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  • whitecollarslave
    07-11 08:33 AM
    Pause and take a moment to rejoice. Then turn all eyes to processing dates.

    TSC July 17 2007
    NSC July 28 2007

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  • kshitijnt
    06-26 02:08 PM
    I totally agree with you, but think about this.

    For every couple who plan to leave, there are 5 couples anxious to replace them. Do you know the % of visas approved vs visa applicants?.The 5 couples could be from anywhere, not just from india where the economy is in good shape.

    My point is that America does lose when someone goes back.But the loss is on a very very micro level----and replacement is not that difficult.

    I have already said that those being replaced will come in at a lower salary and contributing less taxes. Because if you are in late 20s, early 30s then you are about to settle down. I dont know how many people at this level want to come to America. Even in India people at this age will not want to come to US if they have children who are about to go to school. So these guys will most probably be replaced with younger workers.

    Again, how long this game of fooling people will go on?

    People from other countries are there and willing but they dont have the same NUMBERS that India and China have. Like can 5000 people of SAME quality and salary come here from say western europe? If they can, why are they not trying it already? I work with lot of europeans in my team. I think they want to visit here but dont want to live here.

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  • rfarkiya
    07-15 01:21 PM
    I am in San Diego.... I am in....

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  • jonty_11
    07-11 12:29 PM

    How do I start a new thread in IV ?
    search for this the forums and u will find it.


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  • digital2k
    05-06 11:33 AM
    Don�t miss this opportunity, Everything else can wait

    This is the Chance, Don't delay any longer

    Thank You, those who called, pls advise, help others

    Those who are waiting, pls call and you'll feel proud to have done so

    This is The Historic moment

    Be proud part in making history Now

    Friends, Everyone help keep this post at Number 1 by motivating others

    As the CIR bill outline is getting introduced today, we all need to do our share in making our voice heard. Our issues are real and affect about a million people patiently waiting in line for past several years. We are high-skilled immigrants who have followed all the rules and contribute significantly to the innovation and economy of this county. Our strength is our grassroots efforts, so let us all call our lawmakers and ask them to take immediate action on the immigration bill.

    Call your Legislators:

    Immigration Voice is organizing a nationwide call-the-lawmakers drive. We request members to call each and every senator and congress member. This drive will precede the �Advocacy Day(s)� in Washington, DC and �Meet the lawmaker� drive in local districts. Members can use this phone call conversation with their local lawmaker offices to follow-up with lawmakers when they meet during the break just after the Memorial day.

    Don�t miss this opportunity:

    This is the perfect time to call the lawmakers. The bill needs a push via support from people like us and all lawmakers needs to be encouraged and urged to help us. There are indications that there will be lot of activity on immigration issues in both House and Senate after the Memorial day. We need to make those activities go in our favor and not die like the CIR bill in 2006 & 2007. Thus it is important to starting calling lawmakers, starting from the Senate members. In order to capitalize on this opportunity, it is very important that everyone calls every lawmaker of this country. The similar next opportunity will be in 2013. We can participate now or we will all have ourselves to blame.

    This campaign starts today at 4:00 PM EST on 29th April, 2010) (Today) and will run until the end of next week. All IV members are encouraged to make multiple phone calls whenever they find some time during the day.


    This is the order in which we would prefer that members call. Call all the senators listed here, even if they are not from your state.

    This is the list of offices where there is maximum potential to swing votes either because they are new in the US senate or because they may be reconsidering their position on CIR if the bill has stricter provisions in it.


    Senator Scott Brown (R-Massachusetts)
    (202) 224-4543

    Senator Judd Gregg (R-New Hampshire)
    (202) 224-3324

    Senator Richard Lugar (R-Indiana)
    (202) 224-4814

    Senator Michael Enzi (R-Wyoming)
    (202) 224-3424

    Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina)
    (202) 224-5972

    Senator John Ensign (R-Nevada)
    (202) 224-6244

    Senator Orin Hatch (R-Utah)
    (202) 224-5251

    Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas)
    (202) 224-2934

    Senator John Kyl (R-Texas)
    (202) 224-4521

    Senator Mitch Mcconnell (R-Kentuky)
    (202) 224-2541

    Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-Minnesota)
    (202) 224-3244

    Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri)
    (202) 224-6154

    Senator Jon Tester (D-Montana)
    (202) 224-2644

    Senator Jim Webb (D-Virginia)
    (202) 224-4024

    Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-Rhode Island)
    (202) 224-2921

    What you could say to the Senator offices listed above:

    When you call:
    Be courteous. Tell the lawmaker office that:

    I am a high skilled immigrant and a member of Immigration Voice. I fully support the proposed comprehensive immigration reform proposal released a few days back.

