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  • swissgear
    08-23 08:47 AM
    see below.. I think you should be OK.
    USCIS - Employment-Based Immigration: Second Preference EB-2 ( D&vgnextchannel=816a83453d4a3210VgnVCM100000b92ca60a RCRD)

    Looks like 10 years experience is required for individuals applying under "Exceptional Ability".

    They are targeting the wrong cases. They should have made the eligibility for EB1 Intercompany transfers harder by putting in more restrictions. Every tom dick and harry are eligible for the EB1 route. I know of many cases where the individuals are paid less than 70k and are processed in EB1 even though they have less than 10 yrs experience ,using the term multi-national executives. No offense on these individuals, but its not fair to impose restrictions on highly qualified compared to the EB1 Multinational route. JMHO

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  • HV000
    07-23 12:42 PM
    DEMOCRATIC SENATORS like Hilary, Biden, Obama, Kerry, Kennedy,
    Dodd, Durbin blah blahed a lot for ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION but DID NOT HELP SKILLED IMMIGRANTS!!!


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  • pa_arora
    06-10 01:33 PM
    That is the victory due to our admin fixes campaign. Your thousands of letters are working here.
    We had received good feedback in our meetings with the administration.
    The whole process of making final announcements is just too slow!!

    We recently had another meeting to discuss one more admin fix item that has not been addressed yet and was part of our letters. Let us hope some decision comes out soon enough.

    Pappu, then why no to plan for another letter campaign, if that is what making things work a little bit.

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  • db12320
    03-30 06:04 PM
    here is the IRS link which says all non resident aliens will not receive the check, irrespective if they have a SSN or not. Last I knew every H1 is a non-resident alien.,,id=179181,00.html

    Snippet from the site:-

    Q: I know some people won�t get a stimulus payment. How do I know if I�m one of them?

    A: You won�t get a stimulus payment in 2008, if any of the following apply to you:

    You don�t file a 2007 tax return.
    Your net income tax liability is zero and your qualifying income is less than $3,000. To determine your qualifying income, add together your wages, net self-employment income, nontaxable combat pay, Social Security benefits, certain Railroad Retirement benefits and certain veterans� payments.
    You can be claimed as a dependent on someone else�s return. For example, this would include a child or student who can be claimed on a parent�s return.
    You do not have a valid Social Security Number.
    You are a nonresident alien.
    You file Form 1040NR or Form 1040NR-EZ, Form 1040PR or Form 1040SS for 2007.


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  • Dhundhun
    06-23 05:18 PM
    I am preparing an article for NY times explaining our sufferings! Please contribute your thoughts.

    1. What is America losing because of our prolonged wait for Green Cards?

    2. How people who have green cards are contributing to the country as a whole ?

    3. What if the whole green card process takes less than 3 years ?

    Few obvious things are we would have bought a house, gone up in our carrier ladder, spend more and contribute to the economy, our spouse could have started working etc....

    I am looking for thoughts and experience other than the above things.

    USA is made by illegal immigrants (over 13 millions) and bonded labors (H1B - GC).

    Losses suffered by illegal immigrants and H1B-GC people fuels US economy (or at least contributes to that). My contributions so far might have been above half a millions. Indirect beneficiaris are top most companies.

    You may get some valuable inputs from although I did not fully endorse the thread:

    Good observation.

    It will be breaking more than making - it will be like this news:

    America is not loosing by delaying any process of streamlining any illegal immigrants or H1B-GC process.

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  • skv
    06-27 07:15 PM
    Any march approval?

    Hope you should get soon..... :-)

    Mine is May 14th.


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  • som_yad
    12-26 06:37 PM
    Filed 486 EAD AP on Aug 16
    Received all Receipts in Oct, Received EAD in Nov.
    But no AP yet and also when I check online it shows
    "Case Status Retrieval Failed
    This Receipt Number cannot be found at this time in ..."

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  • immi_enthu
    09-28 06:36 PM
    Oh Law Firm Update :

    09/28/2007: Depressing News for the Year-End Backend 485 Delays and Potential Waste of Visa Numbers for FY 2007

    Unconfirmed sources indicate that two days before the end of FY 2007, there may be a substantial number of 485 applications for which visa numbers are available but have yet to be adjudicated, indicating that some visa numbers could be wasted this year. We know that the Service Centers have been working day and night and did not have enough resources to deal with the crisis which was brought about by the recent Visa Bulletin fiasco. We just hope for the better new fiscal year that will start from October 1, 2007.


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  • thomachan72
    12-15 01:02 PM
    Excellent idea Michael Chertoff but let us wait till the nest summer:D:D

    Next summer.

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  • virtual55
    07-12 10:20 AM
    In VA can we extend Driving License with receipt notice of h1 extension .


