Saturday, June 18, 2011

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  • gcadream
    03-01 04:09 PM
    There is a link on website "when can I get my GreenCard" and to my utter shock when I clicked that I got the message that I will get my GC around 2026.
    There is a checkbox for spill over visas also, and I selected that thinking that it will move my dates before...but it got moved only till 2024.

    So does it really mean that I will get the GC around 2024 or is it just plain maths which doesn't goes practically with the changing scenarios.

    Because right now the current PD is Feb'2005 and it looks like withing 2,3 yrs it should reach Dec'2007, but this data is just my guess OR more of intuition, I'm not sure what will happen.

    In this forum there are many experienced people, if they can throw some light on this, it would really help. Otherwise things are sounding very depressing !!

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  • asanghi
    09-12 07:30 PM
    How do I place the google order? This is going to be my first contribution..

    Click on "Contribute Now" on very top of the page.
    Scroll down until you see blue colored "Buy Now" buttons.
    Click on the blue button for amount you want to contribute.
    Follow directions thereon.

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  • satishku_2000
    07-09 05:41 PM
    92807 here ...

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  • santb1975
    05-29 09:42 PM


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  • yoda
    09-13 08:30 AM
    Sent emails to the largest newspapers in NH:
    Union Leader
    Nashua Telegraph

    Radio Station:
    NHPR (NH Public Radio)

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  • paskal
    07-06 01:05 PM
    Man, in frustration people do not even know what to say and what not! Be very careful of what you spin and what you say. From the looks of it, this stuff has every chance of spinning out of control and it may have already started the ball rolling.Think about it for a second!. Once it goes that way, trust me, we will all live to regret that.
    Yes, DHS approved upwards of 25000 GCs over the weekend, leading up to July 2nd. And some people are pissed off at that, err..why?
    Remember, those 25000 are one of us. Once,they too were in line for Labor certifications, I-140s, medical exams and all that crap. And some of them were in the so called "FBI Name check" black-hole for an extended period of time. We should be rejoicing in the fact that most of those backlogs got cleaned up. Instead we have people questioning the validity of those newly approved GCs.My dear friends, god willing, we will all have GCs one day and tell me, how would you feel if someone else comes screaming at you just because he did not get one too.
    Putting a "security lapse" spin on this could be very dangerous and should be avoided at any cost. I hope one of those anti-immigrant lobbies do not pick it up and start running with that. I prey that they do not revoke those already approved GCs, because if they do, then those poor 25000 souls will go through much more agony than what we are going through now.

    It's very tough to get the genie back in the bottle once it is out, so think before you start popping that cork.

    you are right.
    therefore iv's stand on this has been very careful.
    we are happy that uscis is showing great efficiency. the fact they screwed up with the original visa bulletin is a whole separate issue, the question is- why are we suffering for their mistake?
    all iv memmbers are encouraged not to harp the security issue, it's not in our interest.


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  • wanna_immigrate
    04-12 09:12 AM
    Officially 15 days. But according track itt website , it is taking at the most 8 or 9 days.

    Thanks for the info!

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  • snathan
    08-23 11:24 AM
    At the end of the day what matters is you have an option open via this route. It is your personal choice if you would rather wait here 10 years or work in your home country for 1 year. Why shut a door that's meant for you? Opportunity is very hard to come by

    Not everyone has the luxury to go to home country to work for one year. Its like telling the Eb3 person to port to EB2. Do you accept that. There are so many issues need to be factored in. So lets not get into something which is not fair or not possible for every one. They system is f*&ked up. thats the fact. When the system is not fair, we fight to fix and not finding the loopholes.


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  • ImmiLosers
    12-23 06:38 PM
    I have recently contacted CIS Ombudsman (3-4 Months ago) regarding my I-485 application.
    My lawyer is perpetually suggesting it may jeopardize the case.

    Is it true? and Why?

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  • drirshad
    06-10 08:19 AM
    I was watching one of these stand up comedy:

    The guy says, why do the diamond companies come out with logos like

    Diamonds are forever, just say Diamonds - that will shut her up.

    The EB-GC is like the diamond for us buddies, it will sure shut us up.

    We already have lost a decade of our lives in this grinding be it another, ain't got anything better to do.


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  • Green_Always
    09-10 10:13 AM
    All due to Sub Labour 485 Applications sent during July 2007.

    What a wonderful system and process of USCIS where a legitimate applicant has to wait and keep on waiting..

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  • jay1ram2
    08-23 07:12 PM
    If implemented, would this cause audits/additional reviews of already approved I-140s? My 140 was approved in January 2007 in EB2 - Exceptional Ability/Advanced Degree. Hope this does not cause any issues for people like me....

    I am on the same boat, can anyone please clarify?


