Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • GeetaRam
    12-01 09:33 AM
    Thanks a lot for your reply 9 years...

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  • jonty_11
    01-21 12:01 PM
    AabTuAgaGC and hopefullegalimmigrant Could you advise what date USCIS received your application for Advance Parole? Thanks

    Guys, I dont see how it matters....every case is treated differently as we all why bother wasting time on such questions... Instead please concentrate on the IV led efforts.. LETTERS CAMPAIGN.....

    Please look at the bigger picture, with this being an election year, plus a recession looming large on our heads, we need to get our act together and push for reform.

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  • SkilledWorker4GC
    07-15 10:19 AM
    Sent a contribution worth lunch money for a week.

    Biller Name Account Amount Pay Date Confirmation Memo Note
    Immigration Voice
    Free Checking XXXX $25.00
    07/18/2008 7YDR4-N7FRN HIGH 5 funding Dr Contri, Amit B

    New Day today.

    Good morning everyone. Let's get back to making this campaign a roaring success. We need new High Fives today people. All those IV brothers and sisters who havent yet contributed their $5.00, please do so. It is a great cause and lets face it, IV is the ONLY organization of the legal immigrants, by the legal immigrants, AND FOR the legal immigrants ONLY.

    Also let us remember to update our signatures and include a link to this thread.

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  • ramus
    07-18 09:33 PM
    Very well said... I hope at least 50 % of member think like you do.. Then we will have strong IV..

    I started off with a one time contribution many months ago, and then signed up for $20 monthly contributions.

    Today, when I saw the action item for the new funding drive and that the recurring contribution request had gone up to $50, I couldn't initially bring my stingy self to changing my contribution from $20 to $50.

    Then I asked myself, If I were offered a green card today, at an additional 'premium' fee (Besides the filing, attorney fees), how much would I be willing to pay? probably, $2, 3, 4, 5, or even upto $10000. That being the case why was I being a miser about spending $50 a month supporting a great organization like IV.

    With that thought, I immediately went ahead and signed up for the $50 a month contribution and cancelled my old $20 subscription on Paypal.

    I am single and don't have a family to support like most of you do, but this $50 a month will go a long way. We have seen IV get results. From what has gone on in the last few months, up until last night, we know that IV is the only organization that really works for our interest. Oh, Shusterman, ILW, Murthy might all be good attorneys but they don't push our interests like IV does.

    With that, I would request all of you to join hands and work with IV in bringing a revolutionary change to the employment immigration system.

    Thank you all, in advance.

    20,000 members of which at least 15,000 are real (not non-immigrant trolls).

    If all sign up for $50 a month, IV would generate $750,000 a month. That kind of money = serious lobbying efforts = we get our green cards well before it is time to retire


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  • santb1975
    06-06 09:56 PM
    That is awesome

    Just contributed 100 USD. I know the money will go far and also that IV needs more money to get us where we want to be. Come on people, lets do it.

    100 USD will buy you freedom.

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  • lonedesi
    08-11 12:58 PM
    Wondering how many members who answered in the poll that they are victims of slow processing actually got to participate and join in this campaign. People who mailed out letters & DHS Form 7001, please post so that we can motivate others to join this campaign.


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  • qualified_trash
    05-31 01:51 PM
    Fermat's Last Theorem will be proved before anyone can come up with an explanation for the functioning of the BECs.

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  • jonty_11
    07-06 04:35 PM
    they dont want any 485s coming in because they worked on a Sunday which (like this VB fiasco) is unprecedented..and they want to take OFF until Oct now.....


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  • arc
    09-09 02:36 PM
    And Help!

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  • gaz
    09-10 12:20 AM
    the construction boom has seen some upward movement in the lower classes also. try finding an electrician or plumber in any big city in India to do some small chore.

    also remember that the big cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyd/Secunderabad, NOIDA, Guragaon etc. and satellite areas) are seeing the huge rise in prices. These also coincide with the centers of tremendous progress and huge purchase power for people. Smaller cities also have a hike in prices but nothing comparable. So the average Indian does not really get affected a lot. The average city dweller is either renting by paying a ton of money or is spending a ton of money for a house. Scary thing is either ways they are able to afford it. Makes the US salary seem meaningless in comparison (comparing quality of life here and not just money).

