starts speaking - provides stats about how good USCIS is doing and how many people were processed/given green cards.

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  • beppenyc
    03-08 02:23 PM
    I can`t beleive it. I am very disappointed, that is unveliable. Everytime that it looks that something is happening...we got some problems. Now what`s going on with the democrats....


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  • cheg
    07-23 03:21 PM
    Wow! Good for you! So when did you apply for your I-485? Please let us know the details so we can compare it with our situation. My husband is EB3 as well with PD Feb 2005 (Philippines). Thanks!

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  • makemygc
    07-06 01:15 PM
    Today.. 12:00 EST:)

    SKD's next question should be, what was he wearing when you talked to him? Hope he was not in his sleepwear..just waking up from his beautiful dreams.:o


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  • add78
    05-22 04:03 PM
    You are right, Ramesh, sadly people have time to check for Bill updates and get their spirits down with amendment removal news but no time to get more friends to join or contribute. Please wake up people and contribute, and persuade your friends / colleagues at work you know to join IV. I got a weird response (chat) from a close friend saying she would rather donate to Myanmar/ China victim that her own Immigration cause, but I haven't given up, I will try to persuade such friends even though that raised my B.P. Please, people who seek advice and answers, consider contributing first. Bump.

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  • ashutrip
    06-20 11:50 AM
    This is a really good site that shows the trends for everything (PERM, H1 transfer etc). Although the accuracy depends on the number of people who add their cases, it was almost exact to the day for my H1 transfer.
    it shows jan case still pending!!!!!!!!!!!!1:(


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  • a1b2c3
    12-11 09:47 PM
    for the first time (in 5 years that I have been tracking them) the visa bulletin looks like it was "made in America". The america of old, the one that is so organized that every official form includes an estimated time on how long it takes to fill it up. The one where every street has a clear name marker, every intersection has multiple stop lights, multiple signs. Where the little cats-eyes on the road are color coded[1] Where lines form automagically when a bunch of people converge on anything. Where you can go to any .gov site and pick up whatever statistics you want on anything from agriculture, to factories, to healthcare.
    This is a nation built on documentation and organization.

    For the first time the visa bulletin does not look like some discarded bingo card or four monkeys getting excited on a typewriter. For the first time the numbers make sense, they explain why they are what they are. They even put our prediction threads out of business by coming out with their own set of predictions for the rest of the year.

    USCIS has had data like this for eons (how many cases pending in which category and from which country). It took the usual american obsession with data and organizing data to come out with all this.

    Kudos to them.

    Things remain bleak, but just to see something so neatly organized and put out was heartening to me.

    P.S: and no, this is not them just doing their job. Their job is to put out the dates every month (like they have been doing for atleast over a decade). To clearly spell out how many cases are pending (like their recent report), and now to predict how these dates will move, is IMO going beyond the minimum requirements of the job, and is much appreciated.

    [1]: blue meaning a firehydrant, yellow as a separator of lanes in different directions, white in the same direction, red is dont enter. found the meaning of the blue one recently, and was impressed. atleast in CA this is what they are.

    Nice observations.

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  • santb1975
    06-17 03:14 PM
    Wandmaker and Green.Tech - Thankyou for your leadership towards this funding drive

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  • desi485
    11-25 07:21 PM
    Thank you for your response. Is it normal to see an LUD on the 140 (approved) as well, when the G-28N is sent in?


    Sharing what I read on IV - some members reported their 140 status reverted to 'pending' along with a recent LUD when their ex-employer revoked already approved 140. In your case, status is not changed. Keep an eye on status. Hopefully, CIS will not do another wrongful denial, crossing my fingers. Best Luck bro!

    06-26 02:08 PM
    I totally agree with you, but think about this.

    For every couple who plan to leave, there are 5 couples anxious to replace them. Do you know the % of visas approved vs visa applicants?.The 5 couples could be from anywhere, not just from india where the economy is in good shape.

    My point is that America does lose when someone goes back.But the loss is on a very very micro level----and replacement is not that difficult.

    I have already said that those being replaced will come in at a lower salary and contributing less taxes. Because if you are in late 20s, early 30s then you are about to settle down. I dont know how many people at this level want to come to America. Even in India people at this age will not want to come to US if they have children who are about to go to school. So these guys will most probably be replaced with younger workers.

    Again, how long this game of fooling people will go on?

    People from other countries are there and willing but they dont have the same NUMBERS that India and China have. Like can 5000 people of SAME quality and salary come here from say western europe? If they can, why are they not trying it already? I work with lot of europeans in my team. I think they want to visit here but dont want to live here.

    05-22 12:23 PM
    I just sent a check of $100 via online bill payment to IV. I've also set up recurring contribution checks of $25 every month beginning June. I strongly believe in IV's cause and hope that many folks will come forward. This is the time to act to help ourselves, otherwise we'll be left behind. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you!

    Go IVans Go!

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