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  • digital2k
    05-13 02:34 PM
    Don't wait any longer

    Everyone must call

    Thank You for helping Yourslef

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  • Macaca
    09-12 04:04 PM
    Michael Abramowitz: *
    Joel Achenbach: *
    N.C. Aizenman ( *
    Lori Aratani (
    Peter Baker: *
    Daniel J. Balz: *
    Stephen Barr
    Jeff Birnbaum (
    William Branigin
    David S. Broder: *
    Karin Brulliard: *
    Ruben Castaneda
    Chris Cillizza (
    Andrew Cockburn
    Donald B. Cofman
    Pamela Constable: *
    Tim Craig: *
    Jessica Dawson
    Daniela Deane
    Virgil Dickson
    E. J. Dionne Jr.: (doesn't work)
    Anthony Faiola:, *
    Rachel Dry
    Darryl Fears: *
    Marc Fisher: *
    Michael A. Fletcher (
    Manuel Roig-Franzia
    Dan Froomkin (
    Sonya Geis
    Christy Goodman: *
    Annie Gowen
    George W. Grayson
    Hamil R. Harris: *
    Jim Hoagland *
    Deborah Howell: 202-334-7582 (doesn't work)
    Spencer Hsu: *
    David Ignatius: *
    S Mitra Kalita: *
    Paul Kane
    Cecilia Kang
    Charles Krauthammer: *
    Howard Kurtz: *
    Ernesto Londo�o
    Sebastian Mallaby: *
    Tammi Marcoullier
    Raymond McCaffrey
    Dana Milbank: *
    Mariana Minaya
    Nick Miroff: *
    David Montgomery: *
    Lisa de Moraes
    Sylvia Moreno: *
    Dan Morse
    Jonathan Mummolo
    Robert D. Novak (
    Amy Orndorff
    Eugene Robinson *
    Manuel Roig-Franzia
    Candace Rondeaux
    Robert J. Samuelson: *
    Marcela Sanchez: *
    Brigid Schulte: *
    Delphine Schrank
    Ian Shapira
    Michael D. Shear *
    Robin Shulman: *
    Sandhya Somashekhar: *
    Miranda S. Spivack
    Bill Turque: *
    Jose Antonio Vargas
    Theresa Vargas: *
    Daniel de Vise
    William Wan
    Jonathan Weisman: *
    Eric Weiss (
    Ovetta Wiggins (
    George F. Will *
    Krissah Williams: *
    Elizabeth Williamson (
    Robin Wright: *
    Xiyun Yang: * (doesn't work)


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  • gctoget
    08-08 02:19 PM

    There is going to be an Independence day celebration event at Pierce college ,Woodland hills on August 18th ,2007. Please participate and do not forget to visit the booth for more information on our non-profit organization.

    See you all there!

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  • gjoe
    01-06 08:39 AM
    Yes. Nalanda Univerisyt is one of the oldest. If you consider the 80% of education system we follow, they are all gifted by brts.
    Ex: English... the way we speak and use the language is like brit.

    Irony,,, Nalanda University is being revamped (I think structure wise) by Japan government.

    If you want to credit GE with the invention of light bulb it is ok if you think so because the the bulbs and light fixtures are made by GE ;)

    BTW if a thief robs your house and leaves behind his knife you can call it a gift. The owner of the house has a right to think so. :)


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  • imh1b
    09-01 07:03 AM
    Let us see who is waiting for most time in USA.

    5 years and counting.

    If you can tell your history of Greencard and any tip on applying early would appreciate.

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  • bsbawa10
    09-10 12:23 PM
    One thing I fail to understand, instead of flower compaign why do not we go in for letter compaign. Write letter to DOS and USCIS with copies to members of the congress highlighting all their inefficiencies and inconsistencies. USCIS does not deserve flowers for what it has done to us and what it is doing to us. Do you get flowers and info pass appointment ? Does customer service speak nicely to you and give you right answers ? Do you give flowers to anybody who mistreats you in real life ? I know Munbai ...has impressed a lot but that was a movie. Have you ever realized what would have happened, had it not been a movie ? Things would not have moved at all.

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  • msp1976
    02-27 10:10 AM
    we have to convince the PBEC working folks that it is in their interest finish by Sept end...
    I am thinking about fax them a letter like this.......

    PBEC center has not performed well enough until now...This year some form of immigration reform would be passed..When that passes, there would be a lot of work in terms of immigration processing/legalization..If the PBEC/Exceed does not shape up and complete by September...We would urge the congress not to give Exceed corporation any further federal contracts..

    Only thing is my application is stuck in there and I donot want to put my name there because every dog/bitch has nuisance value...

    07-14 11:06 PM
    come on guys!!!! contributed atleast $5

    09-16 11:44 AM
    Just contributed $100.:) Wish IV all success for the September 18th rally.

    Way to Go IV and its spearheaders! ;)


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