    [quote] to add to the conversation on the price -> locals are also experiencing a glut of money due to the economic boom in the last 5 years or so. Small businesses have really taken off in a big way exporting to Europe/ US. Investors in the stock market have also hit the jackpot. And, once you have money, for most Indians the safest option to invest is in property or gold.

    Also better salaries all around fueled by attrition of talent to the IT sector. [quote]

    This may be correct to certain extent but only the elite class and creamy layer of 1.8% of total population. When we look at the bigger picture of the country, I could not connect the dots. GDP is just above $2500 and PPP is about $3300. How in the world will you justify $200,000 to $300,000. Plus the cost of financing the purchase.

    In simple terms, median home price is 100 times the GDP and life expectancy in india is 70 years. average work life span is 40 years. Home Mortgages are 15, 20 or 25 years in India which will cover only 1/4th of the median price of a home based on even anticipated high GDP growth and considering moderate increase in cost of living. Given that the risk of default is huge and banks are running at very high risk. I believe buying a house is a big gamble in India and more to that for Banks, lending is also a big gamble.

    Note that according to banks, investment in apartments capitalize only over 25 years in india. (Rent vs. Own) Is this correct? Average rentals in ONLY Big cities are Rs. 12000 ($275 / month $3300 a year) to 15000 ($340 / month $4000 a year) for the same 1000 sqft 2 bedroom apartments which itself is above the GDP :). What that tells me, even the rentals are also not affordable to majority of the population. Back to captalization part 4000 * 25 = 100,000. which is half of the investment... add the alternate investment value for 25 years, capitalization will be way below 50%.
    That means it will take more than 50 years to capatilize the investment. This is more that Mod average work life span of 40 years. Note that Maintenance and Taxes for 25 years excluded in above calc. Are banks stupid?

    I do not know what to tell ya man! To me its really scary

    A small credit crunch (crisis is not required) might bring the entire economy to floor.

    fine print: (Above analysis applies only for working taxpaying people like us who does not have unaccounted money.)


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  • bkam
    04-26 11:44 AM
    When you apply for permanent residency in a developed country, you have to cover certain criteria and then you get the approval prior to entering the country. This criteria may include job invitation from a local company (New Zealand recent approach) etc but the point is that the relationship between the potential immigrant and the country-recipient are clear.

    The situation in the US is different - you come here to work temporarily only and you must state that you will return back upon expiration on your visa. On the other hand, there is an option to apply for permanent residence but it is not guaranteed - it is only a possibility.

    OK, I can live whit this approach. But when applying for a GC and would like to BE ABLE TO GET REPLY IN A RESONABLE PERIOD OF TIME - 2-3 months, not 3-4 years ! If approved, I would like to BE ABLE TO GET MY GC IN A REASONABLE PERIOD OF TIME - 6-12 months, not another 5-6 years ! Than I can take a decision what to do and where to go.

    I also do not mind to pay for SS and Medicare. That is OK as long as I get these money back if I do not became a permanent resident/citizen of this country. And I should get it back with an average market interest rate for those 6-7 years. Same if I would have invested them in bonds or so.

    That is a fair approach ! Why I have to state that I am coming here temporarily only and then be forced to pay for SS and Medicare ? Because I am retarded and do not understand what is going on ?!

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  • sroyc
    07-11 01:25 PM
    There could be two reasons for this huge forward movement for EB2.

    1) They want to minimize wastage by making more visas available for CP.
    2) There was some heartburn among EB2 China applicants when their PD was set to April 2004. Since there are a lot more EB2 India applicants with PD's earlier than that, they felt that most of the EB2-ROW spillover would go to India. Moving the dates forward to 2006 would ensure that EB2 China gets a decent share of the spillover.

    Although this is unfair to folks with earlier PD's and is sure to cause a lot of heartburn, I would rather see the visas get used than get wasted again. Looks like the USCIS is setting a pattern of giving a year end bonanza to a few fortunate folks. Let the annual sweepstakes begin! Good luck everyone!!


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  • raju123
    06-01 04:00 PM
    This might be useful to you.