    I am calling to express my support for the high skilled provisions to resolve the current green card backlogs of the doctors, engineers, research scientist and professors etc. This group of highly skilled immigrants stimulates every part of the economy participating in creating economic prosperity, innovation and entrepreneurship for creating more jobs in America.

    I strongly urge the Senator to please support this proposal. If it is possible, could you please share the position of the Senator on the recently released (last week) Comprehensive Immigration Reform proposal?

    Thank you and I am counting on the Senator�s support for this very important issue of national importance. Please convey regards to the Senator.
    If you belong to the constituency (State) of the lawmaker, then tell them that you belong to their district/state and are calling to seek their help. If you are talking to a Senator office then tell them you are anxiously waiting for a Senators support for the immigration bill.

    Then ask: What is the lawmaker�s position on immigration proposal? If the position is
    - Supportive: Then thank the lawmaker office for it.

    - If they oppose it: Then request them to support the high skilled green card provisions of the bill that will greatly help you. You sincerely hope that the lawmaker will reconsider his/her position and help you.

    Be polite and persuasive in your message.

    Question What if some Senators say they do not support amnesty. -

    Answer "For last 10 years there has been no High-skilled immigration bill passed by the Congress. The world has changed in last 10 years. I understand that the Senator is a champion for creating more jobs in America. Employment based green cards will create jobs in America. I want to start my own company and hire people in America. But I cannot do that if I don't have a green card.

    I would sincerely request you to please convey to the Senator if he would consider supporting some version of the immigration
    giving more weight to green cards and creating jobs in America, or maybe the Senator could lead the effort for improving the proposal"


    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Nevada)
    (202) 224-3542

    Senator Dick Durbin (Illinois)
    (202) 224-2152

    Senator Chuck Schumer (New York)
    (202) 224-6542

    Senator Patrick Leahy (Vermont)
    (202) 224-4242

    Senator Dianne Feinstein (California)
    (202) 224-3841

    Senator Bob Menendez (New Jersey)
    (202) 224-4744

    Sen. Ben Cardin (Maryland)
    (202) 224-4524


    When you call:
    Be courteous. Tell the lawmaker office that:
    I am a high skilled immigrant and a member of Immigration Voice. I fully support the proposed comprehensive immigration reform proposal due to be introduced later in the day today.

    Thank you for the Senator�s leadership on this very important issue of immigration. Please convey my gratitude, full support and regards to the Senator.

    Be polite and persuasive in your message.

    Stick to the message and you will really make a big difference.

    Please post the outcome of your call on this thread. For more information please contact IV.

    Thank You,

    Immigration Voice

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  • Keeme
    08-14 05:50 PM
    What are you talking about?
    For EB3, DOS had predicted that in the Oct. 2008 VB, dates would be reinstated to the June 2008 (not June 2007) VB dates. This means that if that is still going to be true, Oct. 2008 VB dates would be Nov 2001. Where do you get June 2003 as the EB3 VB dates?

    Am I missing something here? But if your prediction is true, I will buy you dinner!!!
    """The Mexico F2A and Employment Third preference cut-off dates are “unavailable” for both August and September, since those FY-2008 annual limits have been reached. The Visa Office had originally anticipated that this would be a temporary situation. Then with the start of the new fiscal year in October the cut-off dates would have returned to those which had applied during June. However, continued heavy demand in those categories may require the establishment of cut-off dates which are earlier than those which had applied in June. A formal decision determination of the October cut-off dates will not be possible until early September. """

    Let's understand it ! I'm sure you are aware about July 2007 Visa Bulletin fiasco. It made every category "C". Before that in June 2007 bulletin - they moved dates for EB3 & EB2 singnificantly. For EB3 India - it moved from May 2001 to Jun 2003 - People who filed their AOS are 'June' applicants and People who filed because of July 2007 bulletin are 'July/Aug' applicants

    DOS refering to these June applicants means having PD earlier than Jun 2003. I hope its clear to you.


