Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Death Race 2 Actress

images Poster from Death Race 2 Death Race 2 Actress. EXCLUSIVE: Death Race 2 Cast
  • EXCLUSIVE: Death Race 2 Cast

  • h1techSlave
    03-04 12:31 PM
    I am NSC EB3-I 2003 PD - no change. The status remains the same.

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  • Death Race Summary. Race 2 (it

  • Keeme
    03-04 02:27 PM
    Soft LUD on my case. My I-140 is approved. My PD is May 15th 2002 India EB3


    Any one else with recent RFEs/LUDs on their I-485 ? Pl post.

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  • vadicherla
    05-28 02:27 PM
    i will contribute 50$ now

    contributed 350$ so far

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  • New web site for actress Ginny

  • nandakumar
    05-27 07:37 PM
    Friendly Bump....


    Death Race 2 Actress. Cast: Danny Trejo, Sean Bean,
  • Cast: Danny Trejo, Sean Bean,

  • snathan
    02-13 10:38 PM
    What are you waiting for
    Originally Posted by unseenguy
    Originally Posted by snathan
    Originally Posted by unseenguy
    Originally Posted by snathan
    Originally Posted by unseenguy
    Originally Posted by snathan
    I am still waiting to see your contribution. Do you need any help to write the check.
    I have contributed more than $500 to IV. I am not sure I want green card anymore. Thanks.
    It shows what kind of person you are...when did you contributed more than $500. It seems like you are new here with only 14 posts. And why did you promise 'I will'.

    Are you just another junk in IV...?
    You are being mean to me and untrustworthy. I have no time for kids.
    i dont need to be trustworthy for ur million $$$ are just another junk for IV
    A kid does not need to tell me my worth. I know it better than you do. I have lived more than you have and I like IVs mission and agenda but I dont like people who label others as junk when they are not contributing more. This represents selfish attitude. First you contribute $500 like I have done and then tell me to contribute more. Otherwise just lie down peacefully.
    I dont have time for stingy junks...get lost in to

    So what ?????????????

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  • villamonte6100
    04-02 01:57 PM

    Thanks for ur support and understanding. I think we better let these guys take a shot at what they are about to do. Immature and narrow minded is what they are and thats how they wanna be. Looks like they've been watching those Indian vigilante movies a lot and they think that they can get away with fighting a foreign Govt agency. They'll understand what we meant when they receive a cold shoulder from USCIS :D.

    Peace out!

    No worries mate. Just trying to help clear things but I get rebutted all the time and I'm sure they are misinterpreting me.

    I have nothing against them and as part of IV, I am just voicing an opinion which they could reject politely.

    Some of the comments on my comments are really harsh as if I am personally attacking them.

    You are right, it will be tough to dig into an agency that does approve your status here.

    They can do whatever they want and good luck to them.

    BTW, I used to have several red dots before and I don't know why they changed it to green. They still have a block on one of my IP address.


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  • death race 2 actress

  • gk_2000
    08-24 01:38 AM
    You made my day....but you can do better. Come up with somthing make sense.:D

    I never knew all these so called multinational executives work for noble cause...hilarious

    Time and again you are in attacking mode. You need to learn some concepts better, including english comprehension. Don't worry, everything will happen with time -- after settling in USA your kids might help you learn

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  • JunRN
    10-24 12:19 AM
    If this becomes a law, the USCIS will draft the rules. Definitely, those who are already in line will be allowed to use the recaptured visas and will pay the fees for that. They will also retain the PD.

    I am hoping for the best this time.


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  • the Cast of quot;Death Racequot;,

  • GCSOON-Ihope
    11-05 01:37 PM
    Hello Guys, Count me on!
    I live in Los Angeles Co.

    PD 01/2002
    EB3 World
    485 filed in 08/2004 and stuck in Name Check ever since...

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  • sweet_jungle
    04-28 11:00 AM
    As far as I remember, I (from California) was able to renew the license by mail. I did not have to go to DMV. So, these issues about I-797/I-94 needed for DL, are they coming up during a new DL or during renewal of license?

    In California they don't accept any other document for the renewal of your DL other than the new I94- I think someone said I 907 and they are right because I 94 is olnly a portion of the whole page.

    We filed premium for the extension and the company is paying for it, but it still takes 3-4 weeks until the lawyer is gonna prepare the package and send it to us. Unfortunately, I don't have a home country DL that I could use between the gaps and this is a great burden for my husband who has to deal with a very demanding job and take the kids everywhere.