    Age-Out Problems under the Interplay of the Rule of Concurrent Filing and "Child Status Protection Act"

    The "Child Status Protection Act", effective August 6, 2002, addresses the problems of minor children losing their eligibility for certain immigration benefits as a result of INS (now USCIS) processing delays. Prior to the passage of this law, a child's eligibility in Employment-Based Immigration situations to be part of his or her parent's application as a derivative beneficiary was based on the child's age at the time that the child's I-485 was adjudicated. Because of enormous backlogs and processing delays, many children turned 21 before the their I-485 applications were adjudicated. In such cases, the children "age-out" and are no longer considered to be part of the parent's application and lose their eligibility to obtain green cards as a derivative beneficiary.

    Children who otherwise would have aged out may successfully adjust their status through the additional interplay of the new Concurrent Filing rule and the "Child Status Protection Act." According to the "Child Status Protection Act," the eligibility of these aging-out children will be determined by their age at the date a visa becomes available to them minus the number of days that the Employment-Based immigration petition was pending. Furthermore, these children must file for permanent resident status within one year of such availability. For a clearer illustration of this rule, please see the different scenarios below.

    Example 1
    The Labor Certification application that was submitted on John's behalf on January 1, 2000 was later approved on December 31, 2000. Afterwards, his employer submits an I-140 (EB-2) immigration petition on John's behalf on January 1, 2002. At that time, John's son, Junior, is 20 years and 7 months old. John's I-140 petition was pending for six months and was approved on July 1, 2002, one month after Junior turns 21 years of age. The visa number for EB-2 was available for John on July 1, 2002. Under the old law without the Child Status Protection Act, Junior has aged out because he is now 21 years old. However, under the new law, his age is fixed as of the date that a visa number becomes available minus the number of days that the I-140 was pending. Because John's I-140 was pending for six months, these six months must be subtracted from Junior's age at the time the visa number became available on July 1, 2002. Subtracting six months from Junior's age of 21 years and one month on July 1, 2002, Junior's age is fixed at 20 years and 7 months. Thus, even though he was already 21 years and one month on July 1, 2002, he is still considered a "child" for purposes of accompanying his parents in adjusting his status to permanent residence. However, Junior has to file his I-485 within one year from the date of I-140 approval, that is before July 1, 2003. The length of time that is takes the USCIS to adjudicate Junior's case is no longer important in these cases.
    According to "Child Status Protection Act", if through the above calculation, the child's age is fixed at 21 or older, the child would be automatically reclassified to an appropriate category and retains the principal beneficiary's original priority date. Please see the next example below.

    Example 2
    Same facts as above except that Junior is 21 years and seven months old at the time of John's I-140 approval. Because John's I-140 was pending for six months, Junior's age will be fixed at 21 years and one month. Even with the Child Status Protection Act, Junior still ages out and may not adjust his status at this time. However, he will automatically be reclassified to an appropriate category, family-based 2B, and retain his father's original priority date, January 1, 2000, which is the date John's employer filed John's Labor Certification application.

    Example 3
    Richard filed his I-140 immigration petition (NIW) on August 1, 2002. Richard's son, Simon, is 21 years and one month old. According to the new I-140 and I-485 Concurrent Filing Rule, Richard filed his I-485 because the visa number was currently available for Richard at that time. However, Simon cannot file his I-485 with his father because he aged out.

    Example 4
    Howard's daughter, Rachel, is 20 years and 10 months old. Howard filed his I-140 immigration petition (NIW) on August 1, 2002. According to the new I-140 and I-485 Concurrent Filing Rule, Howard and Rachel filed their I-485 since the visa number was available for Howard at that time. Thus, according to the "Child Status Protection Act," no matter how much time Howard's I-140 is pending, Rachel will not age out.
    Visa numbers are currently available to all EB-1, EB-2, and EB-3 categories. Thus, with the new Concurrent Filing rule, any person who is a beneficiary (or applicant) of an I-140 petition that has already been filed or is filing the I-140 at this time is now eligible to file the I-485 application as well. Family members will be eligible to file the I-485 along with the principal alien. However, since the Concurrent Filing rule became effective, visa numbers may become unavailable in the future because more eligible aliens will be filing their I-485. Thus, eligible aliens with aging-out children should file their I-485 as soon as possible. Please see next example.