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  • kris04
    02-19 11:25 AM
    Dear Friends,

    I applied for my AP with a RD of Dec.8, 2007, during the last 3 days I am noticing change in LUD , including yesterday (02/18). One surprising data I found was even there is a LUD on my previously approved AP.



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  • laborchic
    05-06 11:55 AM
    Called first 7 from the list

    Brown, Gregg, Lugar, Enzi, Graham, Hatch Cornyn, Kyl

    Will try to get to the rest of them later in the day.


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  • villamonte6100
    04-02 09:46 AM
    Why is everyone jumping on Dard-E-Disco?

    Come on guys chill.

    I have responded on this thread several times yesterday and reading through Dard-E-Disco's and everyone's comments, he's got a very valid point.

    We can't just poke around an established government agency because we feel they are not doing their job properly. I am sure they are doing their job based on policies, and their policies may seem not to favor everyone.

    They don't just make decisions on their own.

    The structure inside USCIS could be very complex. And just like any government agency, you just cannot change things anytime.

    Unfortunately, it could be affecting our lives but by voicing our concerns through proper venues like the IV forums is the way to go.

    We can shout, we can scream, and join protest and forums, but that's all we can really do.

    This is their country and we are guest here, and we have to respect whatever policies or laws they have because they gave us the opportunity to work and live here, and hopefully a chance to become permanent residents of this country, and in the futre become citizens.

    For me, I have to thank them for this opportunity, although at times it is very frustrating.

    Chill and Cheers

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  • nik.patelc
    02-18 06:04 PM
    EB3 to EB2 porting is so huge. I dont think PERM 2005 data really matters. i think a pattern of gradual moving dates ( 1 month or 2 month per bulletin) forward for EB2 India till Spet 2009. Then with OCT, dates will go back to 2002 due to EB3 - EB2 porting.

    Somewhere in another thread i saw that roughly total 60000 EB2 India cases are in pending state by Ron gotcher analysis.

    if hypothetically, After July 2007 fiasco, thousands of EB3 cases prior to 2004 PD date were converted to Eb2, I assume It will take alteast 2 to 3 years to clear all EB2 cases with PD < DEC 2004 even if there is new cases of Eb3 to EB2 porting going forward from today.


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  • santb1975
    05-31 02:43 PM
    That is awesome

    $50 recurring sent to IV yesterday.

    .................................................. ...
    $320 + $50 recurring

    Proud to be an IVian. GO IV GO..

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  • Jaime
    09-12 04:37 PM


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  • inskrish
    09-11 03:47 PM
    I understand your frustration. Since there is no spillover in the first quarter of new fiscal year, it was expected that PD would move back. How can you you expect 2006 PD for Oct when there is no spillover visa numbers.

    Next year Jul-Sep 2009, PD should move to mid 2006 again.

    My 2 cents.

    Hi Desi3933,

    I think you misunderstood buddy's frustration.

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  • checklaw
    07-05 04:05 PM


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  • chisinau
    11-02 12:28 PM

    I have learned that the immigration provisions that would have created 61,000 additional green cards for nurses as well as added a $3500 fee to H-1B visas have not survived the conference committee and will not be a part of the bill sent to the President (which he is set to veto). There is much speculation as to why this happened. Many people were deeply troubled by the H-1B and its impact on non-profit and smaller employers. In order to allow Senator Grassley to save face, the push was made to strip all immigration provisions out, even though the H-1B fee opponents likely supported the nurses. We also understand the California Nurses Association, the most vocal anti-immigration nursing group in the country, worked behind the scenes to try and kill the nursing provision. Nice that they care so much about their patients and would rather push death rates up rather than immediately dealing with the nursing crisis.

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  • miguy
    12-19 10:41 AM
    ..We cannot say things like exploitation or make the employers feel ...This is feed for the anti immigratin lobby..You put up stuff like this and they start painting you as their poster boy to show why the whole H1B program should be abolished......If we do conduct a strike would cause no disruption at all..Frankly nobody is indispensible...Striking is equivalent of biting the had that feeds us...

    Well, one or two of us are dispensible but if unite in our effort, then we definitely become indespensible....did we really make an impact by making those thousands of phone calls for the lame duck?.....the fact is that an average american doesn't give a ***** about whether we get our green cards or not because they don't even know our pains.....and the government has too many other trivial and not so trivial issues to deal with than worry about us......lobbying is a good idea but we are still not getting the attention we should be you think they can really abolish the h1b program?.......foreign workers have become the veins and arteries of these companies and unless until you stop the blood supply, no body is going to even notice.......the dependency on foreign workers is more today that it was a decade ago just because of the sheer volume.