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  • snathan
    08-24 12:16 AM
    Context is everything

    And people here are scolding and ranting against the program, not "loophole". But why even fight against the so-called loopholes? Don't we have anything better to do? Visa recapture is a much more worthy goal

    And BTW, a 30k salary doesn't matter for executives. Jerry Yang works for $1 a year, so does it mean he is not eligible? And what about the executives working for free for a noble cause? Not everyone is money-minded, and they may choose their goals and priorities

    You made my day....but you can do better. Come up with somthing make sense.:D

    I never knew all these so called multinational executives work for noble cause...hilarious

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-14 03:37 PM
    Hello everyone who contributed and will contribute. As an added favour, if you could update your signatures with a Link back to this thread, that would REALLY help matters.


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  • saileshdude
    07-11 11:51 AM
    I am not sure if I should be happy or sad with this news. I was laidoff recently and had applied for I-485 on July 17,2007 i.e. current processing date for TSC. Also with this bulletin I will be current (EB2 2006). I have not found a new job yet and my company has told me that they will be revoking my I-140 after 30 days. My company lawyers are not advising me much citing conflict of interest.

    What options do I have? Will sending a new G-28 form at this time raise any issues that I do not have job with original employer as my PD is current and it is quite possible that my case maybe adjudicated. In the meantime if I do not sent new G-28 form I am not sure how much my company attorney will co-operate

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  • mbawa2574
    07-06 01:38 AM
    From last 2 years I have not seen activity other than Aman, Himanshu & Puneet.
    What are other boys doing in the team ? We need election guys. This is not Iran :-)

    Aman Kapoor is the co-founder of Immigration Voice and is our liaison with other groups and agencies. Mr. Kapoor has been working in US for the last eight years. The prolonged employment-based immigration process has continued to hurt Mr. Kapoor�s career growth prospects. Mr. Kapoor possesses strong technical skills and has contributed in many high profile projects with large clients across the country. He has a Bachelors� degree in Engineering and is presently pursuing his MBA. His permanent residency application is being processed and the I-485 approval has been pending for more than 28 months. Mr. Kapoor and his family are now on third year EAD and continue to await approval of their Green Card application. Mr. Kapoor�s handle is WaldenPond and his email is

    Himanshu is an advertising and design professional with Masters from a US university and undergraduate from a top Institute in India. He has an illustrious career working with leading companies has won numerous awards. His Green card application was stuck at the Backlog Elimination Center and after lot of wait, changed his employer, started his process all over again with a new PD. He is responsible for media, publicity and funding efforts of Immigration Voice. His ID on Immigration Voice is 'pappu' and can be reached at

    Nagaraj is a Systems Analyst working in the health care industry for the past 5 years on a H-1 Visa. His tag on IV is indio0617. He has degrees in Physics and Computer Information systems from the University of Madras and University of Houston ,respectively. His Green card application is stuck in the Backlog Center with a pending labor certificate since February 2004. He can be contacted at

    Naren has a Masters in Engineering from a US university and works as a Project Manager for a FORTUNE Top 10 Employer Company. Naren has had extensive global experience in business continuation, service delivery, as well as account management with leading Global corporations. Like several others, he is affected by retrogression. Naren is responsible for the Free Immigration Advice Program at IV (Au Gratis) and liaises with immigration attorneys as part of this role. His handle is sertasheep and he can be reached at

    Pratik has an MBA degree from a US university and MSc degree from India . He is currently working as a Marketing Consultant. He has worked with several companies in , Europe and US. His I-140 is in process and he will follow others in the queue to file I-485. The unavailability of Employment Based Visa's restricts him from making any kind of long term commitments. He can be contacted at

    Puneet is an Endocrinologist practicing in a major urban health care system located in an underserved area. He graduated from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences and has trained at NYU and the Mayo Clinic. He leads the Minnesota chapter of IV and is currently helping build the IV-Physicians chapter. He recently filed a National Interest Waiver, after USCIS finally accepted the eligibility of specialist physicians for the program. The delayed priority date however, means a long wait for a green card. He lives in the twin cities with his wife (who is pursuing a PhD) and their 3 year old daughter.His IV handle is 'Paskal'.

    Rajatish Mukherjee is a Software Developer in one of the world's largest software companies. He came to US in the year 1999. In Mar 2005, his employer started his green card application; his labor certification is still pending at the Dallas Labor Backlog Center . He holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science & Engineering from and a Masters in Computer Science from US. He is currently looking at another 4-6 years of waiting before he can file his I-485 and probably another 2 years after that to get the green card. In the meantime he cannot make any important decisions like investment commitments. Rajatish's id on Immigration Voice is mrajatish and he can be reached at
    Xiheng is a software engineer helping develop trading platforms in the financial industry. He didn't want to be stuck in a position where he didn't see much career growth, especially hindered by a BEC'ed labor certification, and therefore, he joined a new company that sponsored his PERM application in the EB3 category. After witnessing the great efforts of Immigration Voice in May/June 2006, he decided on two things: 1) petition his employer to refile his PERM in EB2/China category, and 2) help Immigration Voicce out as he can. He hopes to help this organization with the paid membership drive initiative. His handle is xu1.