    Example 5
    Jenny filed her I-140 immigration petition (NIW) on August 10, 2002. Jenny has a son, Benny, who is 20 years and eleven months old. However, due to the new I-140 and I-485 Concurrent Filing Rule, many aliens have filed their I-140 and I-485 together and the visa number for EB-2 has been exhausted. However, the visa number will not be current until December 2002 when Benny will be 21 years and three months old. If Jenny's I-140 is pending for six months and will be approved in February 2003, these six months will be reduced from Benny's age in December 2002 when he is 21 years and three months old. Thus, his age is fixed as 20 years nine months. However, if Jenny's I-140 petition is pending for only two months and will be approved in October 2002, Benny's age will be fixed as 21 years and one month. Thus, Benny ages out in this scenario and must wait until his priority date under family-based 2B immigration becomes current.

    Example 6
    Jason filed his I-140 immigration petition (NIW) on June 30, 2002. Jason has a son, Ken, who is 20 years and ten months old at that time. According to the visa bulletin, an immigration visa number became available for Jason on July 31, 2002. Ken was 20 years and eleven months on July 31, and he is not in the U.S. but in his home country. Because of the new I-140 and I-485 Concurrent Filing Rule Jason filed his I-485 on August 10, 2002. If Jason's I-140 is pending for 6 months until December 31, 2002, one month pending period from June 30 to July 31, 2002 should be subtracted from Ken's age on July 31, 2002. Thus, Ken's age is fixed as 20 years and 10 months. Ken may apply for his immigrant visa through Consular Processing at U.S. Consulate in his home country within one year from July 31, 2002.

    For more information about "Age Out", please click the following topics:

    What is "Age Out"
    Child Status Protection Act
    If you are a USC, does CSPA prevent your child from "aging out"?
    If you are an LPR or will be an LPR, does CSPA prevent your child from "aging out"?
    Age Out Problems in Employment-Based Immigration
    Age Out Problems under the Interplay of the Rule of Concurrent Filing and "CSPA"
    Child of Asylee and Refugee
    Unmarried Sons or Daughters of Naturalized Citizens
    Effective Date of the CSPA

    Hi All,
    I want to know if my 19 year old son can be affected by aging out.
    I have just received ALC certification and will now file I140 and I485 concurrently as my priority date NOV 22 2004 EB3 Rest of World will be current in June.
    Can someone who understands the aging out rules tell me if my son may have a problem?
    Thanks in advance...

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  • Lisap
    08-10 01:58 PM
    My app was received at the NSC on June 28th at 9:02am. I havent receviced receipts or checks cashed. If for some reason my app is denied or there is a request for evidence after the 17th of Aug are we able to resubmit or will it be too late?


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  • mirage
    05-01 09:31 AM
    I liked the way somebody in the committee pointed out that a Foreigner interacts with only one agency that is the USCIS and the service we provide them is shameful.

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  • soda
    08-12 12:23 PM
    Uscis will mark it received on the 3rd. Anyway, what's the difference?

    I was asking this because some agencies consider the post marked date as the date the appllication was filed. But thanks for the response


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  • QuestGC
    01-06 01:19 PM
    Here is one more on

    The key is "Cost" That is what is driving to India and nothing else... according to Vivek Wadhwa :)
    That also is towards fag end in my view because of weak dollar and macro economic conditions...

    For gods sake, lets not put any country/individual down, but take everything with a pinch of salt.
    Each one is capable of getting the job done for which one is born provided he/she works to his potential.

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  • chanduv23
    06-06 01:20 PM
    Chanduv - Great to see you back here and rallying IV'ans

    My pleasure to be associated in any possible way. Yourself, needhelp, wandmaker and all the gang are experts in rallying the threads - I am just a novice.

    Come on HEROS, we need a lot of money for our lobbying efforts. We have to make every effort to succeed.

    "Every bit counts" - so please do your bit.

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  • va_dude
    03-04 10:06 AM
    I don't think this is a pattern, its probably specific just to the lender you were working with.

    Frankly speaking the lender has the right to deny you the loan for whatever reason they feel is risky. So no point arguing with them.
    Try another lender and hope it works.


    07-20 12:30 PM
    I don't believe all 750000 are EAD wannabies!

    03-17 09:33 PM
    All tax payers are eligible(atleast mostly)

    folks like Bayarea07 are plain and stupid
    Lets not be so harsh. Bayarea07, thought he had a valid concern, although it is not true.

    Did anybody notice this in the IRS communication that was sent out to taxpayers:

    For taxpyers, the amount of money will be "reduced" or " completely phased out" for individuals making adjusted gross income or more than $75K ( or more than $150 if married and filing jointly).

    How about that?

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