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  • rdehar
    07-20 04:10 PM
    From what it looks like, I just want to say:

    "Welcome to Backlog Part II."

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  • diptam
    08-11 04:14 PM
    I've made some date changes to the NSC letter - rest are all absolutely same. It's good to know that this letter does NOT need to be signed by Employer. Lets wake up friends !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman
    Department of Homeland Security
    Attention: Case Problems
    Mail Stop 1225
    Washington, D.C. 20528-1225

    Dear Mr. Ombudsman:

    Re: I-140 processing delays at NSC for Apr - June 2007 non-concurrent petitioners

    I submitted an I-140 petition for an employment based green card to NSC during the May 07. I have been waiting for more than a year now and still there have been no updates on my case. While the processing times on USCIS website shows that NSC is processing cases filed around Mar 22nd 2007, we have been consistently observing (on multiple tracker websites online and from friends who recently received their Approvals) that NSC has been processing & approving cases filed post August-September 2007 and some as recent as this year. While people like us are still waiting, people who applied recently are getting approval notices. This fact can be confirmed by Ombudsman's office requesting NSC to provide with the receipt dates for all the I-140 cases approved in the last few months. It's only fair that people who filed earlier are given preference following the FIFO policy of USCIS.

    This delay in processing and ignoring our cases at the expense of recently filed cases is causing us undue hardship. Some of members who are in similar situation who contacted NSC have received responses that our cases will not be picked for processing until our priority dates are current. But there are several hundred cases like mine, who have an earlier approved I-140 and have filed a new I-140 petition (based on a new PERM labor) after we joined a new employer and were intending to port our old priority date which is current per the latest visa bulletin. At the same time, NSC has been approving I-140 petitions and whose PD's are not current.

    Also some of the members, who contacted NSC, have received responses like "We are waiting for FBI name check to clear before we can process I-140 petition". It is clearly known that there is no need for FBI name check for processing I-140 petitions. Also, now that there is a new memo stating that if FBI name check has been pending over 180 days, then I-485 can be conditionally approved without having to wait for clearance from FBI. In spite of this memo, NSC has been consistently ignoring our petitions.

    Some of members who have contacted USCIS Ombudsman regarding this delay have received responses from the Ombudsman's office stating that they are aware of the delays in processing I-140 petitions. But till date, we have not seen any action on part of USCIS to address this issue in-spite of many members raising this issue during Ombudsman's conference calls and sending letters to your office.

    Lack of I-140 processing for non-concurrent filers has prevented us from receiving some of the interim benefits (EAD/AP valid for 2 years, possibility of using AC21 in these uncertain economic conditions) that come with an I-140 approval. This has resulted in us applying for EAD/AP's multiple times and paying for expenses associated with it.

    I seek your assistance in investigating in this matter with NSC and impress upon the center to complete processing I-140 petitions for the non-concurrently filed cases during Apr-June 2007. I also urge you to request USCIS to re-instate the premium processing service for all categories of I-140 petitions with no pre-conditions to qualify.

    Please feel free to contact me if you need additional information. I would appreciate your response and assistance in this matter.


    Phone : -
    Email : -
    Address: -

    Your employer does not need to sign the letter. You can sign the letter. On section 12 of the form 7001 mention " please see the attached letter" and then include the letter to be mailed to Ombudsman's office.

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  • villamonte6100
    04-02 04:52 PM
    No you or D.E.D. do not deserve an apology for being numbskulls as you both have an agenda of fear mongering so that folks do not raise voices for legitimate reasons.

    You can do whatever you want to do, and nobody is preventing you. But nobody has the right to call anybody numbskull. That is really inappropriate.

    My comments are just comments and you can agree or disagree. But you cant just abuse somebody because you disagree with his opinion.

    But you, I guess you came from a very poor background or education. This is a forum for educated people only and I haven't insulted anyone here except you.

    07-24 01:18 PM
    I think I have been very lucky so far. I don't think USCIS processes based on anything concrete, I think it's a little random. Or maybe I am just lucky.

    I applied for PERM in Sep 2006 - EB3 - India.
    I got approved for PERM in Mar 2007.