    I feel imprisoned for just wanting a better life for my family and my kids and I don't think the treatment that the legal immigrants get in US is fair. I was a legal immigrant in 2 diffrent countries in Europe and although you might not be able to get blended in the crowd as easy as here, you will be treated with more regard for human rights( like the right to work or to drive).-this is our 7th year here and I can't work.

    Before belonging to a cultlure or a country, we all belong to the humankind, whith the same needs and dreams and people should remember that first - they are not talking about immigrants or legals or illegals or numbers EB3, H1B and other labels, but people whose time is ticking and gets away from them with every second that passes. We are here because this country was build by people like us and we belong here, so please, if someone who was lucky enough to be born here reads this message, consider our situation and let our voice reach the people who need to hear it.


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  • Cast of Death Race 3000 Movie

  • rajarao
    09-10 07:28 AM
    Data available in Mumbai consulate website

    Category India Most Other Countries
    F1 15 April 2002 15 April 2002
    FX 1 May 2001 1 May 2001
    F2A 1 January 2004 1 January 2004
    F2B 15 December 1999 15 December 1999
    F3 22 June 2000 22 June 2000
    F4 22 May 1997 22 October 1997
    E1 Current Current
    E2 1 April 2003 Current
    E3 1 July 2001 1 January 2005
    EW 1 Janurary 2003 1 Janurary 2003
    E4 Current Current
    E4-Religious Current Current

    Great Job TSC/NSC and DOS.
    One day 2006 applications are approved and next month you go into stone ages. What a wonderful system....

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  • gc_rip
    09-01 02:13 PM
    Arrived in US Aug 99.

    Couple startups went down, and finally filed in EB3 category, PD Feb 2005.

    Current calculations, should have adjudication by Oct 2023.


    Surely, it's been a joke.


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  • sledge_hammer
    03-04 02:17 PM
    1. Did you pay for points?
    2. When did you lock?
    3. Who is your lender?

    I am on H1 and AOS and I refinanced my house at 5% . There were no issues and no questions. Just all the usual documents - W2 , paystubs etc etc . It was with a local bank too and not with any high profile institution.

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  • Died-mystery death race

  • smuggymba
    08-12 12:48 PM
    I totally agree that is a very unfair measure against the whole H1-B community and all of us here especially for lots of us who come from large Indian technology companies. Having said that, don�t we all agree that the mess we are in including the Green Card retrogression is driven by the fact that this H1-B system was grossly misused by the unscrupulous body shops and consulting companies run primarily by Indians in US. These companies not only reduced the quality of Indian Professionals which was sort after by American Technology companies but also has made the skill set of every Indian professional seeking a job doubtful because of the widespread practice of dressing up the resumes. I am sure this had to happen sooner or later and unfortunately the ethical Indian companies have also got caught in this.

    I agree but how will this change the world. The 2K will now be transferred to the employee; earlier employee paid 1000, now he will pay 3000. That does not solve the problem.


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  • coolpal
    02-04 12:25 PM
    My wife has H1B processed in maiden name -(i 797, i-94, stamping). she recently changed her maiden name to married name. she changed her name in SSN and Passport. DMV in NJ are asking to change the name in immigration office. We spoke to the immigration authority and they say there are no relevant forms to make the name change. If anybody have solution let me know.

    Explain to the DMV about this... and try not to go on a weekend. They are extremely busy on weekends are easily irritated. Find them when they are relatively calm and free...

    pal :)

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  • eb3_nepa
    07-06 12:13 PM
    They are covering their STINKIN A**


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  • I Was an Extra in #39;Death Race

  • JunRN
    09-11 10:37 PM
    I am in for this. This is not so expensive than paying the lobbyist. The objective is to catch media's attention and have our sentiments be publicized in major newspapers and tv news.

    This is a novel idea and more cost effective than paying major newspaper to publish our sentiments. They will come to IV for interviews just like in the past during the flower campaign.

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  • chaukas
    03-17 01:12 PM
    BTW , I have been a monthly contributor for years and also contributed to other special occasions :) . Still patiently waiting for access to the donor forum.

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  • snathan
    08-12 12:17 PM
    True. But why then does an employee want to join such company ? It is not that you are not aware of all these before you step to this country through Infy or TCS ?

    I never worked for them. But I have seen so many people suffering and they are ready to suffer to be in the US. I dont want to deviate from the lets stop this discussion about INFY.

    01-08 02:00 PM
    Please share you experiences!!!


    07-05 03:30 PM
    My case was wrongly put in the TR catagory for 2 years despite my efforts to get the Phili center to correct it. It was finally put into RIR in April 2007 while other cases are being approved with later PDs...... Maybe I shall wait 3 more months since they promissed to have it done this September????!!!!

    PBEC, PD July 2003, EB3, RIR, NY

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