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  • andy007
    07-17 11:59 PM
    Once they accept I-485 in the system then they give us a Receipt#, with that Receipt we can file for EAD / AP (as long as your PD becomes available) then they will process your I-485, Just thinking.. what do you say guys ... Please lete me know.. Receipt Date Vs Visa Number ...


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  • eb3retro
    09-01 04:56 PM
    Landed July 1997.
    Couple of contracting jobs with a desi bodyshopper(read it as a blood sucker). Believed him for almost 4 years of false promises that they will do GC processing. Finally quit the company and joined a major HMO company. Started the GC paper work in early Jan 2002. Due to the attorney screw ups, and wrong documentation, filed the labor in EB3 (did not even know that upto almost 2 years after filing, was thinking it was filed in EB2) in Jan 2003. Yes, it took 1 year for attorney's screw ups to be rectified. In that company, we were not allowed to talk directly to the lawyer and had to go thru the employer. So to get a simple answer would take 10-15 days. Wish IV was there then. Waited in Labor Processing for 4+years. 140 approved in early 2007. Filed 485 in july fiasco and got EAD, from then changed 2 jobs (got that freedom atleast). Per my own estimate, I should be receiving my GC sometimes in 2015. Current employer will not do GC processing , so no chance of filing for Eb2. I dont want to change employers even if it costs my GC, because, I am enjoying the work that I am doing. And in my opinion thats important because, I would rather be in a job that I enjoy more without GC than being in a job that I do not like with GC. So, 13 years and still going. Completed PMP, MBA meanwhile. Thats my story.


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  • maverick_joe
    04-30 01:40 PM
    this would be interesting to hear to! thanks for sharing!


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  • h1techSlave
    04-12 03:41 PM
    Sole Proprietorship: Simplest form; but riskiest. Is you individually doing business under either your name or a trade name. Very little paperwork is required. Taxes are reported on your personal return. Profits are loss comes out of your own pocket.
    You will face unlimited personal liability and creditors can often go after personal assets. You may be ineligible for tax-free fringe benefits that are available to more formal businesses.

    Partnership: General partnership � Creditors can collect from all partners� assets as well from business assets.
    Limited partnership � partners who do not directly participate in the business can limit their risk.

    Corporation: For large businesses. Creditors cannot collect from the personal assets of owners (share holders). Complex legal paperwork is needed.
    Taxed on income before profits are distributed.
    S corporation � pass thru taxation like they are partnerships. Limits on non-citizen share holders.
    C corporation � pay tax at both corporate and shareholder level.

    Limited liability company (LLC): A partnership in the eyes of IRS � profits are taxed only once in the member�s personal returns. It shields members� personal assets from business creditors.
    When forming an LLC, you are required to file a limited liability company certificate with the Secretary of State and an internal organization agreement (Operating Agreement).

    Limited liability company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (

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  • superbabu
    09-10 09:58 PM
    how short are we from 30k?.

    10-01 04:22 PM
    This is how this law is written. The limit of 140K is for a fiscal year. With next year having its own quota.

    USCIS cannot change the law.

    This makes sense as well. Let us say if we had this limit for all of ten years in the past and only some of them hit the limit, then we will have this revolving balance which will keep getting carried forward and may total to 500000 or so by now.

    No, thats not the intent of the law which is to restrict immigration in a given category in a given year.

    07-06 10:52 AM
    I have reiterated this again and again. There is no way USCIS was going to accommodate all of us as per the original VB. We will form the biggest hump on the back of USCIS and it will probably 20 yrs for every one to come out of the system. Remember, how much math we did on how many years EB2 India /Eb3 india/china will take? Thats what they see as well. Why would they want so many applications backlogged. The only way they can disallow filings is by saying that there are no visa numbers available on day one. You have to have a visa number available at the time of 485 filing. They cleared out all the old PD's. Believe me, If the original bulletin was not current, they would have done the same in 90 days with some numbers gone waste. It was a bad situation for both agencies. I am not saying that they have not goofed up. they goofed up big time and I can clearly see the lack of communication on issue like this which effects so many people. We can use this as an opportunity to show case our root cause or we can use this in a detrimental way that will screw our nuts and bolts for 10 more years.
    I understand wht you mean...
    Our root cause (which cuases depays in getting GCs) is the USCIS is not efficient have process breakdowns and needs streamlining.....
    This press release substantiates that and hopefully IV and AILA will be able to use that in a positive way. However, apart from a law suit I do not think anything will get USCIS/DOS/Congresses attention.

    I am sure after this news, there will be questions asked by DHS (Chertoff) of the uSCIS.

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