    I applied for I-140 and I-485 concurrently in Jun 2007.
    I-140 got approved July 20, 2007 and on July 23, 2007 I received all 4 receipts for I-140, I-485, EAD and AP. So my approval came before my receipt. I live in California so everything went to Nebraksa.

    Lawyers emailed saying they also received the EAD card yesterday July 23, 2007.

    Now I have to wait for only AP and Adjustment. And I still have 5 years left on my H1-B (2 years on this visa and then another extension).

    So I say, anything is possible. I wake up every morning and pray to USCIS because they made my life better :) :) :)

    Something is wrong it is impossible.... wait a minute your name is luckypaji....may be you are sardarji...just kidding brother dont get mad.:cool:

    04-17 09:44 AM
    Enjoy these moments.

    Please when ever you get some time can you answer couple of my questions.

    1) Where do you send emails to "NSCFollowup and EBUpdate"? Please can you PM me these email addresses?
    2) Do we need a separate explicit official Interfile Request, even if original PD and A# have already been retained in new 140?

    Here's my journey so far.

    1. Initial labor
    a. Filed - July 19th 2003 (4 years BE Software Engineering and 2 years Masters Computer Science in US) Filed as Software Engineer
    b. Approved - June 2006, but BEC put NOC as Mechanical Engineer. Took a year to get it fixed back to Software Engineer

    2. EB3 I140 (NSC)
    a. Filed - July 2nd 2007
    b. Approved - 2008

    3. I485 (NSC)
    a. Filed - July 2nd 2007
    b. RFE - April 2009 (EVL for me and visa history for my wife)

    4. Perm
    a. Same Fortune 500 company for 10 years (By 2010, was promoted multiple times and moved to a different role)
    b. Filed - Oct 2010 (No experience used only MS)
    c. Approved - Dec 2011

    5. EB2 I140 (TSC)
    a. Filed - Jan 2011, Premium Processing
    b. Approved - Jan 2011 (original A# and Priority Date retained)

    6. Interfiling
    a. Feb 2011 - Created a SR requesting the status of I485. Got a reply saying the category my 485 was applied is not current yet
    b. Feb 2011 - Lawyer said that as my old A# and PD was already used on new 140, so that means that it has automatically been interfiled, now we do not need to do anything. But said will still send a reminder
    c. March 2011 - Went for an Infopass Appointment (Useless in my opinion too) They said as your 140 is in TSC and 485 is in NSC that is why its taking time and they don't know how much more time will it take
    d. April 2011 - Contacted Senator and got a reply that they have contacted NSC and will let us know their response as soon as they get one
    e. Waiting again...

    I have always been a passive reader of this post and multiple other similar posts. It helped me a lot and I thought sharing my positive porting experience will help/encourage others. Below are details of my long journey

    1. Initial labor
    a. Filed - July 8 2003 (no masters, no 5 years, Title: Systems Analyst)
    b. Approved - August 31 2006

    2. EB3 I140 (NSC)
    a. Filed - October 11 2006
    b. Approved - April 6 2007

    3. I485 (NSC)
    a. Filed - July 19 2007
    b. RFE - April 2009 (Birth Certificate related for me and Medical related for my wife)

    4. Perm
    a. Same company. By 2011, I was promoted multiple times and currently managing multiple projects. Every H1b that was approved after 2003 clearly showed the growth and the promotion on the job title and salary.
    b. Filed - Feb 9 2011 (Progressive growth within the same company, Title: Project Director)
    c. Approved - Feb 15 2011

    5. EB2 I140 (TSC)
    a. Filed - March 9 2011, Premium Processing
    b. Approved - March 21 2011 (A# and Priority Date retained)

    6. Interfiling
    a. March 24 2011 - Created a SR requesting the process I485 using the new EB2 140
    b. March 29 2011 - Lawyer sent the official Interfile Request
    c. April 5 2011 - Contacted both the senators and congressman. They were very prompt in responding back. Also sent emails to NSCFollowup and EBUpdate.
    d. April 7 2011 - Went for an Infopass Appointment (Useless in my opinion)
    e. April 14 2011 - Got the magic email at 9:15pm for both me and my wife. One of the happiest days in my life.
    f. Waiting on the physical cards to take a long break :)

    Wish the very best to everyone else waiting on the GC line.

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